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  1. Sasashii

    Week 5 Open Discussion.

    That is NOT A GOOD thing!! You want garrett to be there as long as possible and Dak prescott to sign a contract approaching 40 million. This game is nice short term, but might blow some sense into jerruh’s head.
  2. Sasashii

    Week 5 Open Discussion.

    Troy aikman looks like he is about to go on a murdering spree on the telecast....he was beet red and just wanted BLOOD. Hilarious
  3. Sasashii

    Week 4 Open Discussion.

    The New England secondary is good but their defense is a bit overrated, they havent exactly played anybody so far. This patriots defense can be run on, their weaknesses are in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Back to Allen, it’s not only this game, but he makes so many bad decisions....At least 2 of his 3 INTs today came on awful decisions throwing into double and triple coverage. He has all the physical tools, I just don’t see the decision making so far
  4. Sasashii

    Week 4 Open Discussion.

    Josh Allen laying a dud in a game where the bills D have absolutely dominated the Patriots. 3 interceptions after 40 mins of play. Has 3 TD, 6 ints for the season. looks like the bills are the bears of the AFC. Good Talent (especially Bears) , but the QB play is way subpar.