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  1. BleedingGreen93--First, I think we have to be fair to Turner, he didn't play much last year. It's hard to prove you can get open consistently, when you're given so little opportunity. Yet, in only his second game as a rookie, Turner had 5 receptions in one half alone. That's significant. I don't believe another Eagles WR did that all last year, did they? Here are Turner's stats which I compiled for an earlier post (before the Eagles had signed Jeffrey & Smith), and I think they're worth repeating: "In 2016, Paul Turner had 9 catches for 126 yards, with a 14 yard average per catch average! If you add to that Turner's preseason of 17 receptions for 165 yards, it gives Turner 26 receptions for 291 yards in 2016, or a 11.19 yard average (compared to Antonio Brown's 12.10 average in the regular season). [Edit: So Turner's stats show that he had actually improved during the regular season from his league leading pre-season.] With that kind of yard average (& Turner's ability to catch everything thrown in his direction--unlike Agholor & Green-Beckham), it would appear that if Turner had played regularly, he'd have easily been more productive than Agholor & Green-Beckham combined, & probably have gone over 1,000 (especially when you consider that Turner felt he had improved as a WR). Most impressively, in only his second NFL game, Turner made 6 receptions (5 in one half!) for 80 yards. In comparison, in the best game of Agholor's NFL career, he had 4 receptions for 64 yards (& Agholor has played many more games than Turner). Yet, the Eagles are unsure about whether Turner can play at a high level in the NFL? I also gather Turner isn't fast enough. When Antonio Brown came into the NFL, he ran a 4.47 40 yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine. In 2016, Brown improved that speed to 4.35. In comparison, Turner ran a 4.48 40 yard dash in his rookie season--virtually the same as Brown. So, how come Brown's 'slow' speed didn't prevent the Steelers from seeing the light, but for the Eagles, Turner's 4.48 is a negative? Particularly when, like Brown, Turner has proven he's quick enough to get open in the NFL, and as mentioned, he catches virtually every ball thrown in his direction. I also hear that Turner is too small to play in the NFL. Well, Antonio Brown is 5'10", while Turner is 5'11"--the exact same height as Odell Beckham, Jr.--so again, more Eagles nonsense. Turner got open more than he was passed to. Watch the films, and you'll see that on a crucial play in the final minutes of the Washington game, when Wentz was intercepted in the end zone (in a pass to Ertz)--which btw cost us the game--Turner was open in the end zone! [Edit: & that was a 'game deciding' play where Turner's ability to get open in the NFL was tested in a major way & he came through.] If the Eagles had two top receivers, Turner would make an excellent #3. Especially since, with an improved WR corps, Turner would become the guy opposing defenses would forget to cover adequately. Every championship team needs a player like that." Granted, I wrote that post at the end of last year (before the signings of Jeffrey & Smith). And, if you're right & Marcus Johnson is better than Turner now, then of course I'm all for Johnson getting ample opportunity to prove himself in the up coming pre-season.
