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  1. My thoughts on Sunday's game in D.C: The positives-- 1. Beating Washington!!!!--it may not have always been pretty, but the Eagles beat that dirty team that put such a brutal, cheap hit on Sproles last year. No, I haven't forgotten. 2. Mychal Kendricks--The fierce (legal) hit that Kendricks put on the Skins RB. That stopped him. Proof that trading Kendricks would have been a mistake. 3. Nelson Agholor--best game ever. The two drops were poor passes. All the hard work appears to be paying off. Agholor does look like a different player, and it's great that he's proving me wrong!!! Stay the course. Don't look back. 4. Our 'fearsome foursome' D-L, plus help--I can't wait to see how they handle lesser O-Ls around the league. 5. Zach Ertz played great. Mr. Dependable when we most needed him. 6. I get the feeling that Wentz & our WRs are just getting started. Jeffrey almost had that crucial jump catch--so close, and it looks like Torrey Smith can still burn anyone long. 7. The defensive coverage was for the most part consistently tight. You can't ask for much more. They also stopped the run well. Even so, you gotta realize that if Kirk Cousins had been passing more accurately, it would have been a tougher game... 8. I really liked seeing the Eagles use Blount as a receiver in the red zone!!!! There's no way an opposing D can cover Jeffrey, Agholor, Ertz, Sproles in the red zone.... and Blount at the same time, on the same play. One of them is going to get open. And if it's Blount, how in the heck are you going to prevent him from getting into the end zone if he catches the ball on the 2 or 3 yard line? You're not. No way. The negatives: 1. Darby's injury. I hope it's not a serious injury and that he recovers fast. Darby is the real thing. I'm proud to call him an Eagle. 2. The offensive play calling still isn't quite up to snuff. It's definitely better (& expanding), and it's great to see Wentz at last throwing the ball long & opening up the field--like Favre, but those screen passes to Agholor clearly weren't working (not last year either), so why do they keep calling them over & over again? They're just wasted downs. I also thought the O-L was opening up some good lanes to run through in the first quarter, but it wasn't taken advantage of. 3. The Eagles don't seem to have a running back that runs really well to the outside. That makes their running game easier to defend against. I'm afraid Smallwood didn't impress. All the Eagles had working in their running game yesterday was Blount going up the middle. The Eagles will have to get better at running to the outside, if they hope to beat the top teams (and part of that will depend on better play calling & execution of the running game). 4. The O-L isn't protecting Wentz well enough. It has got to get better. Yes, he scrambles incredibly well for a big guy, great athlete, but his passes are too often hurried. No great offense can be built on a consistently scrambling QB. Eventually, he's going to get hit. Also, it looks like the O-L is still vulnerable to blitzes.
