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  1. Not only that but also in reflexes and ability to react mentally according to situation.
  2. It's looking to be the number one suspect to me.
  3. As of tonight per ESPN Coop's availability is questionable for Sun.
  4. Maybe to make room for Mills?
  5. Ok then……touched up lol. Point was that the Run D stats were also nice pre-Jets.
  6. Even though the Jet's O may have padded these figures a tad……still outstanding stats.
  7. Anyone for some "High Test Gatorade?" You could be right about this Stine. The CBD biz is going to be huge. And the transition from all of the products that established the market to the drinks is seamless. Thank you for sharing! (no pun intended lol)
  8. Glad you enjoyed it! Sense of humor is a must if you are to survive. Glad the guys (you included) on here have one.
  9. LOL yeah…by the blindfolded haters
  10. Yeah I get that. What I'm getting at though is this guy discriminating over someone for their hairstyle. People doing the same because of the color of skin. Does it really matter??? (rhetorical) 👀 👍 You mean sumtin like this? I dig it! GROOVY LOL
  11. For the sake of the argument and also possibly having another D equivalent to the '91 Gang Green I'd love to see the probability if Schwartz had like an Eric Allen/Troy Vincent pairing.
  12. What a biggity fool! https://fox43.com/2019/10/08/update-penn-state-coach-james-franklin-issues-statement-after-letter-writer-criticizes-players-appearance-hairstylepenn-state-ad-tweets-support-for-players-after-older-graduate-criticizes-players/
  13. Jones was the top CB in that draft pre-injury. Very hard to say how much different his career would look had he not been injured at his pro day. He could still come around too. We don't know what will happen. Still hoping he'll hit his stride 'cause I don't like to see guys fail/not live up to expectations whether it be their performance, the scheme or any other (circus dances; Kelly Bundy lol) circumstances. Unless the Eagles are playing against them that is lol. I always say the Draft is crap shoot. Even more so with QB & CB. Those having the lowest odds of success at the NFL level.
  14. I hope not, but you could be right ASG. This is the "Grinder" stretch. Believe these will be hard fought close games. Saw JP at Hersheypark Arena in '88. Hell of a concert!
  15. I'm real curious to see if the ground game can continue it's success at the Vikes. I think Minn. is only allowing like 82-83 avg. yds/game rushing and no runs over 15 yds allowed. If they pass this test I'll be that much more confident. Love watching our OL get unleashed and get to play "snow plow". And on the QB sneaks…they've been tremendous. When I see the way the BIG guys move the DL on those reminds me of the Berlin Wall being knocked down lol
  16. I highly doubt D-Jac is playing "meatloaf" through this. It could be camouflage, but I'm thinking more along the lines that Doug knows his O can be competitive against Minn. w/o DeSean. He would much rather have him at 100% healthy for @ dullass, than at 90% go for the Vikes and risk the chance of a reoccurrence and not having him for the division's major contender cow's.
  17. Really hoping D-Jac will return for week 7. I wanna see them wipe dullass all over the field. They owe dullass payback and I really want them to take BOTH games this season!
  18. Nice play by Scandrick to rip the ball away from Falk as he was being corralled by Ridgeway.
  19. And we're tied for NFCE 1st place now!
  20. I'm also a constant optimist ASG. But…LOL…yeah, I think the Jets O is that bad. I've only seen highlights mind you, but the Jets OL looked like Swiss cheese from what I viewed. Now of course I believe our D is fired up for every game. They don't wanna lose or be the responsible group for where a subpar performance would lean a scale in the direction of just like all other competitors. Just that I don't think they've had much of a chance to build enough chemistry to be consistent play after play with as many starters that were missing prior to the reg. season.
  21. I tell med personnel the same thing. "Watch out 'cause I bleed green." lol Something that in my view is impossible to understand unless you are like the rest of us Phanatics! Can't know it if you can't feel it.
  22. I'm really hoping for a LB or a CB as our first pick. The remainder of those two for the second pick.
  23. Always liked playing those sports you mentioned but never enjoyed watching them. There is nothing I watch on TV that gives me an adrenaline rush like an Eagles game. To put that in context, on a scale of 1-10 an Eagles game is a 13. Other NFL games between 8-10. Those other sports you touched on, negative 3. That should give a pretty clear description lol. GO EAGLES!
  24. Me watching Soccer. And this is after the first 5 seconds LMAO