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  1. 2 hours ago, dawkins4prez said:

    Either you suffer from reading comprehension or, as i am more inclined to believe, you are just stirring up race baiting claims on a whim.  Where is the sentence that confuses you?  Where does he say there is a lack of committment?  This is the only sentence I can see where you might understand that:

    Dude, he questions every firing without discussing their failures. The lone spot where he mentions sucking, Lewis's playoff record, the author IMMEDIATELY jumps back to state:



    It’s important to note, however, that Lewis took control of a hot mess."

    That was SIXTEEN F'ING YEARS AGO! He didn't win a playoff game - a SINGLE. PLAYOFF. GAME. - in sixteen years.

    Is Marvin Lewis really the prime candidate to annoint as the reason we need coaches to be a specific color? Really? Is his firing REALLY "unfair"? Final sentence:

    "Of course, fairness is not part of this process. Wilks is the latest African-American coach who could attest to that."

    Wilks had TERRIBLE in-game gaffes, and Rosen looked awful. David Johnson looked like David Carr. It's the same reason why Jeff Fisher was canned a few years ago: the QB of the future looked like the QB of a Pop Warner ADA team. And your stars weren't put in position to shine.

    It's why Tampa came out and said the next coach WILL have Winston as his QB. It's all about the young QB and finding success with them.

    God forbid coaches get fired when they lose. Here's a question: which white coach should have been fired (and wasn't) and why?

  2. 51 minutes ago, xzmattzx said:

    I was right, there was an article on ESPN.com yesterday about how the writer was troubled with all the Black head coaches getting fired.  Nevermind that they had shown they were not capable of performing at the level their employers wanted.

    Most annoying part of the article was defending Marvin Lewis and how great he did FIFTEEN years ago. Sounded more like defending him for his color than his results. But that would be racist...

  3. I just... I don't understand the call with that personnel. If you want to play downhill ball, but your biggest guys on the field. Dont run 2 WR 2 TE and expect to punch it in 2 yards out with 9 guys in the box. Dumb coaching. 

    Run them out wide if you want to hit it with that personnel. Dont ask your poorest blockers to play bunched tight.