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  1. That seems about right to me too. Yes, there were mistakes mixed with great successes. But what didn't happen is much in the way of a running game. I would think that the Eagles need to considerably improve on that and in the near future.
  2. I don't really know what's the best play or not. But the Eagles seem to be consistently winning in the time of possession. That seems like a good thing.
  3. I'm lost. Where?
  4. This next game against Washington is a biggie. Not just for the Eagles but for Carson as well. Obviously this is a very important game just by being against a division rival. But really there are many other measurements of the team's progress at stake. 1) is the defense better than 2016? 2) especially the revamped 2ndary? 3) is their running game on an upward tilt over 2016? 4) is the revamped receiver group better? And more explosive? 5) The O-line and D-line? The Eagles have invested a lot in order to be better in the trenches. Will they be? 6) and probably most noticeably, is the QB, Wentz, better than in 2016? The Eagles have a tough assignment coming up on Sunday. If they win and in a way that is not some kind of fluke, that will be the first real indicator, not just for me, but the for the team themselves; that all the strategies, maneuvers and hard work is paying off. Even better, if they show improvement in all areas mentioned above as well as win the game, then almost surely the rest of the NFL will quickly perceive them to be a real play-off contender. This will all be on the line in just a few days from now. But! It is an away game and very important for the Redskins too. I'm sure they know that. They will be favored to win and certainly will play very hard to ensure that outcome. It is more likely that the Eagles will lose and then there will be many who question where the Eagles are headed! Losing to the Redskins would be a real challenge for them. It is if and when the Eagles lose that we will be best able to see whether the team believes in themselves and each other or not. This IS a very BIG game for the Eagles!
  5. It does seem like it will be almost like a play-off game as it could determine which team makes the play-offs. Practically everyone expects a close race for winning the division with any one of the 4 teams equally likely to win it.
  6. If I understand what you are suggesting as possible, I agree, it feels like Celek will be the odd man out, after the Eagles make the final cut down to 53. But after that final cut and assuming he isn't claimed off of waivers, could he be re-activated at some future point?
  7. I don't fully understand all of those choices, but this sounds like the most likely one that will be made. If not, his injury isn't progressing as well as hoped.
  8. My reading of the "tea leaves" suggests, and this isn't too hard to suggest, that one or more receivers will be traded, if possible, for future draft picks. Given that , it makes sense to me that McGloin will be the QB vs. Jets as he has worked the most with the 2nd string receivers and gives them the best chance to look good. So try this thought on - both McGloin and a receiver will go in a package deal to some team. And who might that team be? An obvious choice is the Jets. All this suggests that the Jets vs Eagles game is partly an audition of McGloin and some WR to be traded to the Jets! That outcome would be a win-win-win. The Eagles get future draft picks for what they likely can't keep on their roster anyway. The Jets get a QB and a WR that has chemistry with that QB. The players involved land a job for 2017. It is a win-win-win.
  9. Can a veteran, such as Celek or Dorenbos be "exposed" to the PS for a day in order to keep Pumphrey or Clement or whomever? Then later, Pumphrey or whomever, gets moved to the PS and Celek or Dorenbos gets moved to the activate roster?
  10. How does one go from Philly area to ND? Oil field(s)?
  11. Actually, you can see Carson going through his progressions when he does that. My hunch is that the CB gets scared "sh....ess" when he sees Carson "lock" on to a receiver. "Oh my gosh, the safety isn't backing me up and I'm getting beat". That "lock on" may not be a bad thing. A fake "lock" and then fake throw could really get a corner to react badly...then delay a moment and then throw. That is a little bit of what happened on the TD to Alshon yesterday. I wish the Eagles would do that every so often; "Fake" a throw to a short receiver, then throw deep.
  12. No Dak is fine with me. You have found me out. I'm originally from North Dakota ( a long time ago and that is how I became an Eagle's fan after CW was drafted out of NDSU. "No Dak" is slang for "North Dakota hick" or some such. Thus I chose a handle of "EaglesFanNoDak". My brother-in-law who went to NDSU mentioned about a year ago that a player from NDSU might get drafted in the 1st round. I asked, really, what position does he play? His reply was QB. Which really surprised me. So I asked how did that come about. He said, the NDSU QB is very competitive, he is big, learns anything very quickly, and has a cannon for an arm. So that is how I got interested in the Eagles. I had no pun intention about "No Dak" but then.....whatever. Back to the Eagles, it looks like they will have some tough choices for who makes the 53-man roster.
  13. IMHO, the rookies that will make the final 53 man cut are: Barnett, sure bet R. Douglas, sure bet M Hollins, sure bet Jones will be on PUP Pumprey on special teams, pretty sure bet S. Gibson, 'iffy N. Gerry, injury, practice squad Quails, practice squad if he clears waivers C. Clement will make the team, I think can M. Johnson make the final cut? But after the 53-man cut, there might be some "adjusting" and Pumprey gets deactivated and replaced by either Beau Allen or, more probably, Sidney Jones on the active roster.
  14. IMHO, there are a lot of variables with wins and losses; injuries, key players performances, coaches, and player personnel contract handling, etc. But a good defense overcomes many of those challenges, just mentioned. I think the D will be better in 2017 over 2016 and that will make it easier for coaches, QBs, management, I think the defense has more depth and that should really help in those close ball-games near the end of the game when everything starts ratcheting up. We'll see. I hope I'm right.
  15. I really hope Wentz doesn't take a "big hit". That has been my worry for some time. He seems to want to take chances that maybe shouldn't be taken. Look what has happened to Andrew Luck. It is really starting to look as though Carson and the Eagles will become a factor "this" season rather then waiting until 2018. So for Carson, "please play smart and thus be available to play when the playoffs come around!" On the other hand, I hope he and the rest of the 1st stringers play more than one series tonight. Also, if I were the coach, I would consider playing Foles for a series or two. It doesn't look like McGloin will make the initial 53-man roster cut, so maybe it is time to start gearing up for that inevitability.