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  1. echosam


    Quick check of, doesn't look like he was ever on any teams regular season roster. Spent a few years on various practice squads, but never made a 53-man regular season roster. Seattle 2012, Buffalo 2013, Tampa 2014, Washington 2015. He spent 2013 training camp in Dallas, and a month on PS and the next spring in Washington. "Played for" would be a stretch...
  2. From "... So Jaylon basically gets his guarantees, a $5 million signing bonus and a significant raise two years early. All this only costs the Cowboys an extra $500,000 against the 2019 salary cap. So look, there is "pie” left for Zeke, Dak and Amari."
  3. echosam

    Your team can't win the next Super Bowl ...

    Watching Demarcus Ware win one in Denver was a little painful... Happy for him, and all, but still.
  4. echosam

    Your team can't win the next Super Bowl ...

    I agree. And it's another team and fanbase that still doesn't have one.
  5. echosam

    The Dak Prescott 16

    Fear... it's fear that motivates this. For example, every time the subject of paying Dak far more than he is worth, the paid media shills on, or Dallas sports radio remind everyone of what it was like before Romo. Remember the desert of mediocre to crappy QBs? Do you want to go back to that? Better to grossly overpay the slightly above average guy we have than to go back to that.... What if Wentz doesn't play well this year or, God forbid, gets hurt again... you will have this same problem next year at this time. Over pay your fragile but pretty good QB, or spend a few more years with mediocre to crappy QBs to look for another one. Fear of more years of bad quarterbacking... that's why team give big contracts to average to slightly above average QBs.
  6. echosam

    Hall of Fame reveals finalists for Class of 2019

    Coryell and Gonzalez are, to me, no brainers. Mawae, Bruce, James and Atwater maybe. I have a high standard for 1st ballot. Are Reed and Bailey 1st ballot great? I dunno, I think that honor should be for the top few ever. They were great, and will be in eventually, I just don't know about 1st ballot. Gonzalez is considered one of, if not the greatest at his position, worthy of 1st ballot.
  7. Coaching matters. Having an offense minded Head coach helps you QBs, Having one who himself was a QB helps, but only so much. Head coaches only have so much time they can spend with the QB, and especially after the first year. That's when your Offensive coach and QB coach should take over for continued development. Everyone is all in for the new kid, but seem to find better tings to do after the first year. Having a good QB coach definitely helps, especially in year 2-3. Wentz: Pederson, HC, DeFilippo, QB coach, develops into Pro Bowler, DeFillippo leaves, Pederson too busy being HC, QB coach is simply due to being a college QB and on the staff. No further development or improvement Who is coaching/developing Wentz? Prescott: Garrett, HC (former NFL QB and QB coach), Wilson (former NFL QB) QB coach, significant mentoring from Sanchez, Amazing development as rookie Sanchez and Wilson leave, QB coach was a good College QB with no coaching experience, No further development, or improvement Prescott's rookie year Garrett would frequently stay after practice to help work on his skills, that hasn't happened the past two years. Who is coaching Prescott? Nobody, and it shows. Goff: Rookie: Defensive HC (Fisher), Chris Weinke, QB coach. NFL QB, but zero coaching experience. No Development, considered Bust. 2nd year: McVay HC (Not a former QB, but at least an O minded one), Olson, QB coach (College QB with years of QB, and OC coaching experience), OC LaFleur (Years of QB and OC coaching experience, developed RG III and Cousins in their rookie year), Significant Development 3d year: LaFleur and Olson leave for Tennessee and Oakland, Replaced by Eagles QB coach older Brother, who has never coached QBs, although was a pretty good college QB. No further development Rosen: Wilkes: Former DC, OC fired 1/2 way thru season replaced by Leftwich, who was not replaced as QB coach. Some development, none since Leftwich took over as OC (therefore unable to focus on Rosen's development). Seems the kid is going to need a dedicated QB coach who knows what he is doing. Leave it to the former DC, Wilkes to think his rookie franchise QB doesn't need a coach.
  8. echosam

    Why Does Eli Manning Never Get Injured?

    Veteran QBs, especially the good ones, have learned to get rid of the ball before getting hit, or learn how not to take a bad hit. This comment and the one by pisceschica above about Brady illustrate this. If you are going to get hit, get down or at least protect yourself. Prescott has issues getting rid of the ball. But he doesn't get hit like most.. you know, pressure coming, gets rid of ball at last second, takes hit... he just gets sacked. But, when he does, its usually him getting dragged down, not getting freight-trained by some D-lineman. If he sees a defender with a clean shot he cant avoid, he turns and protects himself. And he is a big guy, for a QB, so he can take some hits. Some QBs stand in the pocket until a 280-300 lb D-lineman runs him over and plows him into the turf, and doesn't seem to protect themselves as well. While that may seem admirable to be the "brave QB who stands tall in the pocket until the last second and takes the hit while throwing the last second pass..." it's not that conducive to a long career. I remember reading about Peyton Manning, and how he dealt with injury in Denver. He had to learn to never hold the ball... drop back, read, nothing, throw it away.. never wait for a receiver to come open, either you have an open receiver or you don't. Drop, read, throw... whether to a receiver or out of bounds, throw. Never hold... Don't take hits.