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  1. Not to mention 81 fumbles in 99 career games.
  2. Courtesy of 'Iggles_Phan' from "The Blog. 2019 Training Camp" Nice blitz pick by Sanders. (Click on image and view from tweeter. IDK why full embed didn't carry over) 402 people are talking about this
  3. Yeah, these aren't guys I'd wanna PO! LOL
  4. No, but the media thinks they should.
  5. The thing there is I wonder how beneficial Ward would be at QB for the rest of the O positions to get quality reps even if only practice & PS. Cause I've thought of this too.
  6. Long thread about this on the Eagle's Blog a day or two ago.
  7. Yep, dealt a raw deal, but brought it on his own. Should've considered the risk vs rewards and found a diff platform to stand on. I don't feel he'd be beneficial to the Eagles organization either for all that you mentioned.
  8. Not worth risking injury to someone, esp with weather/field conditions Know what you mean though
  9. I feel for Jags' #42. WTH is he supposed to do on that helmet-helmet, defy law of gravity and momentum?
  10. I was gonna memorize these #'s, but figured what's the point. Might as well wait till 8/31/19 after 4 pm lol Still know most of starters from last season
  11. LOL I think they're having tech difficulties. Last I looked…beginning of 3rd qtr Jags were out of TO's, Philly had all 3 They have it fixed now
  12. I would hope so with this being Thorson's 2nd go around & another week of practice