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  1. Peyton Manning An NFL GM?

    I think Peyton would make a really good GM. I'm not sure coaching would be his bag... Obviously on paper it should be because of his experience and intelligence but I'm not sure he's got the personality to inspire? But certainly to be a GM making those strategic decisions I think he could be great.
  2. League admits to Redskins they blew major call.

    Late in the game, getting to the outside is the only logical call. Get out of bounds and stop the clock. But can officiating apply logic? They need to go by the letter of the law. Now yes it was the wrong call but in that instance when it happened? I can see why intentional grounding is called because to them Cousins is trying to stop the clock.
  3. Week 11: Falcons @ Seahawks

    I guess grand scheme of things this is further proof that we should go in to Seattle full of confidence and should more than likely win. Atlanta might struggle to get a wild card anyway so I'm not too worried about them... Yet! They are the kind of team though that if things click they are going to be a threat.
  4. Week 11: Falcons @ Seahawks

    See I'm torn but I'm almost at the point of saying that Atlanta are more of a threat to us than Seattle. Plus in two weeks we have the opportunity to knock Seattle down. So maybe in this one a Seattle win is better for us.
  5. Black Monday: Who's on the hot seat in 2017? Who gets fired?

    I've got to believe that McDermott is on the verge of losing the locker room. And if he has / does then he's going to be gone on black Monday.
  6. Mr. Mcdermott.. WTF

    We all know McDermott made the wrong choice in benching Taylor. That was obvious the moment he made the decision. But to go back on it after one half?! That was gutless and showed no conviction. And to be honest I'm not sure where he goes from here!
  7. I'm not sure if this has already been mentioned... But apparently if yesterday Dak would have taken each of his passing snaps and thrown the ball in to the dirt, he'd have ended the game with a better passing rating than he actually did! His passer rating was 30! Had he thrown each to the dirt he would have finished with 36!
  8. Week 11 Open Discussion.

    You know what's coming... It's obvious but I don't care... Dilly Dilly!
  9. Week 11 Schedule

    Battle of the... Ouch we lost our star QBs and this is what we've got!
  10. Week 11 Open Discussion.

    See I'm still torn on that one... On the one hand I have so much respect for what McVay has done over in LA... But I think I fear the Vikings more? And we have the chance to hand LA a defeat in week 14!
  11. Is the Cowboys defense good?

    At least you're honest bud! Because I personally am having a hard time to see anything other than a Philly win. I mean having Zeke, Smith AND Lee out is huge. That changes so much on both sides of the ball for you. It means you can't control possession, can't keep Dak from getting hit and are going to have a hard time getting your defense off the field. Unless something very strange goes on or we come out completely flat and never get going I just think we are going to win by 10+.
  12. Is the Cowboys defense good?

    Whether this Dallas defense is good or not... And for the record I don't think it is a good defense. One things for sure, they are going to have their hands full on Sunday. They are going to be attacked through the air and on the ground. They can be attacked on the short pass, the middle of the field and the deep ball. Wentz can roll out and hurt them with his feet. They aren't going to know what hole to plug first.
  13. Tyrod Taylor benched

    Like I said... He's capable of the sublime jaw dropping plays. But he also isn't good enough in the pocket and yes is too inconsistent. I like him because he's entertaining to watch but I know why he's not seen as a long term starter.
  14. Week 11: Titans @ Steelers

    I don't want the Steelers to make the Bowl because I just don't like them... I don't know why but I never have. I think it's because of Big Ben. I can't stand that guy.
  15. Tyrod Taylor benched

    He's very mobile and is capable of really good splash plays. But I think he's limited as a pocket passer and that's always going to work around him. He's ridiculously athletic but you need to be more than that to be a really good NFL QB.