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  1. [News] Building The Eagles' Draft Board

    Thank you Mr. Smith for a well written and enjoyable article. Go Birds.
  2. And I don't even think that roughing the passer in the game against GB even was a good call from the refs.
  3. Thankful for Sam Bradford on this Thanksgiving

    But... he had great completion stats. Can he at least have a special QBR award ?
  4. Hey everyone, glad to join up here, and greetings from good ol' Germany ! Damn, the Eagles are so awesome right now. I know, you are all so humble, don't want to get too excited just to be let down if things go sour - but I think we all should be celebrating no matter what. And here is why: The Eagles haven't just won the first three, they have been looking so damn good doing it. And that's what really matters: They play ball like we all want to see. So I don't even care if they lose some further down the road, they are showing up big time, and that is a promise they are making - and it is: good entertainment. I value that higher than just wins. I think Pederson is for real, and I am convinced Wentz is the Quarterback to start a new era for the Eagles. How about that? So yeah ! Time to be excited ! Celebrating in Germany, Philipp (aka Infam) Edit: Is there a post on Leonard Fournette on the Forums ? I would love to see him and / or JuJu Smith-Schuster to be our Picks in 2017..