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  1. Danny Trevathan suspended two games for Adams hit

    That's what I find bogus. The entire "appeal" process is nothing more than a dog and pony show. Appeal...based on what? In the real legal world, appeals have to based on evidence. They can't be based on just what some other guy thinks. The NFL knew this would get reduced, so it started at two games.
  2. Danny Trevathan suspended two games for Adams hit

    Dude. That hit is not allowed in the game anymore. It was completely unnecessary and completely egregious. I defend players all the time who make big hits, but this was completely and totally illegal, not to mention extremely dangerous.
  3. [News] Roseman: Blount A Tempo-Setter At RB

    What about McGloin? Didn't we sign him as a QB 3 or is he just going to be camp arm?
  4. [News] Roseman: Blount A Tempo-Setter At RB

    Definitely getting excited for the year with pickups like this. You have Blount, Jeffrey and Smith coming in on offense. Good pickups on defense, including Barnett and the two CB's. That doesn't get into Pumphrey and Hollins, either...also good pickups. It's a greatly improved team overall with a QB going into his second year. Feeling positive!
  5. [News] On An Unusual Schedule, News And Notes

    Awful schedule. No Thursday night or 4:25 games at home. 3/4 games on the road in Sept. Brutal trip to West Coast. Two away Sunday night games. Seriously, NFL? And who is the genius who said this looks like a fun schedule as a fan? It's the opposite. Limited tailgating at the Linc because most games are at 1:00. Most of us HATE 1:00 games. Even if you get there at 8:00 am you've got maybe 4 hours. Oh well. Gonna get plastered on 10/23 and hit the stadium as soon as it opens, I guess. Go Birds.
  6. Went to tailgate Sunday 10-23. Got near the stadiums by about 9:45. We were stuck in traffic for 45 minutes. The police had the entire area completely screwed up. One of the problems was that lots were listed as full on 11th street, or for passes only. This caused a total nightmare with traffic wrapping around to get to Broad. We ended up turning around parking in the Citizens lot, as we were going to Xfinity later anyway. Time and time again I have seen the police and stadium staff totally mismanage parking. Wing Bowl became a Drunk Driving Fest because they wouldn't let people in before 4:00. When you are charging $40 to park, you damn well better have a good plan for traffic flow. There were spots everywhere, yet many lots said "full." Ridiculous.
  7. I've been seeing 5 hours a lot this year, but it appears they are open earlier. I usually go to Lot D. I know last year the lot didn't open until 1-2pm for a Monday night game.
  8. This may be late for you, but it depends: First, mushrooms are NOT a standard cheesesteak topping. The "wit" refers to ONIONS. So a cheesesteak with provolone (if available) would be "one provolone, wit." If you wanted mushrooms, it would be "one, provolone wit and mushrooms." However, you'll find the verbiage is less important when you go to places that aren't known as cheesesteak shops. If you go to Genos or Pats or something else touristy, the order style is more important. If you go to more of sit-down place or a franchise like Tony Lukes, you can probably just order using normal English. At the stadium, just use normal English because everyone's drunk anyway and the staff has no time to watch you impersonate a Philadelphian. Have a good trip.
  9. I'm not sure I thought he had to adapt exactly...more like figure out the differences. His offense was innovative and exciting the first year. Then it started getting vanilla as you said. I don't really get what happened there. Yes, the NFL started figuring him out, but he also seemed to dumb down the scheme a lot. By last year it was poor all around.
  10. The skins are a dumpster fire. They got lucky against a mediocre Giants team. Jeff Fisher is the wrong man for any team...he sucks.
  11. I think you're right that they will bounce back. But Tomlin has been there 10 years. He did win a SB, but that was 8 years ago. I'm saying that if they don't bounce back, he may have a problem. He's going to get canned in-season.
  12. That's pretty funny. I don't think so, but they are a dumpster fire right now.
  13. Fisher should be fired but won't be. Bradley and Pagano are dead men walking. Rex's fate will depend on how the season plays out. I don't see many other hot seat contenders, though that is with the caveat that a 3-13 season or worse can heat one's seat pretty fast. Hue will get time in Cleveland. After yesterday's beatdown, I have to now wonder if things don't got well in Pittsburgh if Tomlin might be on the chopping block.
  14. I've been to multiple events at the Sports Complex during the last decade, including Eagles and Phillies games, as well as several Wing Bowls. I am here to complain-LOUDLY-about the changes in hours at the lots. 5 hours before kickoff is a freaking joke. 5 years ago we would get there before 10 a.m. for a Monday night game. For a 1:00 game, getting there after 9 a.m. is useless. I know that the NFL is driving some of this, but 7 hours before kickoff was bad enough (that's what it seemed to be last year). WE WANT OUR TAILGATING DAYS BACK! I don't know why the Eagles would want to seriously hamper what is one of the best tailgating scenes in the NFL. We practically invented it! This is the just the latest assault on our favorite pastime. $40 to park, and you only get a maximum of 5 hours. We should rise up and demand the restoration of our tailgating rights, which have been endowed by our Creator! This is the birthplace of freedom, for God's sake!