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  1. Most annoying part of the article was defending Marvin Lewis and how great he did FIFTEEN years ago. Sounded more like defending him for his color than his results. But that would be racist...
  2. I'll never forget the image of Leftwich being carried down the field at Marshall, to try to win the game. He suffered, I believe, a broken leg or knee injury, and his offensive linemen took him to the next line of scrimmage. He is incredibly intelligent and seemed like a pretty good dude too. I hope he does well.
  3. For this sweet ***? You're lucky I even went that low!
  4. IFB DOG

    REPORT: FA WR Corey Coleman released by Patriots

    Hank Fraley just became a client of mine and I was a Rocket lol. Small world. UT had a lot of great WRs over the years. Moore, Hawkins, Page, Roberts, Ford...
  5. IFB DOG

    Browns Picks

    Somewhere Sashi Brown is either laughing, crying, or both.
  6. IFB DOG

    Browns Picks

    Unbelievable. Bunch of idiots.
  7. IFB DOG

    Browns Picks

    I'm on the other end of the spectrum. I say they should ask the Bills just what they're willing to part with for #1. If they give up 12, 22, 53, and a 2019 1st or 2nd, HELL YES I'm taking that deal! The draft has proven over, and over, and over that quantity > quality. It's a total crapshoot. These scouts and GMs hit on about 50% of their picks. You don't want to have 1 and 4 and only hit on one. I pull a Redskins and draft a QB at 12 and then use 64 or 114 on another QB. One of the top 5 QBs will be there at 12. Nothing in the history of the NFL suggests one of them is a lock to be better than the other. 4 - Quenton Nelson 12 - Lamar Jackson 22 - Mike McGlinchey 33 - Mike Gesicki 35 - James Daniels / Billy Price That offensive goes from a joke to ridiculous. QB Tyrod Taylor/Lamar Jackson RB Duke Johnson FB Danny Vitale WR Josh Gordon / Corey Coleman / Jarvis Landry TE David Njoku / Mike Gesicki LT Mike McGlinchey / Shon Coleman LG Quenton Nelson / Joel Bitoni C JC Tretter / Billy Price RG Kevin Zeitler / Spencer Drango RT Chris Hubbard / Roderick Johnson For real... even Hue Jackson couldn't screw that up, right??? 53 you take the best corner available. They added Gaines and Randall via trades already. Then fill out your defense with backups the rest of the draft. Depth at LB, DL, S... that defense is already solid as is. Only hole is a RB behind Johnson. 64 wouldn't be a bad spot for one. they could literally compete for the AFC Championship.
  8. IFB DOG

    Tyrod Taylor traded to Browns

    He never should have been starting. I don't find Hue Jackson to be brilliant with his player management - Duke Johnson never playing RB, Kizer in the lineup way to soon, Kizer in and out of the lineup constantly...
  9. IFB DOG

    Suh would play for free???

    No, worse. More non-curricular requirements, fewer parking spots, more pot holes on Bancroft, and tuition has gone up. Yay.
  10. IFB DOG

    Suh would play for free???

    I was off last Thursday, but my wife is 8 months pregnant so we elected not to make the trip. Toledo here, too!! My wife is a Rocket, actually!
  11. IFB DOG

    Suh would play for free???

    Eagles fan from NW Ohio. Family full of Lions fans. This guy is not the type of person you want to root for. he's earned the dirty label. I'll pass.
  12. IFB DOG

    McDaniels changes mind, will stay with Pats

    Interesting. After high school, I was never interested in the playing side of things. But I find the roster building, salary cap management, and staffing side of things to be fascinating. It's very interesting to hear that he begged for the job, and I completely understand the hesitation of other management personnel to even look this guy's way again. Sad to hear about the other coaches though. I hope Indy takes care of them, either in house or fostering connections with other teams' management.
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    T.O. Takes Another Swipe At McNabb

    He doesn't get it. Look at his comments, I GUARANTEE YOU he still drinks and drives.
  14. IFB DOG

    T.O. Takes Another Swipe At McNabb

    Correlation does not mean causation. Do you know how many cars were on the road in 1980? There are 2.1x as many vehicles in the US now as there were in 1980. You're talking out your a $$ so badly right now. Here's proof: https://academic.oup.com/aje/article/157/2/131/90093 You should stop posting... unless you're a drunk, I can't see why you're defending DUIs...
  15. IFB DOG

    T.O. Takes Another Swipe At McNabb

    WTF is wrong with you? ANYONE that chooses to drink and drive should spend the next 90 nights behind bars the FIRST time it happens. Then maybe we would not have drunk drivers killing people.
  16. IFB DOG

    Hopkins.... gloves....sticky....helmet

    Hmm........... could get your name on a breaking story. Sounds like a good article for PFT, FOX, ESPN to run their girlie little dances around...
  17. IFB DOG

    Seahawks at Cowboys...Loser is done!!!

    What if they tie? Can we root for that?
  18. So? Unless your title is Owner, Director of the Board, etc. then you ARE inferior in your company to those with like titles! It's called corporate hierarchy. They aren't signing their own damned contracts now are they?