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  1. Still hope- 7 backup QBs have won Superbowls

    I hear ya. But they still WON the Super Bowl, and for the horrible gut hit we all took- I am holding out that hope- because that's all we have= unless we give up on the team after they fought hard all year. Not me, no way. Maybe I should have put it this way- 7 quarterbacks who failed to win the starting job in the preseason, were given/took over the job midseason, and won the Super Bowl. That's what I was trying to get at. But the MAIN point is to try to hold out hope to Eagles fans that WE ARE STILL IN THIS THING!! THAT is the point.
  2. Still hope- 7 backup QBs have won Superbowls

    Which ones are you speaking of?
  3. Still hope- 7 backup QBs have won Superbowls

    Backup QB’s who have won Super Bowls: 1. Roger Staubach 2. Terry Bradshaw 3. Jim Plunkett 4. Jeff Hostetler 5. Kurt Warner 6. Trent Dilfer 7. Tom Brady 8. Doug Williams ( Dawk4prez pointed this one out-I missed that one. Anybody else know of someone I missed?)
  4. Still hope- 7 backup QBs have won Superbowls

    Yup, I think you are right. I think he did start that season as a backup and became the starter later. Good call.
  5. Still hope- 7 backup QBs have won Superbowls

    I hear you. We are pretty well equipped for cold weather football. The 1st round bye is huge, because the Eagles need to let the other teams knock the snot out of each other before coming to Philly. THAT is one huge variable that could help us. Say the Rams and Seattle played each other as an example and hit each other like they were hitting Philly- the winning team will still get beat up pretty good...brutal, like you said. Get that bye and are odds increase greatly.
  6. I don't post new topics very much, (this is where I thought best to place it) but just want be be one of the positive people here as we all try to get through a devastating event. Backup QB’s who have won Super Bowls: 1. Roger Staubach 2. Terry Bradshaw 3. Jim Plunkett 4. Jeff Hostetler 5. Kurt Warner 6. Trent Dilfer 7. Tom Brady If Plunkett, Dilfer and Hostetler could do it, Foles has a chance, too. We gotta keep hoping and backing our team until the season ends. It can still end with a parade and a trophy. Nothing is impossible.
  7. Name A Team We Can't Beat

    There is no team the Eagles cannot beat right now.
  8. [News] Healthy, RB Smallwood In Spotlight

    I have no faith in Smallwood's ability to remain healthy. He is always hurt- too often to make a difference for this team. If he gets hurt again before the 3rd game of the regular season- I am moving on from believing he will ever help this team.
  9. And that's probably what they want to do next in the draft- get their running back. Probably just work through the RB situation this year and get a good one in the draft.
  10. [News] Camp Question: Who Emerges As CB?

    Chip gutted this team and the rebuild is really had because of it. They addressed as many positions as they could as fast as they could. There is more to be done, sure, but I am going to enjoy the ride as they rebuild. If the FO wasn't trying, I would be pissed. The ARE trying hard to build a championship team the right way, and the right way takes time.
  11. After Chip destroyed the personnel of this team, I give major credit to how quickly the FO is trying to rebuild the team. They aren't dragging it out- they are trying as hard as they can to create a winning, championship team. This year's team isn't the finished product by any means, but the moves they have made are really solid ones. Kudo's for that thus far.
  12. If the team developed a nasty, top 3 D and the offense was killing it, it would carry over to the fans, it would naturally get louder and that would be the norm for as long as that type of team was together. Opposing teams would not enjoy coming to Philly to fave that type of team. When a team sucks or is in rebuild mode, it's just not going to have that atmosphere. Kicking a** and winning creates that atmosphere.
  13. Nolan Carroll arrested for DWI

  14. [News] What Happened To 'Defense Wins' In NFL?

    It's not "defense wins in the NFL"- it's "defense wins CHAMPIONSHIPS in the NFL"- and when the Super Bowl comes along, the team with the best D wins a lot more than not. Whichever high flying offense has the best defense will usually win. D still wins championships in the NFL.
  15. [News] Inactives: Agholor Out Of The Lineup

    Agholor sits and then a WR gets hurt. Man, give the Eagles a break!