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  1. hobbs


    As a Cowboys fan I concur. The Sun us shining on Dallas' rear right now but the Rams are quite formidable and they kicked the pants outta Dallas last year. That said we're 2 games in. Its a long season and things can, and will, change. What's important is who's healthy and who's playing well come Jan.
  2. hobbs

    Dak vs Carson

    Cave? Sorry, I haven't seen anything in that kids character that says "quitter". With all due respect to Wentz, because everything here is seen through the prism of Eagles/Cowboys, I do find it funny that people see Wentz as the tough QB who's earned everything he's been given, whereas Prescott is the soft pampered guy who been given everything (millions & starting position before he played a game) and who cuts and runs when things don't go his way.