  2. Rohash writes, "Rowe didn't start for NE last year. He only appeared in 9 games." Eric Rowe was 'inactive' for seven games last year, and then played 9 games for the Patriots, 7 of which he started at either CB or in the slot. He played in all the Patriots' post season games, & played well, including 65% of the snaps in the Super Bowl, where Belichick had him covering Julio Jones. I'm pretty sure Rowe was one of the two starting CBs in the Super Bowl and not Cyrus Jones, though I might be mistaken about that, as they shared duties. For the Eagles, as a rookie, Rowe started only 5 games in 2015, & had his best game in a win against the Patriots with three pass deflections, which apparently got Belichick's attention, but not the Eagles! So I'd say clearly the Patriots saw more potential in Rowe than the Eagles did. In any event, considering how poor the Eagles' CBs were last year, the trade was obviously a gigantic mistake, and it still is. BleedingGreen93 writes, "Paul Turner had a chance last season during the real games wasn't that impressive..." I beg to differ. For a first year guy I thought Turner showed very good potential. He proved that he could get open in the NFL and caught every ball thrown in his direction (pre-season & post-season), with his only ball drop come from a slightly tipped pass in the Washington game. Not many noticed, but it was Turner that got himself open in the end zone on the crucial game deciding play at the end of the 2nd Redskins game, when Wentz tried to hit Ertz and got intercepted. If Wentz had seen that Turner was open, we'd have won the game. Turner's combined stats for the pre-season and regular season are impressive--comparable to Antonio Brown's, though granted he had considerably less playing time. While the combined stats for Agholor & DBG were dreadful, not even impressive for a single receiver. Which is more to my point, that the Eagles stubbornly stuck with those latter two WRs, who weren't getting the job done, while not giving Turner much playing time at all. However, it's a brand new season! & I definitely look forward to watching Marcus Johnson in a few weeks! EaglesOldTimer writes, "I disagree somewhat on your discussion on Agholor. He has had AMPLE opportunity the past two years." I don't disagree. I'm just hoping for the best outcome. I'd be okay with Agholor getting traded for a more promising player! However, I suppose Greg Lewis may have been part of AG's problems, so I'm open to seeing if Mike Groh can turn him around. But I agree the odds & past stats argue heavily against it, as I pointed out below.
  3. Right now, the strengths and weaknesses of their division rivals shouldn't be the Eagles main concern, because no one can yet know how those team's strengths & weaknesses will differ from last year. Instead the Eagles should be thinking more about their own strengths and weaknesses, and be intently focused on accurately gauging who their best athletes are--per position. Over the past several years, as it turned out, some of the best Eagles players in the pre-season didn't become their starters, and in some cases weren't even on the team when the regular season began. For example, in each of the past two years the Eagles have let go or traded a key player that ended up starting for the team that won the Super Bowl. And in both cases that player was let go from a position that turned out to be the Eagles biggest weakness that year, such as at OL in 2015 (Mathis), and at CB in 2016 (Rowe). Now, once again, I find myself wondering what similar mistakes will be made in the upcoming 2017 pre-season? For example, I can envision CBs Aaron Grymes & C.J. Smith playing their hearts out during the pre-season and looking good enough to be our rightful starters (just as WR Paul Turner did last pre-season on a team full of 2nd rate WRs), only to lose the starting job once the season begins to players with more 'proven' experience like Brooks, Robinson & Mills (who probably won't all work out). Conversely, I can also see the Eagles confidently making Grymes their new starting slot corner in 2017 and letting go of the veteran Brooks, only to find that they desperately need Brooks half way through the season, just as they did with Rowe last year. No current CB should be let go during the pre-season without a superior CB being added to the team (as the Eagles will need all the help they can get at the position). The same is true for linebacker. At, this morning I read Brandon Lee Gowton's list of players he thinks the Eagles are most likely to let go or trade, and got a laugh when he wrote that "future Hall of Famer Paul Turner" will likely find "a place on the Eagles' practice squad". That's exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about. Every Eagles article I've read in recent months has focused exclusively on Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor (and Torrey Smith) as our potential starting slot receiver in 2017. Yet no one (except me) has proposed that Paul Turner could potentially