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  1. Dead Men Walking

    Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. They flipped picks for LOTS of additional picks. They could have been looking 2-3 drafts down the road for a qb as they flipped draft picks. Just a possibility.
  2. Mr. Mcdermott.. WTF

    I think they wanted to see what they have. Now they know. Tyrod still is not the future.
  3. Tyrod Taylor benched

    That's the problem, he's a great athlete, not a great QB.
  4. Week 11: Titans @ Steelers

    Fair enough. I didn't really have a problem with it, all that matters is you know how far they need for a first down imo. I really enjoyed seeing the coverage and routes develop and the qb progressions (or lack of for Mariota)
  5. Tyrod Taylor benched

    It also doesn't help your case when you say the reason you got benched is because you're black. Like come on bro your whole team is black.
  6. Week 11: Titans @ Steelers

    Loved the SkyCam, was really cool to see the trench battle better, see routes develop with the coverage and see what the qb was seeing. For example that first pick he threw you could see it develop and before he even threw it I was like "wow he better be perfect here" because you can see the coverage under and over. Really cool way to watch.
  7. Week 11: Titans @ Steelers

    He can't read a defense to save his own life. He was attrocious tonight.
  8. Nfc vs AFC competition potential

    I don't think so, their record is much better than they actually are. My AFC teams better than the Bills: Patriots Steelers Chiefs Ravens Jaguars Titans Bengals Raiders
  9. Nfc vs AFC competition potential

    Does a wildcard contender bench their "franchise" qb? Because Tyrod just got benched. They are brutal. Patriots have a horrid defense this year it's next to impossible to win a championship with a defense that bad and big Ben has lost his confidence that is a major flaw in my book. He's just waiting to bolt now, already has his bags packed and one foot out the door.
  10. I am so glad I opened this thread.
  11. Nfc vs AFC competition potential

    The Bills? I want whatever you're smoking.
  12. Week 10 Open Discussion.

    2 things I can't wait to see. The McApoo press conference and the Slip Bayless rant about how the Cowboys are STILL the best team in the league.
  13. Week 10 Open Discussion.

    Lol where are all the turds fanboys posting about how great Dak is? Dak is nothing without Zeke. Dak is a turd on the bottom of Wentz's shoe.
  14. Week 10 Open Discussion.

    I'll be at work but I'll probably be listening to the Jets Bucs game for a laugh, and then Rams game because I feel if we were to make the NFC final that it will be against the Rams.