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  1. This is so not looking good for us. Sad to say, I've quit wearing my Eagles jersey in FL on gamedays. We are an embarrassment this season and there isn't any way out of it. Still love my birds, just very depressed and disappointed in the team. Still bleeding green and pray for a miracle when we play the cowgirls...
  2. Any Eagles fans in Jacksonville FL? ALmost always defending my green wearing a** on Sundays or other game days but I bleed green...just how it IS. I'm a loudmouth little old lady who loves football and worships my Eagles!
  3. Feel better soon Zach and Marcus. I will be listening/watching on my computer in Jacksonville until the regular season games start. Love my Eagles and prefer watching even if only on tv.
  4. So jealous...I will be bleeding green in Jackoffville FL. Too many cowgirls lovers down here for my liking! Now that football season is here I will be glued to my TV watching my favorite teams. Bummed to see Steelers lose last night but happy to see them lose to Minnesota (my other home town) on Thursday. Still amazed that Jags beat Steelers last night! They finally look like a real team though! I may not be able to have pity on Jags fans any more...