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  1. Your concerns are possible. Injuries and/or defensive let-downs can really change things of course. But I hope and do believe they will get into the playoffs. Carson will be under a lot of scrutiny in 2017 and he will make mistakes. But he will be expected, like everyone on the team, to keep them to a minimum. A lot will depend on him and the team keeping the faith in their collective abilities and their effort, even after a costly slip-up. Their opponents will make mistakes too. So I sure hope they don't ever give up nor get shy about taking risk. Many games will be close and decided late. When it gets late into a game, defenses start to wear down and I like to believe that that is where a mobile and strong armed QB can have the most impact, especially now with so many speedy teammates who can catch the ball. We will soon enough find out. It should be very exciting.
  2. P.S. One advantage the Eagles have over all the other NFC east teams is their special teams. I would be curious to know what percentage of games are actually decided by special teams.
  3. I feel like both the skins and giants are beatable. But the cowboys will be formidable. Tyron Smith is a beast and he ain't the only one on that team that is. The Eagles offense should be better. It is the Eagles defense that could really change things. We'll see. It would be good to have a sense of where Sydney Jones is at. I was super high on him prior to the draft. Now? Will ever be what he was? Will he be able to play this year? IMHO, any injury to or let-down by the Eagles CBs and there could be trouble.
  4. It really seams like the Eagles are going to be in it until late in the season and so are the others. The team that wants it the most will prevail. It should be an interesting year.
  5. That is much how I see it too. His weakness is taking risk that might result in injury. I certainly hope that doesn't happen of course. Dropped or missed passes in OTAs doesn't seem like that much of a concern to me. I would think that OTAs is the time and place to experiment and push the envelope. This season should be pretty intense for Wentz and the Eagles in general. Actually, I think the defense has improved a lot and that really can affect the wins and losses. I don't see that much improvement or down grade for the other teams in the NFC east. The other NFC east teams should be about the same as last year, except maybe for the Giants who might tail off a bit. But still it will be close. My hope is for 10 - 6. My best guess is 9 - 7. Sure hope for better and a division win. It all translates into an "intense" season. We shall see soon. But if the defense truly is better, that may be the biggest key to a very successful season.
  6. My question is about reporters always asking about Wentz when interviewing various Eagles players. It seems to be almost excessive. But why might I ask that? In truth, I became an Eagle's fan due to the "Cinderella" ride that Carson has had so far; to be drafted 2nd overall and then the starter at the beginning of the season and all while not having played at one of the "elite" schools. It feels like everyone is constantly asking the same question - can he really be a franchise QB? My concern is that this fascination will lead to trouble. CW is being put into the position of put up or shut now...in 2017. This can't be good for him or the Eagles. It is certain, that there will be shortfalls in 2017. Maybe only some. Maybe more than some. What is your take on this CW obsession? And how will that eventually make other players on the team feel?
  7. Honestly think there will be less pressure on Wentz this year.....Last year he got thrust into the starting line up last min. With coming off injury in preseason so no real reps there....The supporting cast was sub par to be nice....Top all that off we started off fast so expectations where risen....This year Wentz gets to be the guy from the start...Expectations not changing we in the mix to compete for the East....Plus Wentz should have a much stronger supporting cast then last year.... I kind of agree that there will be much more external pressure put on Wentz this season. His success in 2016 came as a surprise. In 2017 for various reasons the bar will be much higher from the fans and the media. I think Carson will handle the elevated expectations well. But they will be there in 2017. My biggest worry for him is that he will risk injury in over striving for success. That is possibly his only real weakness. Baring that possible badness, this upcoming 2017 season could be a major leap forward for the Eagles offense.
  8. Very happy with the emphasis on defense in this draft. Also happy with the players selected. All seem like excellent choices to me. Good guys who have proven results. We see so much about this player is too small, too tall, too slow, went to the wrong school,... While I can see some of that being a factor, it is very hard to argue with proven results. Tom Brady got drafted in the 6th round because he was too slow, too this and that ... But he has consistently generated results.
  9. That seems very right. The Eagles pretty much finished the offense with Alshon and Torrey Smith already. Defense, in particular pass defense, is where their needs are. IMHO.
  10. It seems like some team(s), think Cleveland, will do something foolish in the draft. Although CB seems a likely choice, both a need and one of the top ones should be there at #14, there might be a blunder that allows one of the super studs to be there for the Eagles. Then what? I've heard that Foster should be one of the top 3 in the draft, but he is not projected until #10 or later in many mock drafts. Or how about J. Allen? If Fournette slid down to #14, I'd either trade down or take him with a plan to trade him to somebody else (maybe for the other teams top corner and extra draft picks?). This could get interesting. I think there are about 10 super studs and potentially 2 or more QBs will go early. Something surprising could happen.