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  1. Hell…since the Detroit "L" I've been wanting to see Jordan & Miles on the field at same time. Sometimes both in backfield, one in BF and one on LOS. Make D have to second guess a little more.
  2. Doubt we'll see this, but it would be nice to see a STRONG performance from the DL and D in general. I want Ewok to have one of his fewest rushing/scrimmage yds/YPG to date. BTW, Buddy's hat is the cat's nuts!
  3. Wis is a Chief. Played on TNF
  4. Don't think it much of a reality but what I've been hoping for.
  5. I hope she was either liquored or influenced by something else that causes impairment. If not I'd have to say she has permanent brain damage lol.
  6. Not to me.if the player can help us,then you get him if the price is right Ditto!
  7. Just a cherry on top for me. I really don't care though as long as we take both games along with division.
  8. Thanks for the news! Now I know my hex worked. The next incantation is for Lee & Vander Esch lol
  9. Possible Sanders could become Westbrook 2.0? It'd be a promising development!
  10. Been wondering this aspect since late '90's early 2000's. Before "legal" gambling. Palms being greased.
  11. When I watched the vid last night I comprehended DP's words as, "We go into every game saying we're going to win and with the like mindset. No team (well, not many lol) in the NFL goes into a game thinking they're gonna lose." NOT as, "We're going down to TX and open up a can of whoop arse on these guys." Stinkin' media would twist a turd if they thought it would produce a story for them.
  12. I'm saying he plays this week.
  13. Oft wondered that myself through games why no shadow CB.
  14. I'm (looking) hoping for a key addition to either CB or Edge. Any improvement would be welcomed at this point. O needs to step it up too; See: Catching a Ball 101. They're not completely innocent in this.