turn out to be our best slot receiver in 2017 (with Jeffrey & Smith on the outside). The astonishing part of this is: it's not an outrageous suggestion--given that (1) Matthews has clearly become injury prone at this stage of his career, and (2) no receiver in recent NFL history has played as badly as Agholor did in his first two seasons, with a similar amount of snaps, and gone on to become a top starting WR in the NFL (or even an especially good one). It's never happened before. (Apparently not even WR Chris Carter, who had a drug problem in Philly, had stats as bad as Agholor's.) And yet with all the recent glowing talk about Agholor's performance at the recent OTAs--about how good he looked & the many great catches he made (with Jalen Mills defending him), I get the impression the Eagles think Agholor is ready to become our top slot receiver for 2017 and may even challenge Jeffrey & Smith on the outside. Now, that can't be completely ruled out, as there's always a first time (& Mike Groh may indeed get Agholor back on track--since it's possible that Agholor's dismal play over the past two years wasn't entirely his fault). Therefore, by all means give Agholor a final chance to prove himself in the 2017 pre-season & if he does, great! (then the Eagles will have the option of trading him for a very good linebacker or potential starting cornerback!). In other words, no matter what the eventual outcome is, right now, it's best for the Eagles coaches, media, & fans to remain positive and optimistic on Agholor, as the team can only benefit from encouraging him: since clearly Agholor himself needs to believe he can do it. And who knows, maybe he will put 2015 & 16 far behind him, and silence all criticism in 2017. I hope so. But, at the end of the day, what the Eagles should really be thinking about Agholor's glowing performance in the OTAs is, more cautiously--if a WR as poor (in the past) as Agholor is beating Jalen Mills in the OTAs, then Mills is likely no where near ready to be our starting CB in 2017, as many have projected. Which suggests that C. J. Smith, Rasul Douglas, Patrick Robinson, & Aaron Grymes, etc., should be given lots of extra playing time in the pre-season games to fully prove what they can do.
  4. Fran Duffy says, "I was really, really impressed with Aaron Grymes throughout the course of the spring. Can he make an impact here and make a run at a corner job?" I see no reason why not? It's not exactly returning pro-bowl competition at the position. Maybe the more pertinent question is--did coaches Schwartz & Pederson see what Fran Duffy saw in the OTAs and were they similarly impressed? (I hope so.) Zach Ertz, flying under the radar? I agree about the double J's, Jernigan and Johnson are big keys to the Eagles having a great season.
  5. Hi EaglesTD123, I sure hope you're right about Barnett, Jeffrey, Pumphrey & Agholor!!! I agree with you about Gibson, if he keeps dropping balls as he did in OTAs, they can't afford to keep him in preference to more dependable receivers, despite his blazing speed. (The Eagles don't need another chronic ball dropper.) At best, he's practice squad. Despite all the trade talk, I suspect they won't trade Kendricks now, except for possibly another linebacker, if they get a chance to upgrade--which isn't likely since he's been on the trading block and it probably would have happened by now. Otherwise, linebacker depth is a potential weakness on this team, so I don't think they can afford to trade Kendricks. (It might be a bad idea to do so). The one prediction that I'm least inclined to agree with you on is Jason Kelce. As I see it, the only way Kelce doesn't start in 2017 is if they trade him before the beginning of the season; that is, if they decide during the pre-season that they've got a comparable or better starting center in Wisniewski or Seumalo (along with a viable back up), *and* suddenly find themselves desperate to acquire a top player to fill another starting position (such as at middle linebacker, if Hicks were to do down, or at the cornerback, if the current DB roster doesn't work out). The one thing that people forget about Kelce last year is that he was suffering from Plantar fasciitis, an injury that doesn't prevent a player from playing, but is quite painful & does at times, at least to some degree, effect athletic performance. In other words, Kelce wasn't likely playing up to his full potential in 2016. And presumably, with the PF now resolved, Kelce should be back in top form in 2017. Among last years starters, the two players I wouldn't be totally shocked to see gone before the season begins are Ryan & Jordan Matthews, mostly due to their ongoing injury issues, as well as present & future salary cap drain. However, other than adding a top cornerback, which I think the Eagles may still need, & possibly another linebacker, I hope Roseman won't make any more future trades, as both the Eagles' defense & offense look very promising right now (& they can definitely use both Matthews, if healthy).
