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  1. Week 5: Vikings @ Bears

    I didn't think so. Shoulder to chest. The one after Smiths TD yesterday was a thing of beauty
  2. Week 5: Vikings @ Bears

    A slight breeze would knock him down.
  3. Week 5: Vikings @ Bears

    Bradford looks like garbage. This is truly a snooze fest
  4. Kansas City week 2

  5. Kansas City week 2

    Once again Eagle fans impressed. Huge contingent at Arrowhead.
  6. Kansas City week 2

    Downtown KC is hopping with Eagle fans. Impressed.
  7. Kansas City week 2

    Then I suggest you go to Lot A and mingle with Eagles fans there before the game. My group hopefully will be there too just not sure yet.
  8. Kansas City week 2

  9. Kansas City week 2

    I'm pumped. Fly Eagles Fly!!!!!!
  10. Kansas City week 2

    If you see a bus with 45 or so Eagles fans by it, most with Wentz jerseys on, stop for a beer. We rented a party bus to take us to the game and back from our hotel.
  11. Kansas City week 2

  12. Convicts strike again.

    Add another Cowboy
  13. Convicts strike again.

    America's team
  14. Convicts strike again.

    He's been released.
  15. Convicts strike again.

    Ah the old fake news slant.