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  1. Football cards from yesteryear

    That was the original intent of my post. To see if anyone remembered what it was they liked about the football or any sportcards they collected before it turned into a financially driven activity. I remembered meeting Eagles linebacker Harold Wells and when I got home I was so disappointed that there was no football card for him. I found the Eagles team photo from the Bulletin or Inquirer and confirmed that was who I met. Anybody have one of those old photos? I haven't seen one of those in years.
  2. Football cards from yesteryear

    Back before thinking of only the monitary value of the cards. I remember the anticipation of finding your favorite player. Then your jaw would hurt from 2 hours of chewing that pink bubblegum.
  3. Football cards from yesteryear

    Found a box of old football cards in the attic the other day. Now everyone says "sell them" or "how much are they worth". Got me to thinking, before Becket came out with the price guide, what made you collect football cards when you were a kid?