  6. I think letting go of DGB was the right move. The Eagles need to be smart this year & get rid of any 'unreformed party boys" before the season starts, and DBG had that reputation, yes? (Along with... ?) Plus, apparently he dropped a lot of balls in OTAs, which likely says something about how hard he worked in his offseason. If Matthews remains injury prone, and Agholor can't get over last years' "yips", both possibilities, the Eagles will need Paul Turner in the slot. Therefore, I don't think it's right that Turner always gets mentioned at the very end of these articles (*after* the late round draft picks here), if at all. Surely, last year Turner proved he's a better player than that? Don't forget that if Turner's stats from the 2016 pre-season & regular season are combined, he had a better catching percentage than Antonio Brown, a better yard per catch average than Brown (albeit on fewer pass attempts), and was easily on track to surpass 1,000 receiving yards for the season (that's way more than AG & DGB combined), if the Eagles had only been smart enough to use him more often. Turner is also the same height & size as Brown, and has almost exactly the same 40 speed as Brown had in his first two years in the NFL (though Brown has since gotten faster, so why can't Turner also do so?). In sharp contrast to every other WR on the Eagles team last year, Turner caught everything thrown in his direction, with his only ball drop coming from a slightly tipped pass in the Washington game. He also helped us win games, and didn't directly contribute to any losses. Besides, even if Turner doesn't develop into another Antonio Brown, every team needs a player like him, who opposing defenses won't pay enough attention to or fully prepare for, when they've got Jeffrey, Smith & Matthews to worry about in key situations. So, you'd think Turner would get more respect, being that he was the Eagles most dependable receiver last year. Hopefully, he'll have another 'league leading' pre-season as he did in 2016, & Mike Groh will see qualities in him that Eagles coaches failed to fully appreciate last year.
  7. One way the Eagles should be able to utilize Pumphrey most effectively is in combination with Sproles and Blount. In recent seasons, when Sproles came out of the backfield defenses had to key on him. They knew Sproles could be big trouble as a receiver in the open field. Now, with Pumphrey, the Eagles can potentially have two very elusive speedsters on the field at the same time, i.e., the talked about 'pony express'. & I expect that combination could spell even bigger trouble for defenses, since they'll no longer be able to key solely on Sproles. Their focus will be split. In addition, the Eagles now have Blount as well, and from what I'm hearing, Blount is a heck of a receiver, even though that's not what he's known for (all the better!). So if the Eagles can additionally use Blount, say as they once used Keith Byars, as a big guy that can catch the ball down field in clutch situations and is extremely difficult to take down to the ground, especially for cornerbacks, those three backs *in combination* (plus Smallwood) should be a nightmare for opposing defenses. Yet, even though all the ingredients appear to be in place this year, as always, it will come down to the offensive play calling and whether the coaches use them effectively. I hope they will. As for the open cornerback situation, I hope the position really is 'open' (& Mills isn't already penciled in). It would be a mistake otherwise, in my view. Let the players that play best in the pre-season be our starters. That's been one of my major criticisms of Eagles coaches in past years, and last year was no exception. The players that proved themselves to be our best athletes in the pre-season, in some cases didn't end up as our starters or even on the team on opening day (Rowe, Turner, etc.). In each case that decision turned out to be a huge, costly mistake--especially at cornerback & wide receiver. For example, the Eagles' coaches should have no problem making Grymes & C.J. Smith our starters next season, if they emphatically prove themselves ready to go in the pre-season. But what troubles me is that, even if they do prove themselves, I don't have a lot of confidence that they'll necessarily start. Not from what I've seen in the past. Of course we all know that Jeffrey, Wentz, Cox, etc. will be our starters next season (if they stay healthy). Which is fine & expected. But otherwise, please, let the pre-season count this year.
