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  1. Can't argue how good of a weapon he is when on field; a TD machine. Just not sure how much to read in to him being a locker room cancer. Very hard to believe this stuff unless heard by own ears. It's like…Yeah could very well be Alshon. Just not 100% w/o audio
  2. That's my thinking UK. Team would have to be hard up to want an aging oft injured WR that is unable to spend off season training with them and missing at least 25% of the games.
  3. Do you have word AJ isn't using the NCC?
  4. That is if truth to the rumor. I haven't found any "conclusive" evidence
  5. No. Wanted to clarify though and make sure I was on right path. I'm starting to fade fast lol
  6. I would like that. Just don't know how willing NY would be. (?)
  7. You're right. Not to me though
  8. Cards, Browns, Bungles, and Jets say they'll take him.
  9. I’m Actually even underestimating his contract. Not going to be CJ Mosley but it should be large. Sincerely asking - then at 3 mil why didn't they re-sign him???
  10. Not taking away the struggles our secondary has had; some of it fundamentals. But not having LB's that do well in coverage isn't going to help DB's much. Aint?
  11. Think pretty many of us do that. Can't expect to go from memory alone LOL