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  1. LacesOut

    Chiefs fan cited for shining laser at Tom Brady

    I always thought the lasers were red. Huh. Guess they come in different colors.
  2. LacesOut

    Chiefs fan cited for shining laser at Tom Brady

    What a jackhole. 64 year old acting like a 11 year old.
  3. Teams pay their good QBs. You just do. Pretty much have to, IMO.
  4. Whhhaaaaatt, Del Rio???? I wouldn't be surprised. I would be shocked.
  5. LacesOut

    AAF Officially Dead , 2 weeks before end of season.

    That's a shame.
  6. LacesOut

    Jets new uniforms

    The white.....very good. The green.....very ok. The black.....very bad.
  7. LMAO Ooooooooook then.
  8. This new rule. Oh boy. SMH.
  9. LacesOut

    Gronk Retires

    I liked watching him play. What is left to prove or do? Get out while you can.
  10. LacesOut

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

  11. LacesOut


  12. LacesOut

    Robert Kraft Arrested....

    Roger Goodell behind this? He was reportedly LHFAO in his high rise NYC office when this came out. Or so I just heard. From a friend.
  13. LacesOut

    Where does Nick Foles wind up next season?

    I'm still hoping its the Jags. I need an AFC team to root for.
  14. LacesOut

    Anyone watching the AAF this weekend?

    I was actually ok with that call.