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  1. EaglesFanNoDak

    [News] Early Thinking On Some Roster Battles To Watch

    Ah, good to know. I didn't know that and had assumed a shovel pass was considered an incomplete pass if dropped.
  2. EaglesFanNoDak

    [News] Early Thinking On Some Roster Battles To Watch

    Whoops! I mean Shovel pass!!!
  3. EaglesFanNoDak

    [News] Early Thinking On Some Roster Battles To Watch

    One a different note: I wish the Eagles would use the shovel pass some. Against the Vikings and other teams with an aggressive D-Line, I think a shuttle pass could really work well. That and a good dose of screen passes, etc. Let the D-line in and then watch them scramble to catch up with one of the backs that the Eagles have. In my game plan; run some then hand off to RB who flips back to Wentz who then throws deep.
  4. EaglesFanNoDak

    [News] Early Thinking On Some Roster Battles To Watch

    GreenbleedinFL, I respect your opinion. But I threw that notion out there somewhat purposely to make a point. I believe the Vikings have some self-doubt, especially Cousins. If the Eagles get an early lead, he, Cousins, will feel the pressure of making something happen and reacting to pressure hasn't been his strong suit. It seems that even his teammates are not fully confident that he will take the initiative to take the needed risk(s) to lead a team to victory. Cousins isn't like Brady or Rogers or other QBs who have demonstrated the where-with-all to play clutch. Instead he focuses on not making a mistake rather than how can I help to win the game. What one focuses on is very important. Focus on winning and you're likely to win. Focus on (not making) mistakes and you'll most likely make mistakes. With the wrong focus it all snowballs downward onto itself. He creates (but I completed a high percentage of passes (many of which went to the check-down)) and finds excuses for himself rather than being totally focused on how to help the team win. And that is what separates elite teammates from the also-rans. And that is why I think the Eagles should be favored to win - the starting QBs are not equal.
  5. EaglesFanNoDak

    [News] Early Thinking On Some Roster Battles To Watch

    Sunday's game will most likely be determined, IMHO, by turnovers. Whoever wins that battle should win the game. On a neutral field, I think the Eagles should be favored. But the home team gets a little advantage, so I'm thinking the odds makers will consider the Eagles at Vikings to be about even. But there is another intangible, if the Eagles jump out early, I would expect the Vikings to implode. On the other hand, if the Vikings take an early lead, the Eagles won't fold but instead struggle back. As long as they don't turn over the ball, my prediction is another win for the Eagles. Should be a good game.
  6. EaglesFanNoDak

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    Wentz has signed a very good contract it appears, but will likely soon not be paid at the elite level relative to other top tier QBs.. If that was his intent, I think he is being very wise. If you hold out for the best possible contract, then you are going to be under a lot of extra pressure game in, game out, to prove it. Both Dak and Carson should be very happy with what was or is now being offered. Getting too greedy isn't going to play out well for either of them, IMHO. And it appears that soon it will be clear that Carson has accepted a very reasonable yet lucrative offer. I would recommend that Dak do the same. P.S. it appears to me that the Eagles now have as much over-all team talent as do the Cowboys. This 2019 season should allow for an apples to apples comparison, in which case it should be easier to rate each QB on a relative scale. In recent prior years I think the Eagles have simply been somewhat of over-achievers. Dallas has had the better over-all team talent. A lot of the recent success or not has been due to the coaching staff. Doug Peterson isn't getting enough credit in all of this QB rating chatter. Carson is lucky to be on the Eagles rather than most any other NFL team. My guess - the Cowboys, especially Dak, will be under a LOT of pressure this season to be as good as the Eagles. But that is not going to happen. The Eagles will clearly overtake the Cowboys in 2019.
  7. EaglesFanNoDak

    [News] Your Eagles Draft Cheat Sheet

    P.S. I like that Hernandez guy from Texas too. He's a guard I think.
  8. EaglesFanNoDak

    [News] Your Eagles Draft Cheat Sheet

    I like Roquan Smith and Quintan Nelson, but they certainly won't be there at #32. The Eagles don't need a QB, but the guy from Oklahoma State seems like he could be a later round pick and yet very successful QB in the NFL. ... curious just how the draft will play out - like many fans.
  9. EaglesFanNoDak

    [News] Jim Schwartz Prepares For Potent Chiefs

    That seems about right to me too. Yes, there were mistakes mixed with great successes. But what didn't happen is much in the way of a running game. I would think that the Eagles need to considerably improve on that and in the near future.