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  1. MJB

    Did we end the Patriots dynasty?

    I mean the Patriots arent as good as they make them out to be their Superbowl record since 2000 is a 5-4. And yes like what someone just said above me, they havent had a dynasty.
  2. thank god that goddam cess pool is off our team
  3. MJB

    Who Are You Rooting For?

    I think that rooting for a team in the Superbowl isn't about who is rivals anymore. The season is over and a win doesn't affect rival teams anymore. Cowboys, Giants, Redskins fan should be looking at how a Patriots win affects them getting another ring and competing with who has more rings.
  4. MJB

    T.O. Takes Another Swipe At McNabb

    and i dont give two shi*ts or a pis* neither of whats a good thing or bad thing for you
  5. MJB

    T.O. Takes Another Swipe At McNabb

    Your icon makes me think your a goddam vikings fan
  6. MJB

    T.O. Takes Another Swipe At McNabb

    T.O was a good player but arrogant and pompous. He is a virus for team unity. He has a personality that he wants all the spotlight and as long as he has spotlight he is happy. Not team player. He couldnt live with the fact that the QB is in charge and Mcnabb was the boss and that McNabb didnt always throw him the ball mostly. Eventually he did his same drama throughout every team he transferred to. Mcnabb was an awsome QB but over time got older and lost his spunk. My opinion I think morale was at a low when T.O. was on the team with his arrogance
  7. Yeah boring but exciting. Should have been on board already
  8. MJB

    Week 15: Cowboys @ Raiders

    uh yep but when this message was posted they were still in the hunt
  9. MJB

    Week 15: Cowboys @ Raiders

    Dallas is a long shot? They are on the door step to wild card spot lol.
  10. Interesting factoid Of the 8 home games this season Philadephia has won 6 of 6. Eagles 2 games they lost were away games. Oakland has lost 4 of its 8 away games. Won 2 of its away. The way they are playing they will probably end the season losing 6 of 8 away games. On a side note between the 3 NFC south teams which is pretty much a 3 way tie the only ones out of them that is an advantage is that the Saints own the Panthers. As far as Saints vs Falcons or Carolina vs Panthers the games all end in a field goal so its undeciding.
  11. MJB

    Week 15: Cowboys @ Raiders

    Why the hell are we using index cards in football games? !!!!!
  12. MJB

    Week 15: Cowboys @ Raiders

    LOL You dont like playing a divisional rival cause Eagles will destroy the Cowboys in the playoffs, regular season or even in ice skating! LMAO!
  13. MJB

    Week 15: Cowboys @ Raiders

    Raiders and Pittsburgh were both robbed at the end of both games.
  14. MJB

    Week 15 Open Discussion.

    Yeah I posted the earlier post so at end of week 17 I wanted to see how off or how spot on I was.