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  1. Absolutely agree buddy! And because I liked Barwin as a player I wanted him to move on to a team who could fully utilise him because he is a good player he just wasn't a fit here.
  2. He's gone! Hallelujah! About time. The writing was on the wall as soon as he skipped OTAs. In fact his position was already under threat but that was the final nail.
  3. As a raw talent he's an exciting prospect. He's got the tools to be a dominant force in the NFL. But he's got injury concerns, he had that failed drugs test and I do worry sometimes about the longevity of Bama players to stay healthy in the league. I think ultimately the Niners did a brilliant job to move back up in to the first and get him. As a talent he's a mid first round guy but those other issues rightly moved him down.
  4. Such a shame for the young man. Had such a bright and promising future ahead of him and was in a good spot with the Chargers. Obviously he can still bounce back from this but this is a major issue no doubt. And missing your first year in the NFL really sets him back.
  5. See over in the UK it is rather different. We have a game on one Sky Sports channel and red zone on the other and generally they try to spread it around and show all teams. Of course the prime time games are what they are so we get those too.
  6. They don't even need an elite QB that's the thing. That defense is brilliant and they do have weapons on offense that can really help even a half decent QB out.
  7. I'm certainly not going to disagree with you here buddy... Tampa are building up a really nice team in Florida, Oakland looked like a real threat to NE last year until Carr went down hurt. So yeah absolutely there's teams out there who will compete because they have young promising QBs.
  8. I certainly think that this division is wide open. Personally I don't rate Washington and I don't see a good team... But I can't deny that they keep stringing together fairly decent records and they have our number. They could struggle having lost DJax and Garcon... But they did bring in Pryor which could be huge. NY are well... NY. That defense is the real deal and I just can't see that offense being as bad. I hope I'm wrong and I hope they suck but to be honest they'd be my pick in the NFC East other than our mighty Birds. And then there's Dallas. I think they will slide back a little bit this year but we can't deny that offense is really really good. But I think their pretty poor defense is going to hurt them more this year and that secondary has been stripped bare.
  9. I definitely think being told with a voicemail is the wrong way to go about it... But then again in this day it would have come out in the press anyway and that would have been much worse.
  10. Yeah think that's spot on mate... It's certainly something crazy and the 0 INTs is absolutely right I know that much! Definitely think that Tennessee team is one to watch over the next couple of years.
  11. Right... So you watched Wentz closely did you? You saw the o line he was playing with and the WRs he had?! I mean that couldn't have anything to do with his sign struggles?
  12. Fair enough! In that case... I'll stick with my "no news is good news for him" theory.
  13. As someone who lives in the UK I will admit that something needs to be done and does need to change. But I absolutely do not want the games to be taken away because it's my chance to go and watch live games 2/3/4 times a year.
  14. Usually I'd say no news is good news... But yeah absolutely if he's innocent then why has he not been cleared?
  15. Is this one hell of a statement... Pushes us in to the NFL elite? I mean on paper I guess it's hard to argue. We have two stud OT's, we have one of the best RG's in the NFL and we have real competition at C and LG. So yes on paper this should be a really good offensive line... But elite? I'm not sure as there's too many questions. Can Peters continue to play at a high level? Can Lane be that top player when not juicing (by the way I think yes he can)? Can Seumalo step up? What Warmack are we going to get? The one drafted in the top 10 or the one who underperformed in Tennessee? And what's going to happen at C? This could be a really really good o line. It could be maybe even top 10 but does that make it elite? That remains to be seen I guess.