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  1. It's a pretty shameless move for higher revenue that will clearly decrease the quality of the product. If you are serious about player safety, adding another game is a blatant contradiction.
  2. eagle45

    Clowney's Stats at the Half-Way Mark

    I would have traded a 3rd for Clowney. I think his overall performance in a DE friendly Seattle scheme indicates that he may not have been worth it. The argument to preserve playing time for Barnett as if he's some stud is very silly, but I don't think Clowney was intrinsically worth it in hindsight.
  3. eagle45

    Clowney's Stats at the Half-Way Mark

    Barnett isn't the type of player where I really care about reducing his time. He's not special or even close to it. But no...Clowney isn't doing much.
  4. Holt and Bruce should be slam dunk HOF.
  5. eagle45

    Andrew Luck decides to retire

    Santa has a better legacy than Andrew Luck.
  6. eagle45

    Andrew Luck decides to retire

    Meh, it's not much. Mcnabb did more and was often boo'ed.
  7. eagle45

    Andrew Luck decides to retire

    What did he do for them again? Turned them around from a bad season? That’s nice I guess.
  8. If I gave someone my herpes I'd have the decency to send some Valtrex their way too.
  9. eagle45

    Embarrassing plays by NFL Hall-of-Famers

    Very cool video actually.
  10. eagle45

    Giants WR Golden Tate appealing 4 game suspension

    It’s good to think 5 steps ahead. Trading away some of our talent to make the Giants incrementally better so they don’t have the number one pick is exactly one step too many to think ahead.
  11. eagle45

    Seahawks and Wilson agree to mega contract

    You mean if he does something he’s never done and sustainably plays the way he did during the best 13 game stretch of his career. In that case, yes, he’s worth 30+ million. You can say that about quite a few guys.
  12. eagle45

    AAF Officially Dead , 2 weeks before end of season.

    Developmental leagues don't work for the football the way they do for baseball, soccer, and hockey. The NFL takes a much more severe toll on the body. Players primes are 23-27 and, in many cases, players are already declining years before they even hit 30. With the exception of QB, skills acquisition in football actually happens MUCH faster than it does in other sports (no offense, but it's true). Sure there can be rare exceptions to the rule, but other sports with successful developmental leagues actually use it as a key stepping stone for EVERYONE in their talent pipeline...not just for scrubs who have been passed by on the off chance that they catch lightning in a bottle. In that regard, NCAA football IS the developmental league and there really is no room for another.
  13. eagle45

    Anyone else get sad watching the Saints,Chiefs, Rams

    Exactly. I've been saying this for years. The NFL wants games like Monday night. It has become arena football. Do I like that? No. I wish an 8 yard run from a physical back was still a big play. I wish an elite DL could still win games and stifle an offense. I wish a big, imposing WR was still a relatively efficient way to move the football. But none of those things are true. The Eagles are SLOW on offense...and guys with track speed running free are the way to light up the scoreboard to the tune of 50+ points. And that's how you win in this league. Even the best DB's in the NFL are helpless against this, so I'm not so sure that DB is actually even much of a need in the offseason. But explosive offensive weapons? We need that in multiples.
  14. eagle45

    Hue Jackson FIRED by The Browns

    How do you NOT fire a guy after going 1-31 and THEN pull the trigger after he commits to a rookie #1 pick and goes 2-5-1? What the hell were they expecting this year? 4-4?
  15. eagle45

    NFL Owners Already Re-thinking Chargers in L.A.

    They are 4-2. Just wait until Rivers retires and they find themselves amongst the league's worst teams in the dregs of a QB search with zero marketable players. Nobody would care about the Rams either if they weren't the most dominant team in the NFL. They still can't even put up a home field advantage. That city shouldn't even have 1 team, let alone 2.