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  1. [Spadaro] Big Picture, Eagles Can Make Some Noise

    We've played two road games so far, so crowd noise can make that hard. Especially at Arrowhead
  2. [Spadaro] Big Picture, Eagles Can Make Some Noise

    Wouldn't he have had that last season though? This isn't his first year.
  3. [Spadaro] Big Picture, Eagles Can Make Some Noise

    It's one thing to have the kitchen sink thrown at you and at least put up a fight, and its another to look as if you just don't have a clue out there. Would they not have been studying tape on what the DL does? All for giving him another game to bounce back but it'll be tough to stand behind him after another performance like that.
  4. [Spadaro] Big Picture, Eagles Can Make Some Noise

    Don't think anyone is questioning running the ball in those situations that didn't really even happen that much in the game against KC, so kinda missing your point there I guess. My frustration is more with the constant rotation of the backs more than the play calling. Why take a guy out after he actually had a nice run? Keep him in there, see if he can do it again. That's what "riding the hot hand" is which is what they said they would be doing with the rotation. Haven't seen much of that. Plus you get to a point as an opposing team where you can start to see a tendency with play calling based on who is in the game. I just think three RBs is over kill. Two is fine. Ride with Blount and Sproles. Blount can be your "run people over guy" and Sproles can be your "make them miss and take it to the house guy". What more do you really need? Blocking has been very bad I'll give you that. My only complaint (if you can really even call it that because I do like DP) is that when you mention "outguessing", sometimes he outguesses himself. Why go away from whats working? Ride that until you notice a defensive adjustment has been made and the plays are no longer as effective as before, then try to switch it up...just my opinion on it. Just grinds my gears when the offense is moving the ball well North and South in the pass and run game and then we get a swing pass for negative yardage. Always seems to kill drives
  5. [Spadaro] Big Picture, Eagles Can Make Some Noise

    and dont forget the all great and powerful DAK with his 2 INTs and one going back for 6!! Nothing made me happier than seeing that box score yesterday hahaha
  6. [Spadaro] Big Picture, Eagles Can Make Some Noise

    Or doing it at all for that call balance was terrible for how close the game was all game
  7. [Spadaro] Big Picture, Eagles Can Make Some Noise

    lol, wait it wont? someone should inform Doug of this ASAP hahahaha
  8. [Spadaro] Big Picture, Eagles Can Make Some Noise

    here's an idea...maybe rotate backs every series instead of every play???? or obviously after big runs...that to me is how you find out who has the hot hand for the day...and heck, if a dude runs all over the defense the drive before, send him back out there again! who cares how much playing time they all get per game! They aren't out here to make sure everyone is included and gets turn....they are out there to win!!!
  9. [Spadaro] Big Picture, Eagles Can Make Some Noise

    I get where you're coming from. It is encouraging that we kept it tight. The defense is playing great and the passing game moves the ball way better than last year. But the run game definitely needs to pick up. If it does maybe we can finally from "Oh we were supposed to lose that game" to looking at the calendar and having confidence we can win them all. I personally would love to see our birds get there because I hate the saying "we were probably supposed to lose anyway"...just a personal thing lol
  10. [Spadaro] Big Picture, Eagles Can Make Some Noise

    Or maybe try Clement at RB. I loved the attitude he ran with in preseason. Idk. Pick any RB you want, just let them get into a groove!
  11. [Spadaro] Big Picture, Eagles Can Make Some Noise

    Or at least try to run more than one time per series? or give a RB more than one hand off in a row? lol anything to get this run game going right now. I know this might not be the popular idea but I felt like on some scramble plays out of the pocket, Wentz should've just looked to run more because it looked like he had plenty of space a lot of the time. Don't want him to have to do it all but hey, he can be the passing and rushing offense for all I care. At least it would give secondaries another thing to worry about in man coverage in not forgetting that the QB can pick up yards with his feet. Maybe they take a look back and a WR gets open bc of it. I know we all would like to see Wentz not end up like Cam Newton taking all the hits from rushing but right now, its gotta get done some how. Offense is making it too easy on defenses
  12. [Spadaro] Big Picture, Eagles Can Make Some Noise

    Idk how everyone else sees it, but to me Isaac Seumalo is struggling at LG. Seemed like he was consistently being beaten on Sunday. I like the kid and all but it seems like he's gone backwards from last year so far and I'm wondering if it's time to give Chance Warmack or Wisnewski a look at LG...just a thought. Still really loved how the defense played even with the added injuries to the secondary in the first half. Rasul to me looked confident and good in coverage out there. The defense as a whole kinda broke down towards the end of the game but in a game like that, one defense eventually gives a little more. Unfortunately it was us and I suppose credit can be given to the Chiefs for making adjustments but when you don't get much offensive production, tough to win.
  13. [News] Script Flipped: Eagles Win On Road

    Gotta say I agree with the comments about rotating backs in...why take Blount out after a good gain on first? Felt like we went away from the run right as we were building momentum with it too often. I understand the rotating backfield by committee but I feel it would be more effective just playing the hot hand and not over thinking rotations too much? I feel like that was our issue in the run game, I thought the Oline did their jobs for most of the day with some mishaps here and there. just my opinion maybe lol. Also, CAN WE PLEASE STOP WITH THE SWING PASSES? I haven't seen one work yet. You can say one of those plays lost us the game in Dallas last year when Sproles got tackled for a loss out of field position, or at least the momentum we had in the game changed, and it could've done the same in this game with the fumble were it not for our defense showing up in a big way. Loved the attitude and the way they played today. Let's keep that up all season long. Finally ponied up the dough for Sunday Ticket so I can finally watch our birds every week out here in CA!!
  14. [News] Goal Is To Keep Adding To Talent Core

    I said I would take a WR first if one of the top WR's is still there. I haven't paid much attention to the receivers but the top 3 I've been hearing are Corey Davis, Mike Williams and John Ross. I do not want Ross as I see a lot of other posters do not either. And Williams and Davis could be gone. Only reason I brought up Mccaffrey lol. Because I think there are starting caliber CBs all over this draft after watching the combine. I realize that needs to translate to the field but they are all very athletic at least. Will depend on work ethic as does any other pick.
  15. [News] Goal Is To Keep Adding To Talent Core

    Wouldnt argue that. I wouldn't argue that our pass rush could be upgraded. But we have money committed to Curry and Graham was on point last year. I think with secondary help our pass rush would've been better. And I think that there are a lot of good corners to be taken all through this draft. Which DE is still there at 14 and worth taking? Barnett may fall? If not can we grab a good one later or no?