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  1. [Spadaro] Fast Start Is Eagles' Winning Formula

    Dullass opted for their white jerseys, leaving the Eagles to wear their green jerseys 'cause dullass has a superstition about their blue ones when playing the Eagles.
  2. [Spadaro] Fast Start Is Eagles' Winning Formula

    Eagles' Inactives: T Beatty, LB Ellerbe, WR Gibson, DE Means, DT Qualls, RB Smallwood, QB Sudfeld Smallwood? That's interesting!
  3. [Spadaro] Fast Start Is Eagles' Winning Formula

    Yep, I love Joe's posts! Like you said, he may not post that often, but when he does it's something like a Lawlor or Duffy article even though it's not as long.
  4. [Spadaro] Fast Start Is Eagles' Winning Formula

    Good stuff - As usual! - there Joe on having confidence in the players. My confidence lies with the players not being outsmarted due to the outstanding Game Plans that the entire Coaching Staff have put together that are tailored to the players' strengths and / or weaknesses for the games this season. I think that a combo of that & showing trust in the players is a big contributor to the players' confidence levels being sky high right from the kickoff. It seems that the players are thoroughly prepared for anything that comes their way. Players aren't always in the same spot for every snap or game. The coaches have moved their pieces around according to the players' skill sets vs match-ups depending on the opponent. Of course, having a year under their belts to go on for setting up the schemes and Game plans for the players helps out bunches too in that they were able to watch tape of themselves during this past offseason vs having to watch KC's film in '16. IMO, that's a huge plus. I hope that all makes sense. I've been up 38.5 hrs. trying to get caught up off and on. I need to get off of here and get some sleep or I won't be worth a lactating bosom on a boar hog for the 'GAME' tonight!
  5. I'm with ya Brother, excited but a little nervous at the same time. That's every game though due to the fact of being abused by the team in the past by losing games - BIG - that they should've won. If you didn't already, check out this article that I paste at the bottom. It'll reinforce your hatred that we share for J.J.'s misfits. I didn't know what was going on at the time of the Strike in '87 'cause I was serving at Fort Lewis, WA at the time as a Heavy Construction Equipment Mechanic. And back then there weren't any special outlets to watch or even keep up with the Eagles. Everything out there was Seahawks! http://www.philadelphiaeagles.com/news/article-1/Didinger-1987-NFL-Strike-Added-Another-Chapter-To-Eagles-Cowboys-Rivalry/e3e9c42c-8c0b-495d-a75d-30abbdab9211
  6. WOW, you're not too excited are you, LOL! I love the optimism, good karma! E-A-G-L-E-S……EAGLES
  7. Thanks for the info Brother, appreciated! That fixed it ☺ I'm still gettin' booted off every 10-15 mins. It all started after the board update when I signed off (Firefox), then signed back on. After that, I was gettin' booted off on Firefox, but not Safari. After spending an hour+ going thru my Firefox preferences this morn., checking the Privacy & Security settings, everything was good. So I just wanted to experiment, and I did that by signing off of the boards on Safari - then immediately signing back on. Now I'm getting the boot on Safari too!!! What gives? I presented my problem to EaglesSupport- Admin, but IDK if that'll do anything or not. Last year I had some problems with my Notifications. I sent my problem to the aforementioned EaglesSupport, Spuds, and 2 or 3 Mods. (some don't receive messages WTH) and never heard from ANYONE. I even nearly got on my knees (I know, not good ☺) begging them to reply to my Inbox for confirmation. GO FIGURE!
  8. I believe that Pump can bulk up to at least 200 lb. at 5' 9"; if not a tad more. Sproles is 5'-6" 190 lb. Why not?
  9. I'm SO GLAD the Eagles didn't take him like the 'rumors' during pre-draft were saying!
  10. I thought the same thing. Thinkin' that if our Eagles would go…win…shhhh…they get a ring and there's a good chance they hang it up. If not, their bodies combined with their appetite to play will dictate if Sproles & JP return in '18.
  11. You can give a Dak the Bone! I'm stayin' out of that!!!
  12. Thanks for the info Brother, appreciated! That fixed it ☺
  13. Good one GB! Being required to have an 'app' is so discriminatory! McD's is a good example. The day after an Eagles' game, if they get a sack, TD, or somethin', you get a free Big Crack, but ONLY if you use the app. Stinkin' BS! I don't have a smart phone, just another outlet for ID Fraud, IMO. And I'm not gonna fill my hard drive with their paltry apps!
  14. What I don't like are all the Eagle trolls being pretty ignorant - have some class peeps!- That's the crap that puts a blanket reputation over Eagles fans and makes all of the good ones look bad. I would never go on another teams' board and talk BS. I try my best to treat people the way I want to be treated. If I don't have anything nice to say (AND I DON'T) on another team's fans' board, I'm not gonna say anything at all. Posted 20 hours ago Injured Eagles still helping the team. Believe JP's directly responsible in part for V doing as well as he is - Coach JP!- You're right about that! And to go one step further, I still remember Vaitai saying in a Press Pass the day after that game when JP got hurt-" I want to make JP proud of me!" I read that about JP still contributing in the OL room, as well as Sproles in the RB room and Hicks in the LB room. COMPLETE TEAM EFFORT! This team checks darn near every single box. As far as injuries- Josh Norman was on 'NFL-TA' last night and was asked about the state of the skins and why they are where they're at. He said it's 'cause of the slew of injuries they've had to deal with. I don't wanna hear about injuries. The Eagles have had their fair share of 'em. It's the nature of the game.
  15. I agree with GB, that IS a great post!