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  1. Here's this FWIW. I would rather draft our future top WR's. https://94wip.radio.com/blogs/eliot-shorr-parks/eagles-potential-trade-targets-at-wide-receiver?fbclid=IwAR35YBNyH31QzhMzFVPddnEHDeG2Y0zSBiUL5-lD5mpl5O3ppq8FbVNqYJ0
  2. https://lancasteronline.com/news/politics/pa-unemployment-claims-skyrocket-to-since-statewide-coronavirus-shutdown-shattering/article_9aac1bcc-6e8f-11ea-a69a-d3deb6281594.html This 2nd one primarily for Wrang & '58 since I know they're originally from my area. https://lancasteronline.com/news/local/wolf-adding-lancaster-york-other-counties-to-stay-at-home/article_54c140b2-7040-11ea-a153-97d8b3336ed1.html#comments
  3. Nope! No way to avoid it. Precautionary measures help but not near enough. Esp. for newborns, elderly and those with autoimmune issues.
  4. LOL thanks! It was the latter……I forgot. 🙄
  5. LMAO going through the roster and noticed Gibson's giving another go at it mates. That shows how far behind I am on some of the news. Or forgot?
  6. If you and Joe Frazier are gonna step in the ring I wanna be ref LOL
  7. You're one of the lucky/smart ones Joe
  8. Thanks for your input Stine!
  9. Which brand tobacco do you use……Good Stuff, OHM, Farmers Gold………? I help my bud run his smoke shop and this knowledge would be helpful to inform customers looking to inject their own tubes if they want a similar smoke to Marlboro.
  10. You forgot about the green rope
  11. This sh!t keeps up aint gonna need nuttin' but some rifles, ammo and knives. PO'd cause I didn't get an AR-15 before this!
  12. https://www.forfanstore.org/product/xg9302/?attribute_pa_style=leather-jacket&attribute_pa_color=black&attribute_pa_size=l $99.95 BUT it's PU faux-leather. Leather-like 🤮 LOL Bomber jacket is nicer. 65%/35% cotton/polyester. $69.95 https://www.forfanstore.org/product/vvvffs9509/?attribute_pa_style=bomber-jacket&attribute_pa_size=l