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  1. Eaglesoldtimer


    Why all the "trade Foles" comments? He's the perfect Wentz back-up, and I feel a certain dread that Wentz's improbable scrambles will catch up to him.
  2. Eaglesoldtimer

    [News] Jim Schwartz Prepares For Potent Chiefs

    Well.......have I figured out a forum that doesn't require facebook? I miss you guys! Is this a fantastic dream, or what?! It's been the most wonderful season in my (or your?) lifetime. I seem to have been off in my 12-4 prediction at the start. Hope we maintain the "home field advantage" these last six games.....and I don't wake up!
  3. Eaglesoldtimer

    [News] Jim Schwartz Prepares For Potent Chiefs

    The Eagles have been pretty good over the years in figuring out Alex Smith with the 49ers and Chiefs. He doesn't have Maclin anymore, and their running game just hasn't been that good. If the Eagles execute and their DB's are protected by the rest of the defense, I can see a surprisingly easy win.
  4. Here you go oldtimer. No download, just choose american football then one of the game links and close the overlaying windows. Never miss a game again.