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  1. Great game between two pretty bad teams with a lot of work to do. But two teams that in a rebuild should give their fans a lot of excitement and be a lot of fun to watch.
  2. I mean I for one thought it was a real shame that the Chargers just SD in the first place. Especially with no stadium ready for them in LA and having to play at the StubHub but you can't give up on things that easily?
  3. Wow! If that's true and happens then I'm not even sure what to say... What a shambles for everyone involved. LA wanted a team back yet are unhappy with the teams they have and aren't getting behind them? What exactly did they want?
  4. Managed to get wifi on the plane so I watched from midway through the second quarter. What a game! Full of entertainment.
  5. Brian Hoyer really is a joke... How is this guy still an NFL QB? It makes no sense to me. Nice to see Barwin having himself a game.
  6. Agreed... So let's get him traded to SF. Reckon we could get Hyde in return!
  7. It's really the strength of that team... And needs to carry them through games a lot of the time.
  8. If there's one thing I'd hate to do... It's prove these Giants fans wrong. So yeah let's go and get after them and punish them! Let's get Eli eating dirt continuously.
  9. Oh wow... Yeah they are in dire straits this year aren't they.
  10. He's so so bad... But then who's their back up?
  11. Oh dear God... Hoyer blows.
  12. To be fair... They've not picked the best of games the last two weeks... But it's football and it's a division game.
  13. Gutted that I'm missing this. My friends a Niners fan and I'm going to see them in SF in November so do like to watch those Niners.
  14. Well Sky Sports in the UK are showing the Atlanta game... So I'll have game pass on the Xbox showing the Eagles and my iPad set up with red zone. It's already something to look forward to.
  15. I've not experienced an Eagles home game... But I did go to the Chicago Tampa game on Sunday wearing my Eagles cap and received no abuse so I think it's OK. It's certainly nothing like soccer.