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  1. Those red phone boxes can be pretty lethal too so watch them...
  2. Number 1 draft pick

    Surely now is the time to go QB with the first pick? I mean... If there's a QB they really like then they have to go get him? Hell they have the ammunition to move up to #2 if they want and draft Barkley... I just think QB is way more important for that team if there's a guy they like.
  3. [Spadaro] RB Picture Good, With Some Questions

    The most important thing for Doug I think is going to be having someone be trusts and having someone that buys in to our offense philosophy. Doug isn't afraid to give guys a chance that perhaps lack experience. Look at Taylor now being promoted to QB coach. So I don't think experience is the most important element. But they must be able to work closely with Doug and I guess accept they won't be calling the plays. Yurcich is an interesting choice actually as he's a young coordinator but he's not a few years college experience.
  4. Number 1 draft pick

    They can't properly develop the rookies they have brought in over the past couple of years so yeah that's logical that they do that. I don't think they are going to draft 12 players. But I wouldn't be surprised if they package picks to acquire higher picks...
  5. Number 1 draft pick

    If they get Cousins I'd bet they go Barkley. And then I think they should use their #4 to bulk up their o line or add a weapon on defense or a WR. I don't think they should trade down yet again because they haven't got a very good track record. They acquire all these picks and then what do they do with them? They need to start using these high picks to get the best players. That roster needs star talent to go with a QB. And it needs to start using these high draft picks to get the best players. Because in theory they shouldn't always have such high picks.
  6. Just remember that that over here it's toilet not restroom, the chips are potato chips not crisps and that tomato sauce is ketchup and you'll be fine.
  7. Part and parcel of being successful I'm afraid. Still sucks but it's better this way than having coaches nobody wants to touch! And we've all lived through those times too! I wish both guys the best, I'm sure they will be a success in their new roles. But man both do have tough jobs ahead of them. As do we! To replace too very important guys on the coaching staff. And do so with very little options left out on the market.
  8. Would be great if it was the 21st!!! That date works much better for me personally but I'll be there regardless. Already got tickets so I'm going! Just a matter of getting a bit of grief from the Mrs if it's the 28th! But most definitely all worth it.
  9. Why has the AFC been such a clownfire?

    It's been my argument for a long time. The Pats get to the SB and have the upper hand because they are fresher. An easier schedule that includes an awful division and a easier play off run. But that could now change. Pittsburgh will no doubt make changes and weren't thar far away. Jacksonville need to bring in a QB but if they do watch out for them. Houston seem to be on the up with Watson. Buffalo finally broke their play off duck. The Jets actually had a better year than expected. With a few smart moves they improve again. Chiefs will be there or thereabouts. Chargers picked it up as the year progressed. Titans got rid of Malarkey. So I think the AFC could be set to get more competitive. And just as the Pats potentially start to crumble.
  10. Patriots trade Jimmy Garoppolo to SF for 2nd Round Pick.

    I mean... If that's what Jimmy is getting then what on earth is someone like Coupons going to get?
  11. McDaniels changes mind, will stay with Pats

    That's one of the rumors yeah... But man if that's true then Kraft has offered one hell of a deal to McDaniels.
  12. Was going to say the same bud. I don't want any other team to win the Bowl ever!
  13. McDaniels changes mind, will stay with Pats

    Wow he's really screwed the Colts there. But to me this suggests that Bill is very close to leaving. Maybe it won't be this year but I think if it isn't this year then it'll be next. And I think that's why McDaniels has turned down this opportunity. I mean why else do you turn down this chance?
  14. Brady Supports Bulter's Defense of Being Benched on Twitter

    I dunno bud... Looks to me like he's apologizing? And Tom is liking that as you'd expect.
  15. Did we end the Patriots dynasty?

    Ah ok my bad... Well I guess yeah between us and the Panthers we set up that dynasty.