  8. I've been watching pro football since the 1960s, and I have to say Reggie White was the best I ever saw. He was just as fine a human being too. A great man and a born leader. Bruce Smith was almost as good, but I'd say White was more effective than Smith when double teamed (which was most of the time for White). (I don't recall Deacon Jones getting double teamed like White & Smith did.) My favorite Reggie White story came about when the Eagles played the Packers many years ago. The Packers got the #1 draft pick that year, and had selected OT Tony Mandarich (instead of Barry Sanders!, and several other future hall of famers). Unfortunately, Mandarich, a standout in college, was a bust at the NFL level. But the Packers hadn't figured that out yet, so when they played the Eagles they put their prized new draft pick 'one on one' against White. A big mistake. After the game one of the TV commentators asked Eagles' DB Eric Allen if he'd had any trouble with the Packers offense, and Allen replied, "The only trouble I had was trying to figure out which direction Reggie White was gonna throw Mandarich, so I could jump over him and rush the quarterback."
  9. OT Alejandro Villaneuva isn't the only 6'9" DE the Eagles let go & the Steelers turned into an offensive lineman. They've done the same with the 6'9" Brian Mihalik too, who the Eagles drafted under Chip Kelly. Transforming Mihalik into an offensive lineman was something that I suggested the Eagles do way back on this forum, when the O-L was weaker than it is today. Like Hart, Mihalik remains a work in progress, but he did make the Steelers' 53 man roster in 2016! (eventually, after a brief stint with the Lions), so it wasn't such a bad idea. Size and a superior athleticism will usually win in the end, given a strong enough will, persistence, discipline, and first class coaching.
  10. "you love it when runners have complimentary styles" Me too. The more variety an offense has, the harder they'll be to defend against. But, at some point I expect the Eagles' offense will come down to how well coached they are (injuries excluded), and whether coach Pederson is clever enough with his offensive play calling this year to out coach the Eagles' opponents or not. I hope last year was a valuable learning experience for him. As it now appears he's got most of the necessary ingredients to have a very good offense in 2017--that is, with the recent & much needed addition of Blount. All the rest will come down to whether the players do their utmost to stay out of trouble off the field. Since those kinds of incidents, whether it's illicit activities in night clubs & the mistreatment of women, or substance abuse, or putting NFL banned drugs into their bodies, can seriously hurt & let down a football team, as we unfortunately witnessed last year.
  11. I'm not assuming anything. Yes, I agree, let's wait and see. That was essentially my point--that it would be wiser to wait until the pre-season games to see where the Eagles might most need to add a player, then to blow the rest of their salary cap on Maclin right now. The CBs may be fine, if Grymes, Smith, or Mills show real improvement. I hope so. But that is clearly a question mark right now. We don't know who the starters will be, or who'll truly work out. Therefore, my point was that if a deficit does arise at CB--later on, which is entirely possible given that it was the Eagles biggest weakness last year, *or* at any other position down the road, it would put the Eagles in a real bind if they were to spend the rest of their salary cap on Maclin right now. The Mac acquisition would likely make it difficult for the Eagles to add another top flight player later on, especially at a position where they might find they needed more help than at WR. Though I won't be disappointed if they do sign Maclin, that is, depending on what they give up for him. Frankly, I wasn't all that impressed with Smallwood last year, but I hope you're right--that he simply needs more time to develop. I just don't like the idea that if Smallwood were our #2, he'd be only an injury away from becoming our #1 RB. That's essentially why I prefer Matthews--though, like you, I wanted Perine or Connor in the draft, or maybe a trade for Ingram.
