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  1. SMFH..... Just cut him.
  2. You already have 1 guy crying about his "touches" in the passing game.... Now you will have 2. It will be fun to watch OBJ unravel when and if Marshall starts getting targeted more than he does.
  3. Just knock Eli down a few times and he becomes color blind. Marshall is not a threat when Eli is throwing it too the other team.
  4. You guys don't need Marshall. He is not a leader. He is talented, but not a Locker Room presence.
  5. I may be wrong. I am not an A&M but I did watch a few games and he was just not that impressive. I know he was injured and fighting through some things so I guess we will just have to wait and see.
  6. So am I the only one who does not think Garrett will be that good?
  7. This sounds just fine to me.
  8. You are 100% correct. I mean we probably should have thrown a bubble screen..... SMH
  9. If you want to get real technical Pereria is just an analyst now. The NFL rule book is like most other books. It is open to interpretation. I really don't believe any of the guys have a clear understanding of anything outside the clear cut plain as day calls. I mean hell half the time they can't get false start or offsides right.
  10. Tony's contract is not that hard to get out of. Here you go. http://cowboyswire.usatoday.com/2016/11/15/dallas-cowboys-total-2017-salary-cap-impact-if-cowboys-trade-tony-romo-in-offseason/
  11. Stephen1 already explained it 1 time. "stop...I get so tired of having this conversation every year....I tell you guys like it is capwise, it always comes true, but then the next year you guys are here saying "Dallas is going to have to cut talent to get under the CAP" or "Dallas won't have the money to sign X player" and it's never happened. They had they money to sign Murray, but didn't think he was worth it. So here we go....1 more time Dallas is 6m over They will restructure Tyron Smith..save $9m Restructure Travis Frederick can save up to $12m Romo leaves...saves 5m..or 10m if they make him a june 1st cut, but I think he will take the 5m option Rolando McCalin (who did not play this year) gets cut, Dallas gets a 5m credit with no dead money going forward Alfred Morris gets cut, saves $1.5m....he was inactive by the end of the season that saves Dallas $32m and put Dallas at $26m under without losing a single player, and $28m is more than enough off season money. As far as Tyron and Frederick, they don't have to restructure for that entire amount..they can just piecemeal it as needed. They also might let Doug Free walk because they have Chaz Green who was about to take his job before getting hurt...that would save Dallas another 5m. The CAP is no worry "
  12. You seem to be the only one making a real big deal out of this. I have not made 1 post stating any call an official made cost us the game on Sunday. I have stated multiple times the Packers were just better than we were on Sunday. I simply gave my opinion on Ron's post.
  13. Do you know the definition of paraphrasing? At any point did I say "you can't make that call in the playoffs" And again at any time did I dispute it was a penalty? Does it seem odd that this is the 1st time this official has ever made this call and it came in a playoff game? Yeah it does. So I stand by my original statement. The timing of the call was horrible.