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  1. I can't wait to see Elijah Qualls get after it in preseason. At just over 6 foot and 321 lbs. this dude is very nimble and has a quick get-off at the snap. In high school he was a DT,C,and RB. This past season in college as a junior in 2016,he was named 1st All-Pac-12 after recording 38 tackles & 3 sacks. After the season,Qualls decided to forgo his senior year in order to enter the 2017 NFL Draft. I would like to see him develop something other than his spin move like learning to dip under the blockers which he should be able to learn pretty quick thanks to his height and low center of gravity. He got double-teamed most of the time. GBFL-This has CC for your enjoyment! ☺
  2. THIS BLOWS CHUNKS!!!!!!!! 7 weeks till the 1st PS game @ Packers.
  3. As early as last season,I already envision Wentz much like the Sheriff in the mental part of playing QB. *This image was made by Layzer on Photoshop. ☺
  4. We had Centers that could push their guy a yard back nearly every attempt,Hank Fraley & Jamal Jackson. I'm hoping that with Kelce adding 10 lbs. that he can start pushing his guy back more consistently.
  5. This kid has a 'never die,take no prisoners' attitude,as well as Rasul Douglas! Not only that but Hollins had 20.6 yds./catch thru his college career and is a ST's demon. Two Eagles players were heard in OTA practice by media saying how they didn't wanna have to block Hollins. Mack & Torrey are the frontrunners so far for starting gunners. Both Mack & Rasul are big,lengthy,and strong athletes for the usual at their positions,but they are very twitchy and athletic enough that they run like a smaller,stream lined player. I'm excited to see both of these guys & many more! Hey,they have Seumalo as an emoticon. So for anyone that has a ruff (☺) time spelling his name,all they have to do is click- LOL Disclaimer: Don't worry Issac,this is all in good fun 'cause your hair is impressive,I love your play so far,especially for getting a late start last season (no thanks to late graduation rule) and your stellar versatility. Please don't find me and lay the HURT if you don't approve of this! ☺
  6. How the Eagles' running back by committee system might work http://www.mcall.com/sports/football/eagles/blog/mc-how-the-eagles-running-back-by-committee-system-might-work-20170621-story.html Sproles & Pump are expected to add extra dimensions in the pass game (and because Blount has caught only 46 passes in his seven seasons in the league), figure on seeing a lot of them as well. Duce says that over OTA's,Smalls has been the most improved. That's good news.
  7. Eagles trying to build a running offense-Posted by Michael David Smith on June 21, 2017, 8:41 AM EDT. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/06/21/eagles-trying-to-build-a-running-offense/
  8. I think that this team is FAR AHEAD of what it was compared to 2000! How many years did we go without a decent WR corps back in Big Red's beginning with the exceptions of Kevin Curtis and Pinky,5? Don't forget about Freddie X,what a joke other than 4th & 26! LOL
  9. Why is it that all of a sudden I can't post thru the front door-Which I barely use anymore 'cause I like the 'boards' method much more! It says that I need to Log In to comment on this article. But yet when I go to the 'boards' I'm logged in & recognized on TWO different browsers. Nice job with these sites LOL
  10. It's no rumor. I read it in article. Here is another one: Eagles trying to build a running offense-Posted by Michael David Smith on June 21, 2017, 8:41 AM EDT. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/06/21/eagles-trying-to-build-a-running-offense/
  11. I didn't forget about Wis by any means. I like his play and always did. I think he's performing every bit as good now as he was at Penn St. Here you go,you can copy this: Wisniewski ☺ I always remember by spelling it like it sounds,but you have to remember to put an 'i' between the 'n' & 'e'. PS-You can go and do the 'edit' thing and perform your edit. When your finished editing don't bother to put in a reason or check the box that says something about 'administrators may still be able to see this." It will edit your post without saying anything about being edited or why,and I did this 7 hours after I made the post.
  12. Great. So how many guys weigh down the 2017 squad because of potential? You are going to need some guys to dress on Sundays. If you don't keep guys with potential,you are one and done ➊ If there's room for Orlosky on the 53,then he should be put on if he shows enough upside,which he should. ➋ Seumalo can play center,his most natural position. ➌ But,you always have 7 Inactives on game day,which is retarded!. ➍ The thing of being allowed to have 53 players on the ACTIVE Roster but you can only have 46 ACTIVE is taking the 'chess' thing into idiotic territory!
  13. Well,Byron Marshall could take the place of C.J. Smith. I didn't clarify and should have that the P.Squad wasn't my centerpiece of the post,just part of the article that came along for the ride. I would like to see maybe a QB on there,as well as some OL & DL. There are NO WORDS to describe how eager I am to see these guys on the field so I have a better idea of who improved where and to watch it all come together for us to dismantle the skins!
  14. That is exactly how I felt,mad enough to gather a posse to go after chips head!
  15. What's up MJK? Hope your rehab is going as well as can be expected! That '53' is by no means a finalized product. At best it's a rougher than rough Rough Draft lol. The article was and is "What I Think I Know About The Eagles",and at this current point of 'The ABSOLUTE MOST BORING time of the Foosball Offseason' this is a rocky list based on what we know from OTA's & mini. I'm not afraid to lay down money (I have a nickel,lol) that at least 5-10 players/things on that list will change by the 3rd PS game. Sure am glad I'm not the one making the 'Bubble Keep/Cut' decisions. FIVE WEEKS TILL TRAINING CAMP! Let the countdown begin.