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  1. Football4Lyfe

    Why do people consider Terrell Owens so "talented?"

    I see this guy hasn't been on in awhile, so I'll just hope he was the 1st person to ever get banned from the entire internet. Lmao he said TO was one of the slowest wrs ever and that he ran as well as the average defensive end. Billy you must've took too many hits to the head playing as rb for the Lions. It might be time to see a doctor or go for a career in stand-up comedy. You're hilarious.
  2. Football4Lyfe

    Why do people consider Terrell Owens so "talented?"

    Yeah Steve did, but his arm had gotten a little weak around 97-98. I always thought Garcia had a noodle arm, a lot of TO's longer td's came off yac. Rattay had a pretty good arm. That's why TO liked playing with Tim better.
  3. Football4Lyfe

    Why do people consider Terrell Owens so "talented?"

    This is the dumbest thread I've ever seen in over 15 years I've been on the internet. Lol, TO had world class speed. I've watched his whole career from start to finish and you should really quit watching football if you can't judge talent like his. Imo, he's right up there with Moss and Megatron as the most physically talented receivers I've ever seen. What was his 40? Some say when he came in the league he ran between a 4.3-4.6. He got faster when he got into the league. He holds the Superstars 100 yard dash record and one the race 2 times. There's been some pretty fast guys run that race throughout the years btw. Second year one of the Barber's got off to a bad false start and TO still easily ran him down. I'll leave this here for you though. TO hit's a gear that very few player I've ever seen hit, when he catches the ball he kinda jumped and still smoked that corner that had an angle on him. In 04 against the Cowboys on MNF, TO caught a pass over the middle and took it the left side and Newman was coming at an angle and he put his hand out and told him to stop running. The same Newman that ran down Moss 40 yards downfield with the Raiders. You should really research things before showing your lack of knowledge. Also check the record for most 50 yard tds. Who's about tied for 2nd lmao ALLTIME. That's without playing with a good qb that could throw it well downfield till McNabb and Romo in his 30s!!!