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  1. Hefty Smurf

    Week 4: Cowboys @ Saints

    Yep right now it is.
  2. Hefty Smurf

    Week 4: Cowboys @ Saints

    This game plan had Garret written all over it. Everything that you had success in doing the last 3 weeks went out the Window.
  3. Hefty Smurf

    Week 4: Cowboys @ Saints

    The sky is not falling. They didn't show up and the game plan in general was just bad. They are still 3-1 and leading the division. If the same team shows up next week then I will be worried.
  4. Hefty Smurf

    Dak vs Carson

    I don't think so. Dallas beat a better NO team last year. I see it being just the opposite. I honestly think they beat NO pretty soundly and lose to GB at home. Rogers always finds a way to beat Dallas even when we have the better team. Once we lose GB most of the Philly fans will crown themselves Kings of the East because they beat GB and we lost to them.... Just the way I see it but ehhh.
  5. Hefty Smurf

    Dak vs Carson

    The GB coach is a damn moron. 1st and goal from the 1 and you don't run the ball 1 time.... Philly played OK, but GB showed who they were last night on defense. Good offensive teams will have their way with them.
  6. Hefty Smurf

    Melvin Gordon just started following eagles on IG

    Are you going to pay them with Monopoly money?
  7. Hefty Smurf

    Are the Cowpukes going undefeated?

    No they can't. They lose to NE, GB (They just have a hard time beating Rogers), Philly on the road, and Chicago. You could probably pick another loss somewhere just as a letdown game. I see Dallas around 11-5.
  8. Hefty Smurf

    Jalen Ramsey asking for a trade.

    Yes absolutely. Please bring this head case to your team. Maybe next year he can show up to TC in Airforce One.
  9. Hefty Smurf

    Dak vs Carson

    Don't get me wrong. I don't put last night on Wentz. I don't think he helped the situation in the 1st half, but he is far from the reason you guys lost. From an outside perspective you guys have a serious play calling issue and an identity crises. You go out and trade for Jordan Howard, spend a high pick on another RB, and bring back Sproles in an effort to help Carson and establish the run only to give up on it 1 quarter in. I don't know that Doug or any other coach knows exactly what this team is at the moment. You guys have a team full of weapons that no one can figure out how to use.
  10. Hefty Smurf

    Dak vs Carson

    I agree with 95% of the things you say on here, but we are going to have to agree to disagree here. I am sorry I see Wentz being good, but i just don't see elite.
  11. Hefty Smurf

    Dak vs Carson

    Wentz was bad for 2½ quarters and pulled out an OK performance for the remainder of the game. Don't get real carried away here. Wentz is good. He is not elite and I personally don't think he ever will be. I don't think the poor guy will ever be able to stay healthy enough to reach that status. Teams with elite QB's protect them. They put them in a position to be successful. So far you guys have failed to do so with Wentz.
  12. Hefty Smurf

    Dak vs Carson

    That one guy has never taken a snap in the Playoffs or Superbowl. Just saying.
  13. Hefty Smurf

    Another day, another Cowboy Felon

    No they will not. He is not been suspended (as of yet). He was charged with a misdemeanor which will be dropped when he completes anger management courses. The guy is a moron and this was about as dumb as you get, but he is not getting cut this year. I think the NFL will come back and suspend him which i think they would have done before this "new" tape surfaced and that will be the end of it.
  14. Hefty Smurf

    Another day, another Cowboy Felon

    This is not new news. This happened months ago.
  15. Hefty Smurf

    Zeke Set To Hold Out Of Training Camp?

    I was going to fix you post for you, but the whole thing is wrong so this was the best option i could find. Did i miss something last year when he folded when teams were "popping" him? He has been the heart and soul of the Cowboys for 3 years now this is nothing new.