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  1. Coach5


    Loosing to the Saints was not #17's fault at all. The common theme this whole year was a major drop off in Offense Scoring, especially in the playoffs. I believe the Offense had around two games above 30 with Foles. This is very comparable this year to Dallas who also had trouble scoring, but came up big on DE plays. Lets take our hats of to J. Swartz DE. In my opinion, he the best DE coordinator in the league, with an injured secondary, and average LBs except for Nigel, but he still managed to come up with a DE who kept this team in it all year. Like today, even when the offense took those long coffee breaks without scoring, the Eagles DE made a great DE play on Breeze to force a long field goal, and blocked a field goal last game against the Bears to keep the games close. #17 has made Foles look good on many of his out of sink passes on the road in the last two games. The offense players are good for the most part on the Eagles minus really some the RB plays, which is pointing to the Offense Coordination and QB coaching needs to be reviewed. Golden Tate, Alshon, Nelson, Matthews, TEs , QBs and a decent O-line have some of the best Offensive players in the league that scored under 25 points in most games this year, which is a tough way to beat the good teams. I have to say probably a healthy Wentz with his scrambling ability and play extending in the Back Field did make a huge difference last year, + the great back up accuracy play of Foles. No doubt Wentz + Foles and the Offensive Coordination of last year put together a nice scoring offense that finally won a SB scoring 43 points prior to the year 2020 or the 21st century. I would say last years offense is the 2020 goal. The best QB play I have ever seen on the Eagles was the combination of Wentz and Foles in 2017/2018. That QB play surpassed JAWs, McNabb, Randal, Roman Gabriel, etc. Wentz had a great year last year, and set the team up for the playoffs, and the Team just kept going under Foles. This year, Wentz coming off of a tough injury was not in position to be scrambling like last year, and took some tough tackles in the backfield. In short, today's game, the Eagles Offensive took a Coffee break for three quarters and was given a gift by another missed field goal. But this is the NFL, and it's tough to keep winning games on opposing team's gifts. Dave, is Swartz coaching next year. With all of the DE injuries, they still held opponents to around 22 points per game. If Swartz ever had stable DE personnel, the Eagles would be easily at 16 to 17 points per game letting up on DE.
  2. Now, yes, we are in a brand new phase of being philadelphia sports fans in general. In my opinion, the Eagles were the ground base of Philadelphia Sports, etc. The pressure is off for future seasons, even if we go back to the SB, we have the 2018 SB under our belts which erases the downs (of course not the ups) all those seasons dating back to 1960. In short, we can really enjoy the game now instead of putting pressure on our selves for never winning a SB. The Team, Eagles Management, Eagles Media, and the Fans are now a part of the SB winners in the NFL and are part of that history, with this SB game having really the some of the best playing highlights in Eagles Team and NFL history. So we have now completed the task.
  3. Coach5


    Lets stay with the Green uniforms. I am going to wear my Green/Grey Striped Eagles jersey, which I had since 1978 (MLB, Bergy - 66). I have never worm this jersey since that 1980 SB game, and it never changed states. I have been wearing this shirt since mid-season of this year for the first time since 1980 time frame in the same state. From what I saw this year in this team, they reminded me of the 1980 team, and also the 2004 team. A team that really plays like a team on offense, defense, and special teams, + the next (slight) level above the 1980 team. So the Eagles green (not the black) is part of the driving spirit of Philadelphia/Suburbs underpinning this team.
  4. Coach5

    Can beat the Falcons

    Formula: 1) Sack the QB 6 to 7 times; and 2) 200 yards rushing will lay the ground work to beat the Falcons. After that its' about those 11 hour practices for 2 weeks prior to the game to develop fox hole team determination to win the game. Also, it's good to be the underdog, because it can promote a let down from the other team. But the QB position is still a big key. If the QB shows up and can have 95 point passer rating, then the Eagles win by 10 to 14 points; and the team can build for the next game. The QB needs to perform passing accuracy drills every day and night, until he can lead the WR in spots on the field with the precise button hook. The precise button hook; and over the head drop ball by the QB will finally determine if the Eagles win this Saturday. The QB needs to have the touch to get the ball out quick and have the ball lead the WR, and not the other way around. Great QBs are not built on over powering arm strength, but overcoming the tunnel vision with confidence and concentration of reading the defense and getting the ball out to the WR while the DBs still have their backs turned in coverage.