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  1. This will make recruiting impossible. I have a deep respect for everyone at every level of the military. So I understand the point of not giving a free pass to the football players when everyone else must serve. I also understand that many members of the military ranks are not exactly the most skilled individuals with the best resumes...joining the military was a decision that made financial sense (nothing wrong with that). But I do think certain higher achievers in the military, who have other options, need to be rewarded sufficiently that they are not driven away. That applies to a star athlete. So I'm not crazy about this. If you're not willing to let them go, then you're not going to attract new ones.
  2. Ezekiel Elliott injures head in car crash

    Most damage he's done to the Cowboys in a long time then...
  3. 9 players and counting and none of them are any good. Accumulating picks is great. Cleveland is taking it too far and is just diluting picks now.
  4. 'Johnny Football' Making A Comeback?

    Manziel is a loser and a failure...but 2 years as Brees' backup (if the Saints would even be interested) is probably the absolute best possible situation for him to give him a shred of a shot. Ignore the off-field incidents for a second...his playing style sucks for the NFL. Learning under Brees and the Saints offense might be the ONE fit that teaches him to be an NFL QB. I'd bet heavily against it...
  5. They needed to come up with a better, faster transition plan than to torture players and fans alike with 2 more meaningless lame duck seasons in front of an Oakland fan base that knows it's losing the team.
  6. 1 team in Vegas makes more sense than 2 in LA with 1 of them playing in an MLS park befitting a division III college team.
  7. Indy Deals...Prime 47

    Dave, All the rumor mills keep saying all the deals were drawn up at Prime 47. Talk about nice advertising. Why is this the NFL's official smokey back room of contract/trade talks? What is Howie's opinion? Indy has a Cap Grille, Mortons, etc...
  8. Kirk Cousins wants out of Washington?

    And the worst part...a sensitive fan with foresight hopes for the later. A GM knows he'll be fired if he takes that route. So he has no choice but to push forward and maximize a plan that he knows isn't good enough.
  9. Kirk Cousins wants out of Washington?

    If I were a Redskins fan, I'd be praying they franchise and trade Cousins, then sign Foles. Looks for talented developmental arms in the mid-rounds of the draft. As an Eagles fan, I hope they show him big money. Cousins has had success against the Eagles and isn't a bad qb, but he's not good enough for a mega-deal. That will just hold them back.
  10. Kirk Cousins wants out of Washington?

    If I were Snyder, I'd be very tempted to sign Foles, let Cousins walk, and spend the many, many millions in savings on a couple elite FA's.
  11. XFL was good for something

    Interesting show and thread. The issue with a minor league system are wear/tear/injuries. The NFL, more so than any major sport, breaks down its players. Teams would rather stash a valuable project in the gym and on the practice field in shorts and break them in during camp and preseason than they would send them off to play in a minor league. Anyone who is drafted and makes the final 53 would not be placed in this league. It would be exclusively for practice squad types and for guys who could not make rosters. Could that still work and be interesting? Maybe, maybe not. Teams would literally need an additional special secondary salary cap to fund and populate their "minor league" team with players that have zero overlap with their 50 or so top guys under contract.
  12. It's the fastest growing metro area over 2 million without a football team. It's the country's gambling center and playground. An NFL franchise makes sense in Vegas...both for the NFL making $$$ and for fans. It makes a lot more sense than 2 teams in a city that barely wanted 1...or having an NFL team play in a stadium befitting an MLS team for 2 years.
  13. A 6th round pick for a selfie of the Steelers GM with their WR board in the background?
  14. kickoff through the uprights = 1 point

    If the extra point continues to become a dicey proposition and you add the possibility of a 25% chance at an extra point on every kickoff, having an elite kicker, statistically, will be as important as just about any other position on the field after QB and LT. You are looking at a tangible point and win difference for each team based on who the kicker is.
  15. Would start here. If a washed up Miles Austin started here, I'd welcome a washed up Andre Johnson. Too bad.