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  1. UK_EaglesFan89

    [News] Early Thinking On Some Roster Battles To Watch

    Yeah that is a good read and I feel it's where Howie and the team are just ahead of the curve right now. Like taking a second round pick next year... Howie and his team know we have roster holes coming up. But they also know that this team is good enough to win now. So why not take an extra second round pick next year? Address some holes that are going to appear. Especially in a draft, next year, that fits better with our needs or so it seems. It's that kind of forward thinking that helps us build a roster stacked with talent. Not just one or two stars. And it's going to be the kind of thinking we need when Wentz gets his big pay day.
  2. UK_EaglesFan89

    Andrew Luck

    If that's true then why have they been so bad since he went down injured?
  3. UK_EaglesFan89


    Ok it's a fair comment... But if the team really like Johnston then it makes sense to go with him? Because he could be a really good punter for us for years to come.
  4. UK_EaglesFan89

    Andrew Luck

    Yes they are... Hence why what Luck did with that team is pretty darn incredible.
  5. UK_EaglesFan89


    I don't deny that and I'm not suggesting younger is better. But there comes a time when you need to look to the future and Donnie was regressing.
  6. UK_EaglesFan89

    Andrew Luck

    They were still a bad team when Luck came in and he improved them year on year.
  7. UK_EaglesFan89


    Nah. You've got to try and get younger at some positions and punter / holder was one where we had an opportunity. Plus Donnie was pretty expensive for a punter and we have young Johnston who looks promising. I think the time was right to move on and now we have a young kicker and punter / holder who can develop together for years.
  8. I think I would agree here... Some of those teams need to start making progress. Others are perhaps in their second year with their HC and so are going to want to see that some kind of improvements are being made.
  9. UK_EaglesFan89

    [News] Early Thinking On Some Roster Battles To Watch

    Yeah the off season is a struggle but I think these next five weeks are the absolute worst. I guess we get through these though and then we are really close.
  10. Exactly bud... Perhaps an organisation needs to create a new role for him that means he's not involved on game day.
  11. UK_EaglesFan89

    Will Michael Bennett have a press conference?

    My thoughts exactly. Veteran players throughout the league miss voluntary OTAs every year because they are experienced in the NFL and don't have the learning curve that the rookies and younger players have.
  12. UK_EaglesFan89

    Andrew Luck

    I know it's probably not a great choice but... Perhaps that's a team to watch in terms of O line roster cuts? I feel like our roster is one that needs depth certainly along the interior.
  13. Yeah I kind of feel like Reid almost becomes a HC who can steer your franchise in the right direction for so long but then ultimately his act grows old and it goes down hill. Maybe teams need to hire him and move on before they hit the downward trajectory? I do fear for KC this year. Mahones is a really talented young QB but I think that offense has flaws and are going to struggle.
  14. UK_EaglesFan89

    Andrew Luck

    Well I think you could potentially see both given new increased roles this year? Both have new HCs and both want to give their QBs better protection I'm sure.
  15. UK_EaglesFan89

    Which Team Can Go From Worst To First In 2018?

    Yeah I'm with you bud. I like the potential of the Texans and Watson was so much fun to watch. Plus, and I can't really put my finger on it, I really really just do not like the Jags. So I personally would love to see someone oust them in the AFC South and I feel like the Texans have the best chance.