  2. There are no real surprises for me on that list. Grymes reportedly played well in OTAs and pre-season practices, but he didn't really stand out in the 4 games. & I don't think he tackled quite as well as they wanted to see--although I don't recall Grymes getting beaten on any passes (which is a positive sign). Apart from losing Paul Turner--our best receiver last year!, who I believe can and will play in the NFL--I was only mildly disappointed about losing Rashard Davis. I thought Davis showed greater speed as a punt/kick off returner than Pumphrey, who didn't overly impress. In all 4 games, I can't recall Pumphrey making one player miss badly or breaking any tackles (which isn't a good sign). Though of course if Pumphrey does makes the team, & he probably will, I hope that will change. I also hope Paul Turner finds a team that can appreciate and utilize his special gifts. He's a quicker, more talented WR than I think the Eagles have realized. Though the competition at WR was especially tough this year (a good thing), and Turner didn't get a real chance to compete, due to his injury. If Turner isn't picked up, I hope the Eagles will sign him to the practice squad again, but realize it isn't likely. As for Adam Zaruba--he caught every ball thrown in his direction (was that two or three passes?), and looked *extremely* difficult to tackle afterwards. The guy's a truck, and even tougher to bring down than Celek (I suspect). I really liked his superior mindset and energy. Clearly, Zaruba is a great athlete, and that shouldn't be ignored. If the Eagles were to take him on as a 'developmental' project, I think they'd eventually get rewarded with a great NFL tight end (or running back?) in return. But do they have that kind of vision and patience? If no team signs Zaruba (a good possibility), I hope the Eagles will sign him to their practice squad for a year, and watch him grow--because he will.
  3. Pumphrey hasn't impressed me. Not as a running back, a receiver, or a punt/kick off returner. Byron Marshall has shown a lot more Sproles-like qualities than Pumphrey--sure hands, quick lateral movement, toughness, first class effort, an ability to break tackles and make players miss, etc.. The Eagles should have drafted Tarik Cohen to be Sproles replacement. That was a no brainer, in my opinion--if they were looking to replace Sproles as an offensive weapon, since Cohen is speedy, very elusive, and a very good receiver too. Last night, Rasheed Davis showed himself to be a more impressive punt/kick off returner than Pumphrey, who was overly cautious and hesitant on returns, and when he got the blocks to get free, wasn't able to break any tackles, or make anyone miss (not a good sign). In my view, Davis showed greater speed, less hesitancy, and gave a stronger, more dynamic effort (albeit with less opportunities). Pumphrey isn't ready to play at a high level in the NFL. At best, he should spend the year on the practice squad. And yet, I doubt the Eagles will retain Davis as their punt/kick off returner--not with Sproles still around. So who's going to be the Eagles #1 kick off returner, if not Davis or Pumphrey--the oft-injured Smallwood? or Agholor?...? (Will Victor Boldin Jr. get released?) In my opinion, the following is the best RB line up the Eagles can put together right now (short of picking up or trading for another RB): Sproles, Blount, Smallwood, Clement, Marshall... and then Pumphrey. So I'd try to stash Marshall and Pumphrey on the practice squad. If they lose Pumphrey, so be it, chalk it up to a draft mistake (though the Eagles are probably too stubborn to admit their mistake). The truth is the Eagles weren't focused enough on the RB position in the off season. Blount was an afterthought--a last minute remedy. Hopefully Smallwood will prove more durable and play great this year, or Clement will emerge as a force to be reckoned with. My money is on Clement and Marshall. Though I wanted the Eagles to draft Mixon or Cook, Perine, and Cohen.
  4. MrSimpson

