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  1. LacesOut

    JJ Watt at it again

  2. LacesOut

    Rams gonna be tough...

    Going for a Super Bowl run, for sure. I wonder if they are also worried about the possible emergence of the 49ers for years to come, along side them.
  3. LacesOut

    Isn't Brandin Cooks the dude..

    Wonder what NE has up their sleeve now. Trade up?
  4. LacesOut

    Rams gonna be tough...

    NFC is like an arms race to get the best FA's.
  5. NFC is stacked, I'll say that. It will be crazy tough to get back to the SB and actually repeat. Rams, Saints, Vikings, Packers, Panthers, Lions maybe?
  6. LacesOut

    Sam Bradford to Cardinals: 1 year/$20 Million

    Bradford collects his paychecks with a ski mask on.
  7. LacesOut

    Sam Bradford to Cardinals: 1 year/$20 Million

    Jeeze louise!! Dude just keeps banking the dollars. Good for him. Not deserved though.
  8. LacesOut

    Seahawks cleaning house???

    Full re-boot, for sure. I may have missed it, but is this because they had/have to pay their QB a ton of $?
  9. What??? LOL Two a-holes going at each other.
  10. LacesOut

    How many years does a Super Bowl win buy a coach?

    I said 4. Provided that the team goes back to playoffs 2 out of those 4 years.
  11. LacesOut


    Thanks! I still can't believe it! They DID IT!!!!! woOOoOOOoo HoooOOOoooo!!!!!!!!! As a fan, WOW, it feels incredible.
  12. LacesOut

    Why has the AFC been such a clownfire?

    Great question. I don't know the answer. Well maybe one reason is the AFC East stinks to high heaven every year. So we already know that the Pats will come outta that Division. But the rest of the AFC has to frickin step up!! NFC teams represent! They are always sending different teams to the Bowl.