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  1. Hefty Smurf

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    I think it ends up around 30 a year. Dallas has actually been doing a decent job of managing the cap since the Dez fiasco. He was a bigger mistake than Romo IMO. Dak is going to be paid and I think they find a way to keep Zeke and Cooper. Jones will be let walk. Collins will be let go as well. They have drafted offensive line depth and developed some young guys who will step in those spots. It will get pretty dicey, but they will move enough money to make it work.
  2. Hefty Smurf

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    Good enough
  3. Hefty Smurf

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    If a frog had wings he wouldn't bump his a$$ when he hops. What if he just crapped the bed those 8 games? See my previous comment on injury history. The stats you gave are fact the if is not, but even with the if they are still pretty damn close. Wentz was the 2nd pick of the draft that you guys moved way up to get (good choice not knocking that move at all) . Dak was a 4th round selection that has outplayed his draft position. He has earned pretty close to the same contract Wentz received. TBH if Dallas gets him for the same contract I think they will be lucky.
  4. Hefty Smurf

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    Based on what? Don't throw out an opinion. State the facts and back it up. Compare their body of work in the NFL. Don't fall back to the old he won a superbowl. Read VaBeach_Eagles comments. The Superbowl is a team sport. The eagles were a better team in 2017 than the Cowboys. Don't use college stats or college accomplishments those don't matter either. NFL career wise these 2 guys have been virtually the same player and that drives Eagles fans nuts. Look I said before and I will say it again. I like Wentz. I think he is and will continue to be a good NFL QB. I don't think he is elite, but he is good and he will probably get better, but to this date the fourth round pick has matched his play and exceeded his play in a couple of areas.
  5. Hefty Smurf

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    I don't disagree with really any of this. I like Wentz. If he would have been there at 4 when Dallas picked I would have been jumping for joy, but even with Dak`s struggles at times he and Wentz have been about the same QB. We have been lucky enough for Dak to stay healthy. You guys have a more polished player with more upside. I think Dak is more clutch when it comes down to that last drive when you need some kind of score to win. Wentz is a better passer. We could trade off these things all day. With that being said how are you guys better off signing Wentz to the deal he got than Dallas would be signing Prescott?
  6. Hefty Smurf

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    The article came from 247 sports and I assume they are referencing some of his injury issues in college as well since they reference 4 years of injuries.
  7. Hefty Smurf

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    Can someone remind me how many playoff wins Wentz has? If the article I read was correct it stated Wentz has missed 21 regular and post season games in 4 years. I would worry a lot less about how much money Dallas pays Dak and start praying to whatever God you believe in that you get another full season out of the golden boy before his new deal expires.
  8. This was good. I like this.
  9. My post really had nothing to do with posting a picture on the message board. It was really more to how you are trying real hard to get under my skin and its just not working. Do you think there is any team in the NFL who does not deal with the same baggage the Cowboys deal with? Here is a link for you. It is a little dated, but you will get the picture .http://blog.masslive.com/patriots/2017/05/nfl_arrests_which_teams_have_t.html . These guys are humans they make mistakes. Most learn from them. If they don't they get booted from the league. I personally don't care. If Zeke gets suspended or banned for life guess what there will be 10 more guys lined up to take his place. What these guys do in their personal life has ZERO bearing on me. They don't pay my bills. They are not role models for my kids, and it is not their job to set an example for anyone to follow. The sooner you figure some of this out you will stop caring near as much about Zeke getting drunk pushing a Security guard.
  10. Poor guy you try so hard....
  11. No I don't think they should absolve him of any negative thing, but half these people on here have no clue what good he does in the Dallas community. All they see is what a second hand gossip rag decides to pick up and run with. Zeke is an fool, but you can't tell me you think there is enough on this video to warrant a suspension.
  12. What bad thing did you see in that video? Put him in an Eagles uniform and repost the same video and 99% of the people on here would be yelling about how the league was out to get him and if he was a Cowboy this would all just go away. I have read a lot of your post. You are one of the ones here who actually has common sense. You can't tell me you agree with some of these morons.
  13. Yeah- I know. He hosts kids' camps and paid for a funeral for a kid in 8th grade who was killed by a stray bullet. Like those things? It does not surprise me one bit that you chimed in here. Instead of hoping for a suspension like a whiney little bish why don't you hope your defense can sac up and stop him?
  14. Want to bet he files a lawsuit against Zeke or offers to "settle out of court" next? Your making a mountain out of a mole hill.