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  1. I don't even have much faith in that. I thought after this past draft that things were in order. And just maybe we could get a LB no later than round 2. Now it feels like it's back to FUBAR again. Way too many pieces are needed. Too many old dogs to replace.
  2. @GreenbleedinFL Big time understatement in reference to "mess". I don't see this team winning division and advancing. Skins and gnats are no longer "substandard" opponents to Eagles. For that matter, even the lowly Phins who lost to the Jets. Not going to beat dullass barring a miracle. The mighty Eagle has been shrunken down to a Chickadee.
  3. Not taking anything away from Wentz 'cause he was alright. Sure did help though that Pederson stuck with the run game. Say what you want about Bon Scott, but that kid has ❤️
  4. As bad as I wanted to turn this game off at halftime………couldn't. Just can't do it!
  5. Didn't think I'd see the W tonite. Just gotta go 1-0 next week now.
  6. Bon Scott havin' helluva game. LET'S GO!!!!!!
  7. More along my line of thinking in the past few weeks. Wondering how much Shurmur could help as QB coach. Any help is welcome. Not that Wentz has been terrible even though he could be better. Just not all his fault. Not sticking with the run game, the OL and receivers. Pretty much a cumulation of everything. The gears aren't synced.
  8. Barnett trailing Mamula's pace. Gotta say it's not what I expected from him by his 3rd year.
  9. The preceding is agreed. Latter is true unless Jones is healthy week 17.
  10. Ajayi just a place holder?
  11. Don't know how much truth there is to this as this site doesn't typically use original reporting, but here it is. https://heavy.com/sports/2019/12/eagles-six-new-nfl-players-tryouts/?fbclid=IwAR1dDKxad_b3JBrk-osqCkXvKWkgplR6717smz7b3oEJSNzWuU7E4ODsgRM
  12. That along with everything else has me doubtful. Plus not to mention what seems to be going on in a bizarro type world considering what the outlook for this team was. LOL it's unlikely this is the case, but it is almost like during the coin flip an Eagle from the O and one from the D are doing a secondary call of the coin to see whether the O or D is going to coast during the game. WTH happened to the team that beat Green Bay??? That's the only game that sticks in my head where a collective effort was put in for 60 mins.
  13. Before Sunday I still had a glimmer of hope. Now what has transpired since I've lost all hope. I'm not the LEAST BIT confident we can even beat the gnats at home on MNF!!!
  14. Maybe for great grandchildren. At the moment it's feeling like another 57 years for a championship.