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  1. What's also real is Cousins to Pryor.
  2. Don't count out Smallwood. He made a point to get stronger this offseason. If they don't bring in a vet, he could be a surprise lead back.
  3. Well, I would say he tried, but Logan and Allen are space-eaters, not penetrators. And Barwin is still getting blocked into Delaware.
  4. Will teams continue to double Fletch if Jernigan's constantly getting home? Will BG be left alone a play or 2? Will the rookie bust out and dominate from day 1 like he did in Tennessee? I really like the prospects of our front 4 this year. And from everything ive watched, DT Elijah Qualls looks like he can just as much of a wrecking machine inside like our top 2 guys. Cant wait to see Schwartz set these guys loose!