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  1. Objective Truth

    Go Eagles

    The Eagles HAVE to win this - what better story can there be? Nick Foles, the prodigal son, returns to give the Eagles their first championship of the SB era. It's either that or the overtly insufferable Patriots and their smug sissy QB gets SB win number six. If that happens I may just give up on football. E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!! Now excuse me while I go commit suicide.
  2. Objective Truth

    Dak Prescott cannot possibly be this mature

    That's so unfair on multiple levels. First of all, Elliott is not proven to have beaten women. A lot of stuff has come out recently that casts serious doubts on those allegations which has gotten the NFL into hot water seeing as how they silenced the lead investigator and tried to cover up any evidence in Elliott's favor. Most importantly, Dak was a fourth round pick. Elliott was picked number four overall. What's he supposed to do? Here's a guy who worked his entire life to get where he is at, was extremely fortunate to be in the position he is in, and takes nothing for granted...and you would actually hold it against him that he doesn't take some sort of "stand"? That's so unfair. The Eagles have had more players arrested over the last five years than the Cowboys. Maybe Wentz should take a stand - why not? Become a cancer in the locker room, alienate teammates, make waves and rock the boat. Wentz should totally do that. A completely unrealistic and unfair thing to suggest. You're despicable.
  3. Objective Truth

    Dak Prescott cannot possibly be this mature

    Is that so? Could've fooled me. It seems this board cares an awful lot, what with how often you people talk about Dak and Dallas. With that said, this is "Around the NFL" and there are several media articles concerning the topic - which was the actual point of the thread, but I was trying to make it a little less political (anything concerning Trump is hyper-political), so I altered the focus a little. Maybe I went about it wrong, seeing as how negative lies are more welcome than positive truth.
  4. Objective Truth

    Dak Prescott cannot possibly be this mature

    Presumably, because it's less stupid to root for a team with much less prestige and far fewer Championships?
  5. This is just incredible. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/09/27/dak-prescott-on-president-trump-hes-going-to-say-whatever-he-wants/ A 24 year old kid playing the most recognizable position on one of the world's most recognizable teams, and yet time and time again he has faced off against a ferocious Dallas/Fort Worth (as well as national) media, only to repeatedly make them his b****. Over the last two years I've seen it time and time and time again. Is this the reincarnation of King Solomon? This is their latest attempt to get headline material out of the 24 year old QB, and he gave them their headline...by sidestepping it with the grace of a Spanish matador. Remember when Romo was young? The whole Cabo fiasco, or the "if the worst thing that ever happened to you was in a football game, you've lived a pretty good life" headscratcher which came 10 minutes after a playoff loss? It's so refreshing to see such maturity out of a young Dallas Cowboys QB. I couldn't be more proud of this quarterback.
  6. Objective Truth

    Week 3: Cowboys @ Cardinals

    And you still haven't. Dak Prescott is incredible. I couldn't be more impressed. But there are some issues... Number one, the Cowboys receiving corps is immensely overrated. They don't get separation. At all. Dez Bryant is not the kind of receiver to blow by corners - he is more like Michael Irvin, a receiver that demands excellent ball placement so that he can do his thing AFTER the catch. It's no coincidence that Dez's play fell off after losing Romo. Romo was incredibly accurate and could put the ball where only Dez could get to it, and then Dez would take over. The reason Dak loves Beasley and Witten so much is because they know how to get WIDE OPEN, not demanding super accuracy. Beasley because he is so quick, Witten because he knows how to attack linebackers and zone defense. Romo made all the receivers look better than they actually were. Dak just doesn't have the accuracy to attack man coverage with the ball placement needed to take advantage and let Dez be Dez. Right now it behooves the Cowboys coaches to rebuild and reinvent the Cowboys offense in ways that play to Dak's strengths. We need more read-options, more roll-outs, move the pocket, etc. Dak Prescott is going to be special. Zeke, on the other hand, has some growing up to do. And the Cowboys receiving corps is vastly overrated and in need of more Dak friendly weapons.
  7. Objective Truth

    Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

    I think it's either dropped to two games or completely vacated. I honestly think Henderson might shock everyone and just toss it. But assuming he won't, as people smarter than me seem to believe he will keep it at 6 or drop to 4, I think Elliott will end up having to serve the suspension now that I have a bit more knowledge of the CBA and some of the stuff outlined in the NFL's counter-dismissal suit. Arbitrary or not, it seems the NFL pretty much has free reign here. I don't know that the federal courts have ever ruled in favor of the NFLPA and I think like Brady, Zeke will end up having to take a seat. I mean, the NFL has all the legal mumbo-jumbo on their side in this case.
  8. Objective Truth

    Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

    Ha Ha. *slow clap* My points still stand. Completely unchallenged.
  9. Objective Truth

    Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

    Again, you demonstrate that you have absolutely nothing to offer of any substance. Those kind of posts make it all too clear. You want to oppose but have no bullets to shoot. You're behaving like a petulant child.
  10. Objective Truth

    Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

    Oh, Blandino. I remember that. Tell me again, what does this have to do with Zeke being railroaded? Oh yea, nothing. You don't care about right or wrong. Only that you hate the Cowboys. And the fact that this is literally have to offer just shows it. Seriously. Posting that was no different than posting, "I'm a moron who don't care about being fair, only about hating Dallas. I'm a real dope." Refusing to be objective due to implicit bias in the face of such incontrovertible evidence to the contrary is the realm of either the wicked or weak minded. Either way, you disgust me.
  11. Objective Truth

    Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

    THE LEAD INVESTIGATOR AND THE ONLY PERSON TO INTERVIEW THE ACCUSER WAS PREPARED TO RECOMMEND NO SUSPENSION, BUT WAS BARRED FROM OFFERING HER REPORT BY LISA FRIEL, A LIFELONG GIANTS FAN. Elliott's suspension will, at this point, most likely be completely vacated. But I would expect him to file suit for defamation of character. This is turning into an absolute nightmare for the league. I don't see how Goodell isn't finished.
  12. Objective Truth

    Kaepernick still no job

    The problem with identity politics, the likes of which Kaepernick promotes, is that it plays into the hands of the oligarchy by promoting class-ignorant liberation, further fostering divisions among working class ranks. This is also true of the concept of white privilege, which is more or less the ruling class looking for someone to share the blame with... rich white people hiding behind working class whites, using them as a shield (i.e "we're all in this together"). And if you want to overcome "white supremacy" you have to overcome all whites, essentially putting poor whites on the front lines of a social fight of no benefit to themselves; indeed, while the working classes pelt one another in the streets, the true perpetrators of societal injustice and beneficiaries of privilege virtue signal from their gated white communities. It's essentially divide and conquer - the white working class is the largest of the working classes and therefore the bourgeoisie is behooved to keep them alienated from other proletarians, lest the workers unite and seize control of social production for themselves. Kaepernick is a product of this social engineering.
  13. Objective Truth

    Colts at Dallas

    Never said the word white or black. I was referring to population groups, not race, and linked a peer reviewed study. The whole point was frame size. Mariota has a small frame for his size in accordance with his population group and there is evidence that he is no exception.Therefore I think he will be injury prone whereas Wentz probably won't be. Don't be dopes.
  14. Objective Truth

    Carson Wentz or Marcus Mariota?

    Nah, has nothing to do with race ...I don't believe race exist. Population groups and genetic agglomerations exist...but there are no closed biological systems that would in any way constitute the idea of "race". But if there were I'd take Prescott because he's "black" and "blacks" are the best of all. But by bringing up race we're going in a direction that's uncomfortable and probably against the rules. What I brought up was borderline and I'm not too comfortable going any further so let's just nip it right now. Let's just say that between Wentz and Mariota I would take Wentz because there is evidence that Mariota's frame is no exception to the rule. He'll be out of the NFL in a few years...he won't hold up. Just a fact but don't take my word for it. Watch the snap, crackle, pop show. It'll get worse over the next few years.
  15. Objective Truth

    Carson Wentz or Marcus Mariota?

    It's bone density. Here's a picture of Mariota as a child (his natural frame). Notice the fingers... Packing on a bunch of meat to that kinda Asiatic frame is all well and good but it won't last...trust me. His leg snapped like a twig last year. He'll be out of the NFL in 5 years. Wentz on the other hand is a cornfed caucasoid...often times inferior in brainpower, sure. But often times stouter. There are physical differences inherent in population groups. While there are exceptions, and people deserve to be treated as individuals, the truth is that if I were a betting man, I'd consider everything. And that's what we're talking about. Speculation. And the fact remains that his frame is too small to take too many hits. But I care about objective truth and not people's feelings, so go ahead and cast me as a social pariah.