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  1. Fugster

    re: new NFL head coaches getting hired prematurely

    i hate when things happen prematurely
  2. I do not always eat crow.... but when i do... i choose deep fried

  3. Fugster

    NFC Divisional: Saints @ Vikings.

    playing devil’s advocate lets say he did lay up and lets him catch the ball. receiver gets out of bounds at the 35 and they still lose. i think he made the choice to prevent the catch and got there to early
  4. Fugster

    NFC Divisional: Saints @ Vikings.

    i saw the headset. wentz making his presence felt
  5. Fugster

    How Can A Team Beat the Patriots & the Refs?

    One of the most disturbing things I have ever seen posted...
  6. Fugster

    NFC Divisional: Saints @ Vikings.

    I don’t see his point. If not for Wentz? Wentz is an Eagle, he will be for a very long time. Of course the Eagles would not be here without their players. As far as the best story, 2nd year head coach that many wanted fired (including me), journey man qb who somehow found his way back to the team that traded him with confidence problems, a rb group that lost a huge playmaker and lacks anyone from last year, a rookie kicker who was pulled from the trash bin that misses close but hits extra long, cbs featuring last years 7th rd pick with a rough first season, a free agent fans thought would be cut, a rookie, and a guy coming back from a stomach turning ankle dislocation. Oh and they also lost the best lt in football and their best lb. seems like a pretty good story for me. If they pull it off they may have to tone down the adversity for the TV movie because then it becomes too outlandish if I was a patriot fan and the eagles win without Wentz and all the other huge pieces the eagles lost... I take a moment to visualize the future
  7. Fugster

    NFC Divisional: Saints @ Vikings.

    The media and nfl hates the eagles. Their favorite storylines are how long it has been since a championship and how terrible the fan base is. The only eagle they did like was Wentz. Will sure be funny if the eagles win it all this year and kick off a dynasty. Then the nfl will have no choice but to promote the world champion eagles
  8. Fugster

    NFC Divisional: Saints @ Vikings.

    refs decided this game
  9. Fugster

    NFC Divisional: Saints @ Vikings.

    we are an underdog
  10. Fugster

    NFC Divisional: Saints @ Vikings.

    stupid call to not run again
  11. Fugster

    NFC Wildcard: Panthers @ Saints.

    NO OL did a very good job keeping him clean all game even when they came with the blitz. If we can’t bring any more pressure than carolina then you should be very worried about brees. if we get to worry about him that is
  12. Fugster

    NFC Wildcard: Panthers @ Saints.

    anyone see what looked like a total lack of effort on that 3rd down play on what seemed to be a catchable ball? funchess looked to me like he was trying for the flag rather than the ball.
  13. Fugster

    NFC Wildcard: Panthers @ Saints.

    he wanted to but his vision is impaired so he couldn’t find the podium anyway... i hate seeing qbs take a sack on the last play of the game. anything, anything is better than that. so stupid