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  1. I hope they are paying Dak for the next decade.
  2. SpartaKick

    Week 1: Bears @ Packers

    This game was a prime example of why Rodgers, and not Brady, is the real goat.
  3. SpartaKick

    Isn't Brandin Cooks the dude..

    Are you kidding? Cooks is easily worth the 1st at that position in the draft.
  4. SpartaKick

    Would You Take the Arizona Job?

    Personally? Uh yeah I would take any coaching job the NFL threw at me. Even the Browns.
  5. I would love to see a game in Philly but Vegas is way closer and way easier. Not saying that I won't go to Philly to watch a game but Vegas would allow me to see lots of games I imagine.
  6. I cannot wait until the Eagles play in Vegas. It would be SO much cheaper than flying to Philly. And it's vegas baby who doesn't want to go to vegas?