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  1. 1 minute ago, D-Shiznit said:

    I know they will review the fumble, but is the recovery reviewed as well?

    The entire thing is, if I understand it correctly. Except when it happens near the boundaries and nobody in replay seems to care whether the player is in or out of bounds when they touch a loose ball. (Lions-Eagles)

  2. 6 hours ago, Hank_TheBody_Fraley said:

    I'll take him. My BiL, who is from Cleveland and a huge Cleveland fan, was pissed when they traded him. I trust his opinion on it, because he was a WR at Toledo and played arena ball a couple seasons....you don't have to trust his opinion, I'm just saying there's a reason I do.

    Hank Fraley just became a client of mine and I was a Rocket lol. Small world. UT had a lot of great WRs over the years. Moore, Hawkins, Page, Roberts, Ford... 

  3. 1 minute ago, e-a-g-l-e-s eagles! said:

    that is a play that should get guys thrown out of games. that was blatant that he did it to stop him.

    Unsportsmanlike Conduct on top of the regular penalty. That literally could have killed him. No joke.


    He was slow to get up. Hope it didn't do any muscular damage.

  4. I'm on the other end of the spectrum. I say they should ask the Bills just what they're willing to part with for #1. If they give up 12, 22, 53, and a 2019 1st or 2nd, HELL YES I'm taking that deal! 

    The draft has proven over, and over, and over that quantity > quality. It's a total crapshoot. These scouts and GMs hit on about 50% of their picks. You don't want to have 1 and 4 and only hit on one. I pull a Redskins and draft a QB at 12 and then use 64 or 114 on another QB.  

    One of the top 5 QBs will be there at 12. Nothing in the history of the NFL suggests one of them is a lock to be better than the other.

    4 - Quenton Nelson

    12 - Lamar Jackson

    22 - Mike McGlinchey

    33 - Mike Gesicki

    35 - James Daniels / Billy Price

    That offensive goes from a joke to ridiculous.

    QB Tyrod Taylor/Lamar Jackson

    RB Duke Johnson

    FB Danny Vitale

    WR Josh Gordon / Corey Coleman / Jarvis Landry

    TE David Njoku / Mike Gesicki

    LT Mike McGlinchey / Shon Coleman

    LG Quenton Nelson / Joel Bitoni

    C JC Tretter / Billy Price

    RG Kevin Zeitler / Spencer Drango 

    RT Chris Hubbard / Roderick Johnson


    For real... even Hue Jackson couldn't screw that up, right??? 53 you take the best corner available. They added Gaines and Randall via trades already. Then fill out your defense with backups the rest of the draft. Depth at LB, DL, S... that defense is already solid as is. Only hole is a RB behind Johnson. 64 wouldn't be a bad spot for one. 


    they could literally compete for the AFC Championship. 

  5. On 4/5/2018 at 5:33 PM, UK_EaglesFan89 said:

    And I really don't see why people are so down on Kizer. In a bad team with an awful line and not great receivers I thought he did OK. He flashed potential and yes he made mistakes but he was a rookie... And a developmental prospect too! Going to the Browns was the worst possible move for him. I think in the right team with the right approach he could be the best QB to come out of that years draft. 

    He never should have been starting. I don't find Hue Jackson to be brilliant with his player management - Duke Johnson never playing RB, Kizer in the lineup way to soon, Kizer in and out of the lineup constantly...

  6. 3 hours ago, Greenakers2 said:

    I had no firm opinion on this issue.........until this morning.  

    Indy:  Making an ore tenus motion to have your GM made an honorary Philadelphian.  I'm a long way from Indiana, but I could feel the heat coming off his neck all the way down here !  I think he'd kill McDaniels dead on a sidewalk if he had half a chance......................

    I was surfing Reich to the Colts before Garafolo thought it was cool.  Shocked if he doesn't get the gig.

    I am convinced beyond all doubt this fiasco is not on the Colts.  The rules are the rules, and they made no mistakes.



    Everybody who gets a chance should listen to what Casserly said after the PC.  Dungy told you some things in his subtle way...........I work better with the direct.

    I have mentioned before that there is an active GM in the NFL who friend of my family.  You don't know me-but I'm gonna tell ya something anyway:

    Visor boy better hope he's an unbridled success(or) in Boston-because he couldn't get a job as a waterboy outside there ever again.

    This wasn't a case where Irsay sought him-it was the other way round-to the point he begged them for the job!!!!!!:furious:

    The 3 assistants he wanted hired have no mutual guarantee beyond '18 with the new hire.

    the 5 additional assistants waiting for his arrival to sign are SOL-and unemployed.  There are "gentlemans agreements" around the NFL with regard to how these things get conducted.  The Krafts have never met an agreement they're unwilling to bend to suit themselves.


    This is going to have repercussions beyond what the media knows............................

    Interesting. After high school, I was never interested in the playing side of things.  But I find the roster building, salary cap management, and staffing side of things to be fascinating. It's very interesting to hear that he begged for the job, and I completely understand the hesitation of other management personnel to even look this guy's way again.


    Sad to hear about the other coaches though. I hope Indy takes care of them, either in house or fostering connections with other teams' management.

  7. 1 hour ago, The Eagles win! said:

    My father went to the 1960 championship game with his father, and had waited 58 years to watch the Eagles win another title. Last night, he finally got to watch the Eagles win the Super Bowl with his own son.

    Not to get overly emotional, but he’s an old man and honestly I don’t know how many years he has left. This is one of those little things in life that I’ll cherish.

    Even better, I was dejected after the Wentz injury, and he called me up and said not to worry, that Foles is a great QB and we can still win it all. He was on the Foles bandwagon from the start and even after the Raiders game never lost confidence in him.

    Username checks out.


    Great story. Congratulations to your dad.