    [News] Game 3: Eagles Show Promise For Season

    I know, but I can't help it. I'm a let's win the Super Bowl this year kind of guy. ;-)
  5. MrSimpson

    [News] Game 3: Eagles Show Promise For Season

    Here are my thoughts on Thursday night's Eagles-Dolphins game: 1. Offensive Line--The O-L protection for Wentz once again totally fell apart when the opposing defense blitzed. If they don't get better at handling blitzes, Wentz will be sacked often by multiple players in the regular season (when he sits in the pocket), and that will likely lead to an injury. (Imagine if Wentz had played all 4 quarters on Thursday night? ) So I hope Foles throwing arm really is 100%, and his absences "precautionary", as claimed. The first-string O-L didn't run block well enough either. They weren't as good as the Dolphins' O-L in this respect. That and the O-L's failure to protect Wentz in the pocket has me skeptical about how good they really are right now--as a unit. 2. Running backs--I'm not overly impressed. They're okay, decent, but no one really stands out as a great RB. I hope Blount will shift into another gear once the regular season begins, and that coach Pederson has figured out how to use him most effectively. The addition of Sproles will undoubtedly help (and may be enough). But it's looking more and more like the Eagles have overloaded on D-L and WR at the expense of their running game. Watching Clement and Pumphreys, I couldn't help but think the Eagles could have done much better if they'd drafted some combination of Joe Mixon or Dalvin Cook, Samaje Perine, and Tarik Cohen in the 2017 draft (as they had a chance to get 3 or 4 of these players). Each of those rookies has looked more dynamic & athletically gifted in the preseason than Blount, Clement, & Pumphreys. I also found myself wondering if the Eagles haven't underrated Byron Marshall versus Clement and Pumphreys? Marshall impresses me as a real fighter, with possibly more grit and determination than the other two. 3. Wide receivers Hollins, Johnson, and Treggs have greatly impressed in the preseason--it looks like they've got a ton of talent. Unfortunately the Eagles don't need all three WRs, not when they've got Jeffrey, Smith, and the refurbished Agholor. Although the team can always use a WR as quick and speedy as Treggs, who looks to be the fastest player on the offense. Treggs makes players miss, & that gives the Eagles offense a much needed extra dimension. I hope the Eagles will find a way to keep 6 WRs in 2017 (and maybe place the injured Turner on the practice squad or IR). There's so much talent on this WR squad right now that it would be a shame to lose any of these young, promising receivers, when looking to the future. 4. The Eagles have a similar glut at DE and DT. Again, they have more D-L players than they can use. Curry, Barnett and Means could all be starters on other teams. Of course that's not a bad problem to have. If I were a GM, I'd be closely watching to see who the Eagles might cut at DT, DE, and WR. Therefore, if possible, Roseman should try to trade a DT and/or a WR in the next week for a future draft pick, or to supply more depth at O-L, LB or for a first class RB--rather than to simply release those players in a couple weeks. Maybe the Eagles could even pick up the hard hitting LB Reggie Ragland from the Bills, for instance? My only real concern about the Eagles' defense right now (other than some lingering doubts about CBs & LB depth) is--will they be able to stop the run well enough in 2017? (I have no doubt their pass rush will be awesome.) I'll be curious to see how well they contain RB Samaje Perine (or whoever the Redskins start at RB) in week one. If Perine rushes for over 100 yards it won't be a good sign. 5. CB Ronald Darby--I'm not in a panic over how Darby played Thursday night. Here's why: on the first play where Darby got beat, his hand was only inches away from deflecting the ball--so his coverage was tight. Secondly, even though the Dolphins WR took off running after catching the ball, Darby was able to shift into another gear and catch up to him before he reached the end zone. That showed tremendous effort & first class speed. Darby did the same thing on the next play where he got beat, showing another huge burst of speed to catch up to the Dolphins WR in the end zone. Both plays nearly went in Darby's favor. As I see it, Darby simply needs to locate the ball a little earlier, and he'll be fine. (Plus, you've got to give the Dolphins WRs some credit, they're very good.) With that said, the Eagles could possibly consider using a taller CB when there is a significant height mismatch to the 5'11" Darby. 6. Finally, I thought Jalen Mills played well Thursday night. I've always liked the way Mills tackles, but what a huge difference between Mills' coverage in the 2016 preseason and now in 2017. I still worry about Mills getting beat long--due to his less than ideal speed, but I may be finally coming around to him as a starter. I thought C.J. Smith and Rasul Douglas played well too. Add Sidney Jones into the mix and the Eagles are going to have strong outside corners next year, with very good depth at the position.
  6. MrSimpson

    [News] Game 3: Eagles Show Promise For Season

    I doubt Kaepernick will take the salary of a 3rd string QB, and I don't think the Eagles can afford to pay him like a 2nd string QB, can they? Besides, Kaepernick isn't as good as Tim Tebow. So maybe it's time to snatch Tebow away from baseball!!! buy out his contract from the Mets. (Hey, Kaepernick hasn't been playing either.) Laugh, if you must, but Tebow won a playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and no other 3rd string QB in the league can say that. What a bum deal Tebow got from Chip Kelly. The Eagles treated Tebow badly, by dumping him after he had beat out Matt Barkley for the 3rd QB position. Remember when Tebow scored a running touchdown and Kelly yelled at him for not passing... ridiculous. QB Matt Blanchard is available too. No one seems to want him, maybe because he's outspoken in his support of President Trump? Blanchard has a super strong arm.