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  1. How many years does a Super Bowl win buy a coach?

    I said 4. Provided that the team goes back to playoffs 2 out of those 4 years.

    Thanks! I still can't believe it! They DID IT!!!!! woOOoOOOoo HoooOOOoooo!!!!!!!!! As a fan, WOW, it feels incredible.
  3. Why has the AFC been such a clownfire?

    Great question. I don't know the answer. Well maybe one reason is the AFC East stinks to high heaven every year. So we already know that the Pats will come outta that Division. But the rest of the AFC has to frickin step up!! NFC teams represent! They are always sending different teams to the Bowl.
  4. Ahhhh man that's just awful.
  5. McDaniels changes mind, will stay with Pats

    Oh wow. Pats coach of the future, I guess.
  6. Losers no more

    It feels incredible. Thanks fans of other teams! I wonder how good the 2nd one will feel. LOL.
  7. Who Are You Rooting For?

    Thank you Giants fans!! And you too, Stephen. I hope your teams become good like 20 years!!!!!!!! LOL Let us get another ring or two first, please.
  8. Who Are You Rooting For?

    Rooted for the Falcons last year. Rooted for the Giants in their 2 SB's against NE. I'm an adult, I can root for whomever the heck I want. LOL
  9. From ChiefsPlanet: Did we let the wrong coach go?

    Excellent post, thank you.
  10. Teams you hate worse than the Patriots? If any?

    Ravens Cowboys
  11. Uniforms

    Agreed. Perfect uni, but I actually wanted all white, so I was a bit disappointed when the Pats chose to wear their white jersey. Has it been announced yet? I would think it would have been. Or maybe I missed it? Or, maybe, it's so obvious that the Birds will be wearing green/white that they don't have to announce it.
  12. The real coach of the year was Doug

    Agree 100%. It's cool that the NFC sends so many different teams to the SB versus what the AFC sends.....Giants, Saints, Cardinals, 49ers, Seahawks, Packers, Panthers, Falcons, and Eagles. Sorry to go off topic.
  13. From ChiefsPlanet: Did we let the wrong coach go?

    I like the last choice in the poll.........Alex Smith. LOL I think Rome used to do that on here back in the day, have a poll and that last choice was always the same thing, something that I can't remember though. Read through that thread, some actually do still support Andy. They will give him 2-3 more years with the young QB they drafted last year.
  14. The real coach of the year was Doug

    Damn straight it's Doug.