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  1. Chip gutted this team and the rebuild is really had because of it. They addressed as many positions as they could as fast as they could. There is more to be done, sure, but I am going to enjoy the ride as they rebuild. If the FO wasn't trying, I would be pissed. The ARE trying hard to build a championship team the right way, and the right way takes time.
  2. After Chip destroyed the personnel of this team, I give major credit to how quickly the FO is trying to rebuild the team. They aren't dragging it out- they are trying as hard as they can to create a winning, championship team. This year's team isn't the finished product by any means, but the moves they have made are really solid ones. Kudo's for that thus far.
  3. If the team developed a nasty, top 3 D and the offense was killing it, it would carry over to the fans, it would naturally get louder and that would be the norm for as long as that type of team was together. Opposing teams would not enjoy coming to Philly to fave that type of team. When a team sucks or is in rebuild mode, it's just not going to have that atmosphere. Kicking a** and winning creates that atmosphere.
  4. This.
  5. It's not "defense wins in the NFL"- it's "defense wins CHAMPIONSHIPS in the NFL"- and when the Super Bowl comes along, the team with the best D wins a lot more than not. Whichever high flying offense has the best defense will usually win. D still wins championships in the NFL.
  6. Agholor sits and then a WR gets hurt. Man, give the Eagles a break!
  7. They did the RIGHT thing and that is it's own reward. I thought they were going to blow this thing yesterday, but they did the right thing and sent the right message. Howie- process- decision- best interest for the Phila Eagles= what a winner should and would do. Nice job of not letting it drag on. Now I have to wonder about Dougie boy... And Huff's apology- he wasn't sorry for what he did, because he tried to justify it yesterday- he was sorry that he GOT CAUGHT. Big difference.
  8. Hollow point bullets. Under the influence BEFORE NOON. Illegal drug. Endangering others while speeding on a freeking bridge. And Doug, Howie and Jeffry do...nothing. That's just BS. There are some real thugs on this team. I really thought they would learn as an organization, especially after Chip. Now we see player after player with zero character getting exposed. There should be zero tolerance for that crime. Suspend him as a minimum punishment, cut him as a major message to the thugs- you are not safe if you commit crimes. That makes you criminals. Criminals belong in jail, not on the football field. I bet the Eagles do nothing. I also bet it will catch up to them if they do nothing. You can't be a winner with thugs with zero character on your team. End of story. Hollow point bullets- he isn't defending his wife- the reason he needs hollow point bullets seems pretty clear. Get rid of this guy. Fast.
  9. Eagles will need to be stout against the run on this killer.
  10. I am pulling for the Chiefs to win it all. Love Andy and co, but really wasn't thinking about Pederson at all. We have an owner who is incompetent. I really thought he was trying hard, but to allow Howie to remain here killed my faith in Lurie's decision making and ability to run an NFL team. So Howie and co choosing Pederson really makes me wonder. Once Pederson gets here, I'll back him as best I can and hope for the best.
  11. Chalk it up to Lurie and Roseman. And guess what? Those are the guys that ALLOWED the team to be ripped apart by some nut case from college football. And--- they are STILL making those decisions as we speak.... Lurie is responsible for keeping Howie. As long as we have that combo, I will never trust the coaching search or player/personnel decisions. I can only hope for luck or divine intervention to be on the Eagles side.
  12. It shouldn't even be this way at all. It should never have gotten to this point, so I am tired of all the excuses everyone is throwing around. From the middle of last season, to all of the off season, the training camp and preseason- Chip Kelly and this team had issues some us were harping on that were going to hurt us badly- only to be shouted down. Stop all the excuses and look at the truth. Yeah, the truth hurts. Chip is no savior. He is stubborn and arrogant and he is getting humbled by reality. He brought is injured players, who one by one are going to go poooof. One already has- in just 2 games. One is just waiting for that hit, and pooof, he is gone. All for players who would have been better and given more to this team. Sad and unacceptable. Philly deserves better.
  13. Didn't McCoy have 41 yards?
  14. Here is another one for you- Nick Foles beats the Seattle Seahawks, 300 yards, ran in a TD himself, no pics. Threw an game breaking, difficult, perfect pass in OT to set up the win. That's why I turned on Chip when he traded a true winner for god only knows what. I will pull for Bradford as a fan, but I am entitled to my opinion, and that opinion is that Chip made a huge mistake letting a winner go. That said, GO EAGLES, in spite of Chip!!
  15. Sometimes ya just gotta let go...