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  1. Sproles is not listed on the Roster. So???
  2. New thread, zero replies.
  3. I can't make up my mind if I want one of your RB's or a WR. Really wanted Saquon, but I knew that would never happen. If I were Cleveland I would've snatched him up before I even used 5 seconds of my Draft Clock. I may not be a genius, at least I'm smarter than the Browns. Then again who isn't? ☺ But hey, it's not my job so I'll just see what happens and trust the FO. I have faith in them now
  4. Yeah, Joemas knows his stuff.
  5. I've learned (took a while) that you never know what's gonna happen with Howie. Seems like him and Douglas are a great team, plus the rest of their crew.
  6. Crosby's my T if he's there too Just have to play the waiting card.
  7. Howie and the guys turned in to Masters!
  8. Yeah you nailed it and Cleveland screwed up again. They couldn't hit a bullet with a barn.
  9. Hey wrang, thanks a bunch for that info!
  10. You nailed it MJK about having/needing run stoppers. It really hurts to see Saquon go to the gnats!
  11. I have a feeling that Guice might be the pick IF the Eagles don't get any buyers to trade back and get more picks. PS- Hello Eagles' Nation.
  12. EaglesTD123

    [Spadaro] Big Roles Ahead For 2017 Rookie Class

    Just one possibility: Derrick Kindred would solve the Eagles depth issues at safety https://247sports.com/nfl/philadelphia-eagles/Bolt/Derrick-Kindred-would-solve-the-Eagles-depth-issues-at-safety--115430424
  13. EaglesTD123

    [News] Big Roles Ahead For 2017 Rookie Class

    Eagles won't be major players in free agency | February 22, 2018, 4:20 PM Yeah Swoop, I really like what I saw from Sullivan too last OS. IDK why, but for some reason I saw a little bit of Dawk in Sullivan as far as his mentality for hard hitting. Sure is nice looking forward to a 'boring' season. Not the typical OS where you get excited for the possibilities of a big splash FA signing, but rather excited for the foundation of the Eagles and what they already have in place for depth at some positions. http://www.mcall.com/sports/football/eagles/mc-spt-eagles-free-agency-20180222-story.html