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  1. [News] In QB Room, Eagles Have A Great Situation

    I'm sure they already looked at this situation before hand, before Flip & Reich left so that they would be able to jump on a move if it presented itself. That being said, maybe they don't like any of the options at their disposal for OC. I'm thinking the right replacement wasn't available, someone that the FO wasn't sure or not if it would affect the culture that has been developed on this team. I see nothing wrong with giving Groh, Staley, and Stout more responsibility/input to combine and fill that OC spot. I'm pretty sure they all have had a part in the game plan and all. The way they plan on doing it now is really no different than last season other than there is one brain/position missing and the contributions they reaped from DeFillipo & Reich can't be taken away. Sure is better than bringing in the wrong person!
  2. [News] In QB Room, Eagles Have A Great Situation

    I don't think it will be a boring off-season but I guess compared to years past won't see as many moves.....I am expecting a couple trades sign some of our own likely couple low risk high reward FA signing like Robinson/Bradham/Jenkins(were for us when we first got them) That's pretty much a 'boring' season when compared to the last 2 off-seasons, maybe even back to '13. A 'boring' off-season is actually a good thing. it means the plan is working.
  3. Thank you very much Eagle brothers! Yes, I know where all miracles and 'tests' come from. Thank you very much Eagle brothers!
  4. Stine, thank you much Brother!
  5. I can't remember when, if ever, the Eagles have had such a surplus of players. Esp. the QB's! Great problem to have. I'd like to see some OT/OL depth and LB's. P.S.- Someone please say a prayer for my mom. She had to be admitted to the hospital yesterday for a strange, huge abscess on her left elbow the size of a plum. She's been on an IV antibiotic drip constant and it's not helping at all. So she has to get surgery on her elbow this morn' now to clean it out and prevent sepsis. My parents live in my (our) house with me and when I went upstairs last night to check on Pop (he was asleep) it was a very sobering and disturbing feeling not having Mom watching TV, on her laptop, or crocheting something. It's a taste of a very empty feeling that I'm not looking forward to! ✞
  6. Yeah, right. He's just tryin' to get out of the hole he dug. Anyone glad we didn't take a chance on Reuben Foster? I know I didn't want no part of him.
  7. That was GREAT! I hope that the SB DVD has Merrill & Mike's commentary on it. It's only fitting.
  8. It's interesting because someone specifically asked Jeffery if he was lined up illegally. His response was that he checked in with the official and was confirmed to be ok. Just more 'dirt diggin' !
  9. Yep, that was TC when DP split the team into 3 groups/fields. The 1's, 2's, 3's and down. I hope he does that again this year. That's how you maximize your time and these young guys as many reps as possible. No better learning than 'on the job' training instead of watching/getting a rep here & there.
  10. Great post Brother! A lot of fans and especially the media don't see the human side of things. Well, the media is a whole 'nother subject which I don't wanna discuss. Just the opposite of them 'cause they'll take in anything to print, no matter how many holes are in that dirty laundry. How many people in regular jobs are superstars within their first several months even if they do have significant training and experience?
  11. [Spadaro] Stage 5: A Parade To Remember Forever

    @mjkline1958 Thank you for thanking me! ☺
  12. [Spadaro] Stage 5: A Parade To Remember Forever

    Nice post that I snatched from YouTube about a guy from Chicago praising Philly and the Eagles. Thought that y'all would appreciate this, esp. the phanatics that live in or are from Philly.
  13. [Spadaro] Stage 5: A Parade To Remember Forever

    I'm LBS on this one Brother. The only OL that we didn't have was JP, but it couldn't be him 'cause he was an UDFA out of Arkansas signed by Buffalo as a TE. Can you please give me another clue?
  14. [Spadaro] Stage 5: A Parade To Remember Forever

    Exactly, right on I'm gonna ride this Super Bowl magic carpet ride for awhile ☺ I'm still on cloud #9, #9, #9…………