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  1. LOL, yep. Last I knew a puzzle had pieces.
  2. Yeah for take-out. Not for licking the trough. Or you talking "speak-ez" thing?
  3. Gives Watson a nice shiny weapon. Will he replace Hopkins though?
  4. Agreed! I'd love to have a top-notch Edge guy. IMO the WR position is a higher priority right now with it's current weakness. I'll be disappointed if 1st pick isn't a WR.
  5. Thanks Wrang! I can't wait to see what he can do. See if he improves in PP and receiving.
  6. OK Wrang. Just wanted to stay on track LOL
  7. All 3? Is 3rd referring to Holyfield?
  8. I finally trust our front FO along with the upper tier of Coaching Staff. They HAD to have known what would be involved in having such a steep hill for a new WR coach to climb in this instance. Therefore my only option is to also trust they made the right decision in hiring Moorehead.
  9. Is he able to play both sides?
  10. Please don't ever do that! With your sarcastic, smart-arsed personality some backwoods biker will whoop you.
  11. I believe we're witnessing that transformation now.
  12. I'm hungry for crab all of a sudden LOL