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  1. Houston Eagles fans?

    Where do you get your kolachis?
  2. Foro libre para los hispanoparlantes

    Lo siento por mi Espanol horrible - lo mejor que me puedo hablar. La esposa de mi primo es de Columbia. Encanta a futbol American y a los Eagles. Especialmente a Sproles. Ella lo llama "El Cunejo"
  3. I was at the Steelers game and didn't notice the sound system being an issue. Oregon Steaks, right down the road, is a good steak place.
  4. The offensive line carried the offense. If they keep them together and healthy, Dak will be dangerous, especially if they keep running the ball. Nothing takes pressure off a QB like pounding the ball. It will be interesting to see which QB does better this year, Wentz or Dak. I'm betting on Wentz. He had to learn some hard lessons last year. Dak didn't.
  5. You sure avoided answering any of mine. Do you work for the government?
  6. An opinion is an opinion. What makes yours special? The two of you sharing it? Do Trump and Bannon share opinions? Does that make them good?
  7. shares my opinion
  8. Reggie White because the #)%#%&#%+ let him go to another team where he did his thing NOT in an Eagles uniform. Hurt worse than Dawkins being sent off.
  9. Her initial shock seems to turn to delight when she finds out the grabber has money. This is the sad part. Oh you're famous, go ahead!
  10. $40 To Park?!?!?

    The prices still kill me. They charge $60 or something for standing room! Unbelievable. It hurts when it is a bad game.
  11. $40 To Park?!?!?

    I wouldn't know since I go to one game a year, if I am lucky. It is expensive but there is no substitute. If I didn't have friends with season tickets I can pay face value for from time to time, I would hardly ever go.
  12. $40 To Park?!?!?

    There is nothing like being there. Cost? Last time I went, it was $50 to park (split 4 ways) plus tailgate, but you'd be eating food and drinking anyway. $100 so far, then tickets, which were $135 each, so minimum is close to $200 if you add in a couple of beers in the stadium. Depends on tickets. I really wanted to go to the Eagles vs Steelers and bought better tickets than normal because it was what I could get.
  13. Kirk Cousins wants out of Washington?

    My hope is the Redskins keep cousins while letting all his receivers go.
  14. $40 To Park?!?!?

    I like parking at the Holiday Inn but think last year it might have been close to $50? Best place to park and we always have good tailgates there. Leaving is easier than a lot of lots.