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  1. McCaff32

    Irish Eagles

    Good to see Dallas and NYG losing last night. Don't think the Skins are as good as the Cards made them look .
  2. McCaff32

    Irish Eagles

    I'm happy that we aren't rushing Wentz back- From what I seen last night Foles didn't have that go up and get it WR - So I think the quicker Jeffery is back the better . No Super Bowl hangover - team isn't smelling themselves and back to grinding. nothing above the repeat mate ? Waited this long for one - now I'm greedy for another one ??
  3. McCaff32

    Irish Eagles

    HunterSeeker It's a labour of love at this point mate ? I'd only end up waking up every ten mins to check the score anyway ? At around 5.20 this morning I thought I was going to be going for my 2 hours sleep before a work very upset. but thankfully we held out- Thought Darby played very well - McLeod with two Interception chances missed ? But the main thing is 1-0 . just have to manoeuvre my way to 5pm now without falling asleep in the office ?
  4. McCaff32

    Irish Eagles

    Sitting up waiting patiently for the game to start- weather delay. work tomorrow is gonna be a long day ? Let's Go Birds ???
  5. McCaff32

    Irish Eagles

    Any of you any ideas how to make sure of seeing Eagles games live on to if sky sports aren't showing them? annoys me when we aren't the televised game? Hope you all enjoyed the Super Bowl ???? still smile thinking about it ? Any help is welcome ? Any of you on twitter?
  6. McCaff32

    Irish Eagles

    I'm an Eagles fan from Belfast-i started following the Eagles because of Terrell Owens.Im actually headed to New York in 5 weeks time- While I'm there my cousin and I are going to Philly for MNF. Vs Green Bay. It'll be my first visit to LFF and I cannot wait!