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  1. I get what you're saying Joe, but easier said than done lol. Hard when you are someone that's so passionate about the team and don't precisely understand what goes on behind the scenes leading up to the decisions. For me, the bulk of it can be chalked up to being eager to see week 1 rolling.
  2. Dang, I wouldn't want Carli Lloyd gettin' mad at me and kicking the package! lol
  3. Having hindsight in the situation I believe this was all a front to show the organization wasn't gonna 'panic' and DP was probly directed to handle it this way from the upper level of the chain of command. That's my take. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong.
  4. Thanks BG! I saw Joe's post on Indy & Jax once I got further along. My point was that a team may become 'desperate' at some time in the next 2 weeks if they unfortunately lose a QB. Sorry I didn't clarify that.
  5. Are all of the other 31 teams solid (sold) on their #2 or even #3?
  6. @Don Corleone Veteran Dave Huffman, who was blinded in Vietnam, has relied on Merrill Reese calling Eagles games for decades. After receiving a letter from his son Keith, we gave Dave the surprise of a lifetime. Thanks DC! SO NICE to have something inspirational.
  7. Some replies from a tweeter nation link that was on page of link that MJK posted regarding Rodgers being carted off of field. Some fine (NOT) people in the world. Who cares if he's a human being????? WTF!!! this guy is a china doll... It's a wrap for him he's made of glass Who cares? Didnt want him on roster anyway.
  8. Your guess is as good or better than mine on that front. I'm ALWAYS surprised in a small way come Roster day. Hey, I made a funny son……don't ya get it boy……'way'…'day'? Sorry, feelin' goofy trying to change mood. Please excuse me.
  9. Ham, the McCown signing totally blew me away. Expected some QB to be signed, but not a tenured vet.
  10. I'll NEVER forget Fort Lost In The Woods! lol Would've gotten nailed by a Brown Recluse had I not checked my boot while on TC bivouac.
  11. I saw that Ridgeway was back to practice today (yesterday lol). Anyone think he earns the 4th DT spot? It's a tough call for me between Ridgeway & Hester.
  12. PS penalties don't mean squat other than……Can Pryor turn it around? If he's making these mistakes now who's to say he won't make them when games count? When he's depended upon for an entire game and seeding is on the line??? I have belief he can spin his play in the right direction, but I'm gonna need to see it. Constant yellow laundry=let your team mates' efforts down. As far as experience though it's Pryor. Two more PS games to help me make a more confident decision.
  13. Really - strictly me speaking here - I want Scott in Smallwood's place. I'm just not sure about the coach's confidence in Scott over Smalls. I guess we'll all find out in less than 2 wks.
  14. Correct! I'm talking 'team' predictions. Trying my best to get in the coaches' heads. I could care less about what I think. I want a winner and if I'm making the cutdown decisions we're sunk LOL. I know for a FACT I'm inferior for a judge of players vs the coaches on this team. Bingo. I not confident AT ALL with Sweat & Miller! I'm thinking Howie's gonna perform some presto-change-O at DE, seriously.
  15. I was speaking precisely about Seumalo. Skill positions are a whole 'nother ball park.