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  1. I said I would take a WR first if one of the top WR's is still there. I haven't paid much attention to the receivers but the top 3 I've been hearing are Corey Davis, Mike Williams and John Ross. I do not want Ross as I see a lot of other posters do not either. And Williams and Davis could be gone. Only reason I brought up Mccaffrey lol. Because I think there are starting caliber CBs all over this draft after watching the combine. I realize that needs to translate to the field but they are all very athletic at least. Will depend on work ethic as does any other pick.
  2. Wouldnt argue that. I wouldn't argue that our pass rush could be upgraded. But we have money committed to Curry and Graham was on point last year. I think with secondary help our pass rush would've been better. And I think that there are a lot of good corners to be taken all through this draft. Which DE is still there at 14 and worth taking? Barnett may fall? If not can we grab a good one later or no?
  3. And also push good CBs and DEs down the draft as well. Which is my point lol
  4. I was suggesting it. I also like C5's mock of a slight trade back to draft him and gain an extra pick
  5. Maclin was drafted at 19 no? Tavon Austin was 8th overall. And I feel Mccaffrey certainly has more value than tavon austin lol
  6. That's insane. I thought he looked good but he has one season of stats. I think teams want to see more than that before spending that kind of cash
  7. Whatever, I'm getting my "I told you so's" ready hahaha. I believe in this kid. You don't have to. Like I said, might just be a west coast bias
  8. True but still 3,496 yards in one single season? Not just anybody does that.
  9. And the last time he made it to the SB was...? The man takes one hit and is done for the season. Wouldn't spend the money.
  10. Damn man. Break the NCAA All Purpose Yardage in a season record and you're a reach. Sheesh. Tough crowd lol
  11. Can someone tell me what the big deal with Tony Romo is??? Ya he's good but he takes one hit and crumples...gone for the season. And this is behind the self boasted "best offensive line in the league". I'd be pissed if my team signed him to be the starter. Thankfully we took care of that last season lol
  12. I will put money on it that he does not make it to us in the 2nd. If he does then that's an absolute shame and will benefit us because he will have that chip on his shoulders. He already dislikes that he is so far back in the 1st in some projections. To me there is no question of what he is. He can make every run you can ask of a running back and can catch out of the backfield. Where's the question???
  13. Agree we need those 100% but I am assuming Davis and Williams are gone by 14 and I am not going after Ross, at all. And CB wise there is plenty of talent to grab two really good CBs in rounds 2 and 3. Heck maybe even 4. Don't know what other receiver there is at 14, haven't paid them much attention so maybe I am missing someone. But Mccaffrey will not be there in the 2nd
  14. No offense but this is not true related to my posts. I too am of the mind that usually no RB is worth taking in the first round because you can find pretty decent talent in later rounds. But I look at Mccaffrey and see a guy that is 1) Dynamic 2) Has great instincts, hands and feet for an RB and 3) Is great in the return game. A guy that can help in all three phases of the game, like I have said. Especially with Ham's point that West Coast offenses use the short passing game to RB's as a version of the run game. I just think its an exceptional fit with a dynamic play maker. Not expecting him to come in and be Zeke. And you can probably even throw him in the slot because he is quick enough with Smallwood in the backfield. Who knows. I think there is a lot of potential there
  15. I won't be shocked if they don't. My opinion is that the kid can really help. He is a baller who just loves football and plays like it. Taking a top CB or WR not named John Ross is perfectly fine with me too