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  1. You are a damn moron. Go back and look at the off-season washington had. Lost Jackson, lost Garcon, Murphy is suspended. Cousins is average at best. That is why you can't compare the two teams THIS YEAR. Go back to TATE. You clearly have no clue about any team other than the Eagles and even that is limited.
  2. Please show me this post you speak of.
  3. Hmmmmmmm my post said nothing about last year. I think you got some pinned up aggression. You are really going to lose it when you guys have your typical mid-season melt down.
  4. There you go. Hope this helps.
  5. Oh Thank You soooooo much. I was having a pretty crappy day until i read this. I have not laughed this hard in a while.
  6. Everything he just said +1
  7. Yea I agree the game plan was not real impressive. The Giants D is legit though. We just wore them down.
  8. SMH. This is becoming a farce.....
  9. ........
  10. I have no clue what the outcome will be. Personal opinion is he should be suspended 2-3 games for violating the Conduct Policy. I do not in any way support DV. If the NFL can come out and show people all the evidence that they found that proves DV and prove he is guilty then my opinion on the matter would change and any suspension they gave him would not be enough. It is like I said earlier I have no trust in someone who asked her friend to Lie to the Police (there is proof of that), or contemplating trying to illegally extort money (proof of this as well), and threatens to ruin is career if he crosses her (again more proof all you have to do is search it). I am sorry with those facts that have been posted and proved I have a hard time believing he abused her.
  11. You are wrong here. He has denied it multiple times.
  12. Report said it was Lucky Whitehead. Imagine that Lucky got Lucky
  13. Nope I never said he did no wrong. Matter of fact I am pretty sure I said he should be suspended for the Conduct Policy.
  14. I know what he was suspended for. You missed the part where that whole conversation started about the girl whose shirt he pulled down. He was questioned about it during his appeal. He stated the girl slept with him 2 times after he pulled her shirt down. Once that night and again in the next morning. I don't think she was that tore up about he whole incident. Bottom line is he is a Cowboy so for you he is guilty. I have to ask was it OK when she asked people to lie and say they witnessed the abuse? How about when she was considering extorting money from him by bribing him with selling a sex tape? How about when she told him if you cross me I will ruin you? This woman is far from a victim.