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  1. I love the hype, I wish he was #1.
  2. You're never too late to wake up. If Kaepernick genuinely believes he's standing for something by kneeling then that's ok. If he subsequently ruins his career by doing so that's fine as well. His choices, his consequences.
  3. Beckham is a top WR in the league. The Giants will deal with his 'core values' as long as his production outweighs the distractions. If they level out, then that's a different conversation.
  4. Seriously. That kicking net must've shook his brain up or something...
  5. Vehicular accidents Domestic abuse investigation Mardi Gras flashing incident Drug use allegations Ezekiel Elliott is a true Dallas Cowboy.
  6. Dak Prescott has an undergraduate degree in educational psychology and a masters degree in workforce leadership. Take from that what you will.
  7. How some of you can even attempt to debate Wentz vs. Prescott is baffling. Ezekiel Elliott is the reason Dak Prescott had the season he did. The NFL is a different league when all you see is 2nd and 4s and 3rd and 2s. With that said, Prescott played well most of the time, and appears to be in a good situation that will maximize his potential. The Cowboys are a legitimate threat in the league.
  8. Sad story, but that's funny.
  9. Maybe the head was bad.
  10. Was there ado? I'd be on board with Barnett, Cook, or White, but why would Fournette fall and we take Cook over him? Cook is the better scheme fit. Fournette is the better player.
  11. Good luck to him turning his life around. Don't beat yourself up over squandered opportunities.
  12. "Illegal hurdling; 15 yard penalty, replay 3rd down."
  13. Yeah, I wish we saw it more.
  14. No Fun League.
  15. Are you thinking of the 2003 Colts vs. Falcons game: http://www.espn.com/nfl/game?gameId=231214011 Falcons RB T.J. Duckett scored and proceeded to spike the ball and crip walk despite being down 31 to 6 at that point.