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    I'm meh on them. Can't get much worse then meh. Only team I hate right now is the next one on the schedule.
  2. eaglesfanfromND

    What Pats fans are saying as their dynasty crumbles

    Now that one I do think they could have overturned as the ball did move but not enough apparently. I mean it wasn't an obvious call either way, probably would have stood whether they initially called incomplete as well.
  3. eaglesfanfromND

    What Pats fans are saying as their dynasty crumbles

    How long does a guy have to run with the ball before he is considered to have completed the catch? I mean he ran at least 5 yards and I don't think he was bobbling it.
  4. eaglesfanfromND

    Teams you hate worse than the Patriots? If any?

    I hate the Cowgirls and Packers. Every other team is tolerable but I can't stand those 2. America's team my a**! Titletown my a**! F them cocky a-holes!
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    [News] Dorenbos Trade A 'Difficult' One For Team

    Thanks to Jon for 10 great years! I'm guessing this was gonna happen anyway. Get younger and cheaper to open money for bigger needs. Just business...
  6. Considering what we have seen from the backup QB's so far I do not want Wentz running the ball unnecessarily. Scrambling is one thing but no read option stuff please.
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    Carson Wentz or Marcus Mariota?

    Both are great young QB's. Marioto has an extra year of NFL experience plus more college experience and a better running game in TN. Right now you'd have to give the nod to MM. I think Carson is going to have a breakout season this year.