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Easy Goin'. What gets said here,stays here!, Super passionate about the Eagles. As game time draws near I get so much adrenaline pumping through my arteries that no words can explain the feeling and let's me escape reality. Disabled from work injury, loosening rusty lug nuts, ended up with L5-S1 ruptured disc. Then developed Chronic Left Lumbo-Sacral Radiculopathy (nerve damage to the layperson) as a result of excessive scar tissue build pinching a main nerve root that developed after a Lumbar Laminectomy-Fusion Surgery. Was a Condition Report Writer, Condition Report Quality Control / Road Tester for 11 yrs. on Mercedes Benz Credit Corporation Lease account at an auto auction.

1) My best buddy and body guard, Rocky - German Shepherd / Old English Yellow Labrador Retriever. 2) Autographed Steve Van Buren HOF Induction Card. 3) Authentic helmet with-"Rawlings HNFL-N LARGE '6-82' (June '82) MEETS NOCSAE STANDARD" engraved on it.  My mom worked at Oak Leaf Manor nursing home in Landisville,PA where Steve Van Buren was a tenant / patient. He also autographed my Wilson Duke football and my football that was used during my youth when all of the neighborhood guys gathered every Sunday to play. Ah, those were the days. Watch the Eagles play then go play my heart out with all my friends and not a care in the world!

Rocky-10.thumb.jpg.d34a1356d609ce2f5926abd23d868856.jpg 59633c7c5dffe_15SteveVanBurenHOFCard.thumb.jpeg.d8c8f42d73bc6760b91fccc1ee9f8da3.jpeg   5a048e9459345_EaglesHelmet-MineMcNabbBall.thumb.jpeg.346b595a4d8837448185998a100d55f8.jpeg