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  1. But if they don't have a QB, they really don't have anything.
  2. Attended my first game at the Linc yesterday. Really cool game day atmosphere, the Xfinity Live venue was fun, and met some really cool people tailgating and in my section. Did the stadium tour on Saturday, and for $10, thought it was really good value for the money. Nothing earth shattering, but they do a pretty good job with it. Definitely recommend it to people attending their first game. On to the game. Can't give it up enough to the Eagles D. After being absolutely gashed last week, they played lights out. Kudos to Schwarz for a great game plan. Special Teams deserves mention obviously as well. They both won the game yesterday. The offense obviously struggled, but that was pretty much expected against the Vikings D. I get that they had to play it pretty close to the vest against them, I just hope that Pederson opens things up moving forward. After taking shots down field the first few weeks, it seems like we're content with the dink and dunk offense--if they keep winning, so be it, but hopefully they can find a mixture of both. That said, our WR's and TE's still dropping too many passes and don't seem to be getting separation. Definitely hope we find a guy to stretch the D in the off season. Awesome weekend, definitely plan on making at least one game a year. My only complaint is the Philadelphia traffic---absolutely horrible. Coming from Syracuse, obviously don't see anything like that. #flyeaglesfly
  3. I'm far too lazy to look it up, but when do the tours take place? Coming in from Syracuse for the Vikings game and will be looking for something to do. Thanks
  4. Looks like getting tickets in sec 105 or 106 for Minny game. How is the view and would you recommend it? Also, how is the view of the cheerleaders? Asking for a friend