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  1. Good evening everybody, (here in Paris, it's 1am) I'm Erkan, i'm 24 years old and i live in Paris, France, i started following the NFL since a few years but i just recently found a team (Philly) i used to watched differents teams like the Panthers, Seahawks and the Vikings but with the time i understand that i had no special things with these teams. Differents reasons made me a Eagles fan : 1- the two highlights that i will always remembered was the winning punt return of Djax against the Giants and a highlight of Shady Mccoy back then when Vick and Djax was there too. 2- Our helmets are dope...for me they are the best in the league without no doubt (off course i love the jerseys too, but not a big fan of the black one) 3- Brian Dawkins...(the first time i watched a video of him on Youtube, i became a instant fan) despite that i don't had the chance to watch him perform. These 3 reasons made me a Eagles fan, i hope that one day i will watch a game in Philly and maybe meet some of you guys...;) E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES !