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  1. I know that coach Groh doesn't owe us anything......but how about at least a word or two on Agholor's improved(?) route-running, applicable to a slot receiver especially? We'll all see if maybe the mental game has improved, but how about the more important things? Blocking improved? Given Matthews' uncertain healing status (and trade rumors), the slot position seems key.
  2. I'd bet the Eagles this year will go with the two BEST CBs as starters, regardless of preconceived ideas. I certainly agree with Lawlor regarding Brooks.
  3. joemas6 - I almost always agree with you - but preseason can be valuable for another reason. I'm convinced that a big reason for the Eagles' slaughter of the Steelers during the regular season stemmed from the confidence gained during the preseason game - invaluable for such a newly formed team. Pre-season is way more than just individual performances. (Never could fully understand Ocho's fall from grace, though.) I do agree: can't possibly gauge most individuals.
  4. Good job, TD123 and stine! Barring injuries, the list already seems fairly set. Not sure about Agholor - everyone seems to have selective amnesia!
  5. I've said this before, as a resident San Diegan, we Eagles fans are going to be very surprised and pleased with Pumphrey! We've seen him for four years here - he didn't just break all of Faulk's records, but did so convincingly and with great flair.
  6. Can't say enough good things about Roseman and Co. He's going to be the largely unsung hero of the Eagles' rise. What a turnaround from most of the last decade!
  7. Roseman and management seem committed to Peters NOT accepting a pay cut, partly out of respect, although his HOF skills have clearly eroded. I hope Peters will acknowledge his aging skills, and at least meet the team halfway.
  8. Cowboys tough to figure out. A number of players had "best season ever" last year, so maybe assume they'll regress as a team. on paper, the Eagles look superior. Barring significant injuries, we should dominate the NFC East.
  9. Nice stats! However, Charli Young spelled differently. And my favorite all time player of ANY position, Pete Retzlaff, played halfback his first year - and remember he only played 12 games per year.
  10. Agree to disagree! We both think Celek is a GOOD receiver. And we both think that Ertz needs to significantly improve on routine blocking. I hope, but don't really expect that will happen.
  11. Regarding TE's, I don't think that Celek is the fabulous blocker that everyone seems to think he is; conversely, he's a BETTER receiver than most think. Actually, among the three, perhaps Burton is the best all around??? This is at least the third year all three are present, and I hope a front runner clearly emerges.
  12. We're all likely "cautiously optimistic" about Ertz's future, but there's still a ways to go, including blocking with true commitment. (Pete Retzlaff is STILL my all time favorite player - a running back converted to an all time Eagle TE.)
  13. IF Wentz continues to show improvement in accuracy and timing (he already has the leadership and amazing aptitude for reading last second defensive scheme changes), watch out! Hope he's not listening TOO closely to all the QB "gurus" who are trying to mold him into someone else.
  14. Curses be damned - the Eagles will win the Superbowl when they deserve it - and it's coming sooner than we think.
  15. Must have a questionnable attitude? - Never saw him in contact drills.