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  1. I love the fact that she's asking people to delete videos. Doesn't want to lose her $$$. And he definitely bodied/shoved the guard over the railing. Turd.
  2. IFB DOG

    JPP Broke Neck in Car accident

    <<casual observer disagrees with you.
  3. IFB DOG

    What is Chucky up to?

    I don't think it is necessary for them to trade up for a QB. They have an average one. Why trade away your capital when you're only going to hit on two of the three if you're LUCKY... they should sit tight and either pick the best player or trade down for even more picks. Best opportunity to hit on players in the draft isn't to have the highest pick, it is to have the most picks.
  4. You don't think a bunch of racist messages and phone calls would force the NFL's hand? If they existed? There was no risk for the NFL to settle. His case would have generated more funds. Do you trust Kaepernick with your money? I wouldn't. He is a snake.
  5. If it was EVER about social issues, why settle? This man has money on money. He tried to align himself with the everyday black man from the hood, even though he had never been him and never WOULD relate to him. He jumped ship. Could have "righted wrongs" as he claims was the focus, and instead agreed to a secret settlement. We won't hear a peep from him ever again. As was said, best word for him is sellout. It was never, ever about social issues and anyone that believes that a scholared mixed man raised by rich white people can ever understand the thinkings, feelings, and hardships (perceived or real, self-imposed or circumstantial-- all debated between sides, debate 100% irrelevant to this point) of an inner city black man is lying. This guy has never been that guy, EVER, but used this social issue to leverage himself and dug in deep as his performance was tearing his starting job from him. He doesn't know the black man from the hood and he's disingenuous for pretending his "plight" is the same. Pisses me off. And it should piss off inner city black people that this wolf in sheeps clothing used their rallying point to look out for #1.
  6. I don't know why people get annoyed with your passion. There are many things that are routinely posted here that are less interesting.
  7. IFB DOG

    David Irving suspended indefinitely

    Why is it counterproductive? It is a much, much, MUCH safer option that oxycontin. It is a natural plant that literally needs no major chemical change to induce effects. I have smoked weed maybe 8-10 times in my life, and not once in 10 years. Don't have a reason to do it. I'm not some stoner on here pretending like it is the holy grail. However, it is NOT some major drug that kills people. And that's how the government treats it. It's so Fing dumb.
  8. IFB DOG

    David Irving suspended indefinitely

    I do, because the alternative is narcotics and opiods. Do you not see the epidemic facing the majority of the U.S.? Opiods were literally designed to be addicted (pending: main point of the Perdue lawsuit) and were targeted towards those most vulnerable (pending: second point). NFL players would definitely be considered vulnerable because of the "gladiator" mentality and the fact that "world class" physicians are the ones prescribing it to them. The NFL is archaic and immoral. So yes I do feel bad for the players. It's easy to say "just stop", but let's see you play OL or DL in the NFL and not be in pain everyday or wanting to put a bullet through your brain. Because it (former) literally happens every day to former and current players. Here's an idea: the NFL has the ability to remove penalties for testing positive for marijuana, regardless of the legality of it. They can simply just stop testing for it. I don't know what their liability insurance would be on it, but I can't imagine someone suing the NFL for harm due to a player competing with CBD or even THC in his system. What's the worst that's going to happen, he's going to steal some fan's snacks?
  9. IFB DOG

    David Irving suspended indefinitely

    Oh boy. For marijuana. He just released a video of him blasting the medical system in the NFL. And he is right!
  10. IFB DOG

    2019 Hard Knocks - Who gets it this season?

    It's gotta be the Raiders right? The Gruden power dynamic has to be the more interesting storylines here. Plus, how does the team respond with the picks from the Mack/Cooper trades?
  11. Police all over the country ask that question daily. But, money talks. The fact that bail is an option with MULTIPLE rape cases ongoing is... I don't know. Shocking? Sickening? Should start holding the judicial department responsible. Vote them the hell out after these things.
  12. IFB DOG

    Browns sign Hunt

    ND preaching how to talk to people is fascinating anymore. I remember when your kid was first born and you were just such a nice person here and in person. Wish you'd go back to being that guy.
  13. IFB DOG

    Browns sign Hunt

    Given his issues in Port Clinton, and the vicinity to his past (college in Toledo), I don't think this was a good idea for the Browns. Too many outside influences too close to his location. They couldn't control Josh Gordon, and Kareem Hunt is from the same cloth. Dude was a jerk at UT too. I just think he'd be better off going far away, like Seattle or Denver. A place where bad influences will have a tougher time following. He's going to end up in trouble again. He was suspended at least once (maybe twice?) At UT too. He doesn't make good decisions. And his entire upbringing - especially his family - filled with felonies. He's talented, but I'm tired of giving a pass to people that physically assault others (and I don't mean just the "kick"). Especially, then, those that harm women. I don't care how fast Tyreek Hill runs, that MFer should be rotting in jail for another decade after punching his girlfriend in the face and stomach. His PREGNANT girlfriend. F him, F Kareem, and F the NFL for pretending this stuff bothers them.
  14. IFB DOG

    Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs Patriots.

    Total waste of a timeout. Play takes at least two seconds. At 2:42, they had a 40 second play clock. Have to hike it at 2:02. That causes the clock to stop at 2:00, 3rd down. By calling a timeout, the pats are still going to run on 2nd down, its going to take at least 2 seconds. So play goes down to 2mins anyway.......
  15. IFB DOG

    Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs Patriots.

    Damn ASMR commercial lol.