  12. Injury problems last season and let go by the Chiefs? That makes Maclin perfect for the Eagles, who are always keen to acquire a very good injury prone player (Bradford, Alonso, R. Matthews, etc.). But how can they afford Maclin? (who I do like & think would be a great acquisition, all kidding aside). They'd have to jettison 2 or 3 players they may really need this coming year in order to do so. It doesn't sound feasible. Though I'm okay with Jordan Matthews being let go, in order to get Maclin. That's an attractive swap, & hey, they're both injury prone, so no problem there. Besides, Paul Turner might be better than Matthews in the slot anyway, since he doesn't drop passes. But who else? R. Matthews?--well, if he can get healthy, I was kind of hoping R. Matthews would be our #2 RB this year, where I think he'd be ideal--working with a lighter load. (I don't think Smallwood is as good as Matthews.) The Eagles appear to have a surplus at DE, so maybe Marcus Smith too? Okay. But is that enough to get Maclin? & even it is, it will likely max out the Eagles' salary cap for 2017, which could be a big problem down the road. Plus, the Eagles probably need a first rate #2RB a lot more than they need another WR--being that WR was their primary focus in free agency. Therefore, wouldn't it be wiser to wait until the pre-season to see where our cap money might be more *usefully* spent? The Eagles have a good number of promising WRs right now, and a very good WR coach by all reports, so they may not actually need Maclin. & as things become clearer through the course of the pre-season, they might end up desperately needing more help at another position, should a key player get injured, or one of their starters not perform as well as expected, such as one of the cornerbacks? After all, everyone knows that cornerback is the Eagles most obvious weakness right now, & it's been questionable whether they've done enough to address that problem in the off-season (at least for 2017). Jeffrey, Smith, Turner, J. Matthew, and a revitalized Agholor should be able to get the job done at WR. But I'm a lot less certain about our CBs, even though I'm hoping C.J. Smith & Aaron Grymes will step up in a big way this year. So, if it weren't a question of money, and if the Eagles didn't have to give up players they might need in 2017--along with a certain flexibility to pick up another key player down the road, then yes, I'd be all for acquiring Maclin. Although, on second thought, if Wentz were to get injured (or play poorly this year), we do know that Foles and Maclin already work very well together, so that's an important consideration too.
  13. I just watched LeGarrette Blount's press conference. He seems like a great guy!--and appears to have a genuinely good nature. That's a big plus--so we don't need to worry about him punching women or threatening to run over meter maids in his car. ;-) "Now what?" Well, once we get another CB (if they need one), the next big 'need' is for someone in the Eagles organization to figure out a way to keep these guys out of certain 'night' clubs this year (unlike last year). That's the kiss of death to athletes. No one can make those kinds of bad choices and be at their very best, either as athletes or men, and true champions have to be at their best in both respects. One more comment--I really liked one of Mike Groh's practice drills with the rookies, where the receiver catches the ball and instantaneously one of the coaches tries to bat it out of his hands with a rubber club! I can't wait to see Agholor doing that drill. Btw, Shelton Gibson is seriously fast and quick.
  14. "Now what?" Fortunately, that's an easy question to answer--which is a good sign!: the Eagles need another potential starting CB, & preferably one that can play safety too. That's their biggest potential weakness right now, as I see it, since they seem to be depending on Mills and Douglas to be their starters in 2017. Which may work out, but they can't put all their hopes in those two. Last pre-season, I thought C.J. Smith was a better athlete than Mills, so maybe he'll show improvement, but unfortunately they didn't give Smith much experience last year. Grymes & Robinson might surprise too. I hope so. But they really need to acquire one more promising player, IMO. Otherwise, they might need more LB depth--especially behind Hicks at MLB. Not sure. Of course I like the acquisition of Blount. Though when Roseman called the 2017 draft 'historic for running backs" I expected the Eagles would draft a much younger bruiser, like Perine or Foreman, etc., who had a long career ahead of them. (Perine is already impressing Gruden in Washington.) So, I was disappointed that they didn't do so. Nevertheless, the Blount 'bandaid' works for me, so long as our O-L can play well enough. (And they didn't even have to trade Kelce to get him!)
