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  1. You're not the only one rooting for him to be a starter lol
  2. Doesn't sound like a bad concept as far as expanding the NFL pedigree, but I think the int'l games are hard on the players. It's bad enough just going from the right/left coasts. Def not division games away from either adversaries' turf. Would upset the balance of the 2 games. This would also affect fans that have intentions of going to a divisional matchup specifically.
  3. Sorry Ham, didn't check that lol. Been sporadically checking in on breaks after doing stuff on my truck & around the house. I thought maybe you were mistakenly looking at wk. 4 PS.
  4. Herndon's suspension is first 4 games. Jets matchup is wk. 5.
  5. The Purple (p_ _ _ y) people-eater LOL. Was thinkin' of Purple Rain at first, but that would be an indecent reflection towards Prince. Not 'necessarily' due to her sexuality preference, but more related towards the protest. There are more constructive ways to accomplish a particular mission. She took the easy out. AKA "Well………they did it."
  6. LMAO!!! Couldn't agree more. Find another platform. Don't abuse the national anthem ceremony. If someone has the kind of lettuce that these 'famous' athletes have then go to another country. Beware, the grass may not be greener on the other side. Just because a SEAL gave Kap advice doesn't mean it was sound counsel. I have a ton of respect for SEALs, but they're only human. And as we all know, there are those of us that are smarter than one another and also many diff beliefs across the human race. The world will never be a perfect place. With the new tech that is constantly evolving I feel that things will only get worse. Two lines from Simon & Garfunkel's "Sounds of Silence": People talking without speaking People hearing without listening WTH, did people forget how to talk?
  7. Nothin' wrong with being #3 in a biz that has so much comparable talent. Besides, these rankings are only other people's opinions. In my book Cox is #1. <-- Might need to reword that lmao!
  8. I never looked up the stats and/or don't remember seeing them. But just from the eye test I could tell he's calm and cool when looking down the rifle barrel. That disappearing act he pulled off when I thought the 'skins had a sack was the cat's nuts lol
  9. You'll have this LOL. We all goof.
  10. (12 secs.) LMAO!!!
  11. Why? In my case it's a craving for TC to start on the 25th and can't wait to see how the 53 rounds out without summer rushing by. I don't think that's possible LMAO. That's my predicament this time of year.
  12. I couldn't agree more with this. These are the players I have picked as starters unless someone else bumps them.
  13. What can I say? I started out in one of those moods lol. Starting to get back to normal now that the headphones are on.
  14. LOL, Isn't assuming the FO knows what it's doing and trusting the coaching staff 2 diff. things?