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  1. Just now, Columbus Eagle said:

    Collinsworth just said "it wouldn’t matter anyway” on the no call push off on Cooper. What a retarded statement by a regarded man. 

    Are you shocked? He's literally been laughing at the Eagles.   How that wasn't OPI is beyond me. Right in front of the ref on the sideline as well. LITERALLY watched Cooper extend his arm, and nothing.


    This is the same ref that adamantly told another referee to eat the flag he threw on the Eagles' first drive.  When they "tangled legs", with Ozuwei's arm wrapped under Jeffery's shoulder pad.

  2. Just now, UK_EaglesFan89 said:

    We wouldn't have won it. Jerry's world remember. 

    All that crap coming from the Lions game last week, and the back judge throwing a flag on an uncatchable ball in the Bengals game (beat the line by .5 points after the penalty), are just two more examples that will make me FOREVER question the integrity of the NFL. Vegas is way too powerful. 

  3. Just now, birdman said:

    I honestly don't remember seeing a drive so lopsided in another teams favor...

    3-4 DPI's on that drive...these refs need to be investigated

    thank god Williams was aggressive on that 2 pt conversion

    Schwartz could learn something from that...

    They won't be! America's team, remember? 


    Also, line was 44.5. Dallas scoring got it to 46. Wonder why they ate the flag on the 2pt conversion, even though THAT was the closest to actual DPI? The over was already guaranteed. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, Phila.:chip said:

    I have a real job, and stamina if you know what I mean. LOL at needing to tuck yourself in by midnight. You're either 17 or 77 years old. 

    Got me.


    Anyway, when you finally grow up, get married, and have kids - oh, and get a real real job - you'll appreciate bedtime vs. getting drunk on a Thursday night. You're obviously not a leader.

    P.S. 28. But close.