  15. I see I've been directly addressed, so okay, one more post: John Reaves, We'll see who turns out to be the better player--Barnett or Walker--no one has a crystal ball (especially the Eagles front office, which they've proven repeatedly in recent years). However, my comment wasn't so much a negative about Barnett, as it was an enthusiastic plug for Walker (as well as my belief that the Eagles needed CBs & RBs more). I think Walker got a little underrated in this draft. Though I certainly hope Barnett turns out to be the better player. That's why I said I'd give Roseman & Douglas a solid B grade for this draft, if Barnett and Jones work out as future 'pro bowl' players--but wouldn't give them an A grade due to their not solving the Eagles' #1 & #2 RB vacancies--when they had a strong draft to do so, & for not adding a promising back up safety as well--which the team will desperately need if either Jenkins or McLeod gets injured. Your point that the Eagles finished #11 in the league last year in rushing means nothing--because the Eagles aren't expected to keep last year's #1RB, RMatthews, since he's never made it through a single season without getting injured, and now has a spinal disc issue. Also, Barner is gone, and Sproles is retiring. That leaves Smallwood and Watson--who haven't proven anything (not yet). Therefore, last year's stats are meaningless--that is, unless the Eagles plan on keeping Matthews, and he can somehow manage to play through an entire season. Which would be great. But I don't think anyone's counting on that. And, why repeat last year's mistake? (Though I'm little surprised by your stats, as I don't recall the Eagles being strong running the ball on critical third downs last year.) So, I hope what Dave suggests in his article, that the Eagles "are not done yet" is the truth! As I expect most fans would consider it smarter for the Eagles to add a dependable #1 RB before the start of the season, then to throw the dice again with Matthews. Besides, they can't afford to do so, as they no longer have a RB like Barner as back up. (Though I'd be fine, as I've said before, with Matthews as our #2.) So, I stand by my previous assertion, that with Mixon, Perine, and Cohen, the Eagles would have gone a long way towards solving their RB issues 'for years to come', and also picked up a very promising 2018 replacement for Sproles in Cohen (who is the "quickest" back Mayock says he's "ever seen"). The truth is that in order for Wentz to become a great quarterback, he will need a great running back to do so, & at least one. Right now, the Eagles don't have that (except for Sproles for one more season). As for Jones, I've been through a torn Achilles myself, and it's not a minor injury. It takes a long time, and some athletes never *fully* recover from that injury. Fortunately Jones is only 20 years old, so things look positive right now. Even so, the Eagles would be unwise to try to push his recovery process, & early October sounds way too optimistic to me. (Unless they have some special therapy I don't know about.) Generally, I tend to associate Achilles problems with more seasoned athletes, ones that have had more wear and tear on their bodies. Which makes me wonder whether the 20 yr. old Jones may be more injury prone than your average pro athlete? Though don't misunderstand, I like the pick--Jones was high on my list too. My criticism is more that the Eagles only drafted two CBs from this highly touted class. I think it should have been three--especially since Jones won't be starting in 2017. Plus, if either Jones or Douglas doesn't work out, the Eagles will remain weak at CB--unless one of last years' guys shows big improvement. But, Jalen Mills as a starter? Opposing teams threw at Mills in every single game last year, including the preseason, and in most games, it not only worked out, it cost us. Granted, he showed some potential, but at other times he looked lost and too slow to be a starting CB in the NFL. As for my wildly speculative trades--I don't think getting an extra 3rd round pick was a big stretch, or difficult, especially when I was talking about a mid to late 3rd round pick, and there were 31 teams to broker a deal with. Clearly, the Eagles have a number of players on the trading block that other teams are interested in--such as JMatt and Kendricks, not to mention future draft picks, which every team's interested in. And, I think a trade was well worth doing, since the Eagles had *zero* picks between No. 44 and No. 99--at the heart of the draft. Of course I hope my pick--Samaje Perine--turns out to be a bust for the Redskins (for the Eagles' sake), but, I'd bet good money that between Mixon & Perine, one of them becomes a strong starting RB in the NFL (maybe both). People here also didn't think that Tennessee would trade up in the 1st round, prior to the draft, and were sceptical when I suggested it. But Tennessee did trade up to get a QB. So clearly, I wasn't too far off with my expectations. And if the Eagles had traded down, I don't think it was at all unrealistic to think they could have picked up a extra 2nd round pick in order to acquire Mixon (though probably not Cook). So, my trade 'strategies' weren't implausible, as it turned out.