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  1. kdub1510

    Leighton Vander Esch - NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year

    Vanderneck is a damn good player. I hope goedert burns him for a td & does his howl to the dallas fans
  2. kdub1510

    Anyone else get sad watching the Saints,Chiefs, Rams

    I'm sure we will get grilled with the oline excuse at some point but I dont want to hear it. He's suppose to be poise, intelligent, cerebral, accurate etc. all that jazz about him being able to read a defense(multiple eagles fans loved to point out that Dak and goff cant) and adjust to make them pay. Where is it? Where are the quick passes to negate the blitz? Wheres the blitz recognition? He's never been accurate with the deep ball so that hurts a little. It's not just the line or the coaches. Wentz footwork/accuracy/poise/decision making has been spotty even when he's had a clean pocket at times. He's the most important player on the field and we've been in every game so he has to get a good amount of blame in this record. I reckon he alone could have us at atleast 6 wins had he played better down the stretch of a few games.
  3. kdub1510

    Anyone else get sad watching the Saints,Chiefs, Rams

    That's all you will notice at all around here... Excuses for carson. You know how many qbs would kill for jeffrey, tate, aggy, ertz & goedert? They have to be utilized correctly by their OC/HC/QB. Look at jeffrey's playoff run and the type of passes foles was giving him a chance to make a play on. I went back and watched foles highlights from his playoff run and one thing I really noticed was that he did not give A F***(in a good way). He was throwing it up(accurately ofc) and giving his playmakers a chance to make plays. & he did it under pressure multiple times. Those tds to alshon and clement in the superbowl was just him trusting in his guys to make plays and delivering a dime. I'm not saying Foles should start. I need wentz to be more accurate/poised/decisive (we all know he can) and give his guys a chance when its there(they are there every week just based off catch radius alone). Jeffrey/ertz/goedert should be goin up over guys every week and everytime a blitz comes carson needs to be getting the ball to Tate & aggy so we can make them pay. Tired of the excuses. This O needs to perform
  4. kdub1510

    Week 5 Open Discussion.

  5. kdub1510

    REPORT: FA WR Corey Coleman released by Patriots

    I mean the browns are the browns and vontae davis just retired on the Bill's at half time so idk if we can hold those releases against him either. Those franchises are dysfunctional. I wouldnt mind signing him. He's an explosive player and with a far more accurate qb throwing to him, he might make some plays.