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  1. I found this a great example DWD. Did coaching or other components of the O/D change the outcome of the Eagles' success that season. You bet it did. Hurry up O, gassed out-all sucking down O2 tanks Dfence was a big factor=coaching.
  2. This is entertainment here. Not these posts specifically, but the random combo. I was LMAO several times, good stuff. I think one important part missing from this master debate though is coaching/play calling/situational ball. All three which lend a huge hand to how successful/unsuccessful these QB's/RB's are even if the main topic is about demigod QB's. I know the disgustion (lol) didn't begin this way, but nonetheless the coaching factor is a missing element in this tri-dispute. Without this component, who knows if the games these QB's prospered in would've panned out the same way. The coaching is another ingredient - even though they're not executing on the field - of these QB's/RB's that plays a vast part in dictating how well these players look on the field of play.
  3. Kelce is one of the most underappreciated. Not here in my corner though! I love watching him get downfield and clearing the way.
  4. You bet bud! Glad you enjoyed it. That's why I put it up.
  5. Nope, doesn't get ANY better than that!
  6. Hi NJ69! Yeah, it's like neuropathy, but not from diabetes. I had a full blood work up. Still tryin' to figure out the cause. You're right, Gabapentin (neurontin) is the leading med for that. Thanks for inquiring!
  7. Feet are on fire keepin' me up. Nothin' better to do than surf. Mic'd-up SB LII highlights - NFL Films Presents:
  8. Yep boring slump of the year. Let's write about whatever we can presume lol Didn't know if everyone heard about Patrick Peterson's PED susp or not.
  9. https://theeagleswire.usatoday.com/2019/05/16/could-the-cardinals-look-to-acquire-an-eagles-cb-with-news-that-patrick-peterson-has-been-suspended/
  10. LOL, sorry. Didn't mean to waste your time with not thinking.
  11. LOL, you mean your not poundin' down another bottle of that good screwdriver fuel? Sorry bud, couldn't possibly resist myself. For me, I'll take the consistency. I have confidence that Mr. Lurie knows what he's doing. Even with that said, I don't want that strategically planned FO to fall apart. As long as Douglas would be rplc'd with someone who knows to go right or left at the fork in the road I'd be fine with that. Eagles are finally rising to a level of prominence.
  12. Hi Joe! Why not 3 games vs the other same seeds in the other 2?
  13. Exactly right IMO. And I think that coach Stoutland made the change (factoring JP's complaint???) from Wis to Seumalo to promote uniformity and effectiveness on the OL. Part of the equation was most likely also that they knew they had a nice prospect and younger guy in Isaac too. The contract extension pretty much confirmed that thought for me.