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  1. On 2/8/2020 at 8:08 AM, Sturm said:

    So that report was true he really did push away 33m a year? In the report it said he asked for 33m THEN said he wanted more? Like seriously what has he done, outside of always being healthy and in this league that has value. Who is whispering in this kid's ear to ask for more?

    Seriously. Forget how you compare to others in your industry for a second. There comes a particular dollar amount where your "ranking" no longer matters. $100M over three years... he would never have to work another day. Take home $50M after taxes, expenditures, union fees, etc.

    In a ONE PERCENT interest market, that's still half a million dollars he will make per year - minimum! - just by investing his money. 

    Plus his pension... plus his endorsement deals... plus, plus, plus...


    STFU and sign the deal.

  2. https://www.espn.com/chalk/story/_/id/28624524/patrick-mahomes-last-minute-kneel-downs-cost-many-bettors


    I would love to see the final two minutes of the Super Bowl again. I SWEAR Mahomes was getting confirmation from the refs on where to kneel. Have you ever seen someone - in the NFL - intentionally lose more than 1-2 yards per kneel down? Doesnt that normally happen under center?

    Would love to see someone in the NFL statistical world analyze the average, and top 10 largest, yards lost on three straight kneel downs.

    Vegas made an ENORMOUS amount of money by him losing FIFTEEN YARDS on three kneels.

    I recall him talking to the ref and another official before actually putting his knee on the ground. It was such a weird sequence, I didn't understand it in real time.

    Now I think I know.