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  1. Nonetheless, hope you feel better! Hard not to wanna join the party while DJ'ing I bet! As long as I stuck to mixed drinks and drank some water to stay hydrated, I managed to avoid hangovers. Staying hydrated during is the key.
  2. At first I thought the same, like right after I posted. Then I read a little more and took a BIG sigh of relief. Kinda like you, but I got relief 1st LOL. He is a decent receiver and ran a 4.41 40 yd. LOL, good. That brings you down to my level.
  3. It's not a 'done deal', just talking as of now seeing as SF has a crowded backfield.
  4. He's coming off a preseason '18 ACL. IDK just how healthy he is. If we're gonna make a trade or pursue a FA, I'd rather it be for someone not coming off an injury like CJ Anderson or Jordan Howard. If not, might as well re-sign Ajayi is my thinking.
  5. I could see him taking over for Ajayi as a receiver, but as a pure rusher…not so much. Not the way Ajayi broke tackles.
  6. Eagles Trade for Jerick McKinnon a Top Option to Replace Jay Ajayi: Updated Mar. 16 • 11:58 am The Eagles are not currently planning to bring back Jay Ajayi, according to a source. The soon-to-be 27-year-old McKinnon comes with a cap hit of $5.75 million in 2019 and $8.8 million in 2020. His deal runs through 2021, but the final year is a team option which would carry a cap number of $9.2 million, per Spotrac. https://heavy.com/sports/2019/03/eagles-jerick-mckinnon-49ers-trade-jay-ajayi/ Don't know what to think of this yet. Just passing the news as of now.
  7. That's all I see him as, is a half decent BU. I don't remember where I read it (maybe the PE article), but he was told he'll be competing for the MLB spot prior to signing his contract. We'll see I see him as our ST's ace to replace Maragos. Here's everything I read about him: Originally signed by the Browns as an UDFA in 2012, Fort enjoyed the best season of his NFL career in 2018 with the Steelers as a reserve inside LB and ST's ace with 48 tackles, 3 TFL's, and a sack in 15 games (two starts). He played 29% of the snaps on D and 75% of the ST's snaps. In the Steelers' Week 5 win over Atlanta, Fort sacked Matt Ryan on a critical 3rd down for the third QB take down of his career. He also had a FR in the EZ for his 1st career TD in the 4th quarter. In Week 13 against the Chargers, Fort led all defenders with a game-high and career-best 12 tackles and blocked a punt on ST's. Named the FCS Defensive Player of the Year by the College Sporting News at Northern Iowa, the 6-0, 232-pound Fort made the Browns' 53-man roster out of Training Camp and started against the Eagles in his NFL debut, intercepting quarterback Michael Vick. Fort played all 16 games as a rookie, but bounced around – and moved positions playing fullback as well as linebacker – before landing with the Steelers in 2015. In all, he's spent time with the Browns, Broncos, Seahawks, Bengals, Patriots, and Steelers prior to signing in Philadelphia. https://www.philadelphiaeagles.com/news/eagles-sign-lb-l-j-fort-to-a-three-year-deal He spent the majority of his career on the PS. When he was active, the better part of his playing time was ST's: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L._J._Fort Like you said, "Never heard of him and he probly never heard of me." LOL
  8. I would hope so. It really had me SMH when Groh (or whomever) said, 'We don't know how to use him."
  9. I would've never thought that was true ,cause I read about Fort. He was a PS Squad player most of his career. Signed as a FB with Seattle too.
  10. Even I'm not lost enough to take that bait! But PLEASE, don't test me. lol
  11. Right on, never doubted it! His OL at A & M did a nice job blocking for him, but I liked the way he rushed. Even though it was a highlight reel. But whad'dya expect. They're not gonna put vids out there of every player that showcases their bad stuff and says, "Look at this guy. He's a train wreck!"
  12. First you said Trayveon Williams was your guy. Now you're saying Tystick Johnson. Which is it? Or am I confused? Nothing new lol
  13. https://www.philadelphiaeagles.com/news/desean-jackson-brings-lid-lifting-abilities-to-eagles-passing-game I'm just hoping he'll be this good for us this 2nd time around and help take the breath out of teams like he did every time he played the Eagles while with the Skins! What he did in the past is great. I'm concerned with, "Can you help bring a 2nd Lombardi Trophy home to the Philadelphia Eagles."
  14. Depends on the team and what they're runnin', but yeah the Eagles have the personnel to run that. And with the way the spread O is being incorporated more for chunk pass plays that's the way to go.
  15. He played for a $1.75 million contract that was signed with the Panthers on May 8, 2018 last season with a $500,000 signing bonus. - Per OTC Also he was coming off a career-high 1,007 rush yds with the Broncos in 2017 before becoming a salary cap casualty in the offseason. - Bleacher Report. So yeah, 2-3 mil would be just what I'm on board for.