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  1. Eaglesoldtimer


    Why all the "trade Foles" comments? He's the perfect Wentz back-up, and I feel a certain dread that Wentz's improbable scrambles will catch up to him.
  2. Eaglesoldtimer

    [News] Jim Schwartz Prepares For Potent Chiefs

    Well.......have I figured out a forum that doesn't require facebook? I miss you guys! Is this a fantastic dream, or what?! It's been the most wonderful season in my (or your?) lifetime. I seem to have been off in my 12-4 prediction at the start. Hope we maintain the "home field advantage" these last six games.....and I don't wake up!
  3. Eaglesoldtimer

    [News] Jim Schwartz Prepares For Potent Chiefs

    The Eagles have been pretty good over the years in figuring out Alex Smith with the 49ers and Chiefs. He doesn't have Maclin anymore, and their running game just hasn't been that good. If the Eagles execute and their DB's are protected by the rest of the defense, I can see a surprisingly easy win.
  4. As always, THANK YOU, Fran, from someone who accidentally missed taping the game. I really got a sense of what went right, or wrong, overall. Your analyses are really appreciated every week.
  5. I missed the game - satellite was set to record, but FOX last minute decision to show game on network in San Diego of course shut me out. But these, and other, highlights show that, perhaps, the OL wasn't as bad as I first thought, and the passing game will be exciting. Now about those "screens"! Linebacker play looks more consistent too.
  6. Eaglesoldtimer

    [News] Eagles In Prime Spot After Preseason

    Tough schedule, but everyone else, East and West, have similar issues. I see NO "automatic" losses! 11-5 doesn't seem a stretch.
  7. There's certainly hope for the WR corps; however, I'm still hoping we can see Agholor and Ertz consistently convert those 3rd and 8's. Can Agholor get open?
  8. Eaglesoldtimer

    [News] Game 3: Eagles Show Promise For Season

    LOL I actually thought he played ok. Yes, 2 bad plays but I kept thinking that the safety should have been on top of that route both times. The Eagles will have to make some adjustments: they can't continue to leave any cornerbacks, including Darby, so totally isolated in certain situations, if they're not generating a dominating pass rush to hurry QBs. I'm still confident that Schwartz can make the adjustments.
  9. Eaglesoldtimer

    [News] Trades Help Eagles Now And In The Future

    Does anyone really think he'd be on the bubble?! Guess some writers will try to invent anything.
  10. Guess we'll see first hand about LB depth against Dolphins! I really hope these LB reserves rise to the occasion - especially in aggressiveness.
  11. Eaglesoldtimer

    [News] Trades Help Eagles Now And In The Future

    What a wonderful indirect tribute to Roseman, et. al.! Even if some of the trades don't work out as well as we hope, it's so refreshing to us long time fans to see the dedication and progress of the front office. And we'll benefit soon!
  12. The Eagles must really believe in their remaining tackle back-up(s), especially as Peters shows his age.
  13. Eaglesoldtimer

    [News] Healthy, RB Smallwood In Spotlight

    I've always loved Smallwood's attitude and fully expect him to be a large part of the Eagles' season.
  14. "Cutting to 53" is NEVER easy! It's difficulty is always magnified by unexpected bubble players doing well, and roster players having a lackadaisical preseason. Nagging injuries will largely influence the final roster, as will upcoming payroll issues. We spectators never know the full story.
  15. May be nit-picking, but weren't there too many completions to slot and TE across the middle? Why? DL and pass rushing LBs not aggressive enough? Too soft coverage? Hope this gets corrected.