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  1. 5 minutes ago, bigdog54 said:

    This drive has taught me 100 percent the problem is all coaching. Doug rotating guys in with to much presnap motion when you have this many players out. Doug is out of touch with his team and Zach Ertz reaction showed me what him and the rest of the team thinks of Doug right now.

    The WR on the far side of the play. Ertz had the snap count but Wentz pulled out of it while still making the snap call. I didnt see who the WR was, but I think it was JJAW.

  2. Browns defensive back Jermaine Whitehead keeps going on racist, gang-related tweet storms while threatening to shoot and kill fans/media personnel who criticize him. Even gave the Browns' HQ address as a place to meet up to shoot some people. Dude went off the deep end... and is still employed.

  3. Just now, Columbus Eagle said:

    Collinsworth just said "it wouldn’t matter anyway” on the no call push off on Cooper. What a retarded statement by a regarded man. 

    Are you shocked? He's literally been laughing at the Eagles.   How that wasn't OPI is beyond me. Right in front of the ref on the sideline as well. LITERALLY watched Cooper extend his arm, and nothing.


    This is the same ref that adamantly told another referee to eat the flag he threw on the Eagles' first drive.  When they "tangled legs", with Ozuwei's arm wrapped under Jeffery's shoulder pad.