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  1. UK_EaglesFan89

    2008 Cardinals 9-7 but Went to the Super Bowl

    Um... Hate to say it? This team ain't going 9-7!
  2. UK_EaglesFan89

    Alternative ways to keep QB safe?

    That was my thoughts. You're giving players a free shot essentially. I mean if you're a defensive player then you're thinking two plays are a good price to pay for potentially putting out the opponents QB.
  3. Hmm feels to me like this was just too big a game to ultimately play in Mexico?
  4. I think you might be right there. Trouble is if the secondary gets lit up then yeah it'll be Undlin not Schwartz... Even though it'll be down to Schwartz soft scheme.
  5. UK_EaglesFan89

    Dez Bryant a Saint.

    That's terrible luck that. He sits all year with no team, gets picked up by a really good team and a SB contender and then tears his ACL. Rotten luck.
  6. UK_EaglesFan89

    How Mike Pereira Changed the Way We Watch Football Forever

    Too many rules that lack clarity and are open to interpretation.
  7. UK_EaglesFan89

    Week 10: Panthers @ Steelers

    Deary me... That's a beat down for a team who came in to the game with momentum. Maybe the Steelers can challenge the Pats? I doubt it but maybe?
  8. UK_EaglesFan89

    Cowboy fans are in their Feelings!

    I'm not one to look at other fan forums. I've no real interest in other fan bases really. But I did have a little look on the link and that is some funny stuff! 😊
  9. UK_EaglesFan89

    Dez Bryant a Saint.

    I mean maybe... And for the Saints they don't even need him to be that. As long as he doesn't cause any issues and he produces on the field then it's a really good move for them.
  10. UK_EaglesFan89

    Dez Bryant a Saint.

    Hmm... Adding a decent weapon to an already loaded offense. I think that's actually a good move by the Saints. He's not the player he was but he doesn't need to be in that offense. He's a WR 3/4?
  11. UK_EaglesFan89

    What’s the excuse for Dak now?

    He's just not very good... That's an excuse? He's not a franchise QB.
  12. UK_EaglesFan89

    What’s the excuse for Dak now?

    I dunno... Are we really considering Cooper a true #1 receiver? Given his struggles the last year or so? And to be fair that was his first game.
  13. UK_EaglesFan89

    NFL Best Bets -- WEEK 9 (2-0-1 since Week 10)

    So for week 9 I went safe... I did an accumulator of Bears, Chiefs and Vikings all to win. It was a safe bet but hey it doubled my money so I was happy.
  14. UK_EaglesFan89

    Week 9: Titans @ Cowboys

    Well... There's a good little result for us!
  15. UK_EaglesFan89

    Week 9 Open Discussion.

    Interesting that the Saints targeted Gurley in their win over the Rams. Now I know that probably seems like an obvious tactic but in doing so they gave up a lot of yards through the air. I guess the advantage with that is you force the Rams defense on the field more after quick offensive series and the D is definitely their weakness.