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  1. Maybe a different verb here, pahtnah'.
  2. Benny was getting some damn good push all game.
  3. Tough spot? It's all but a lock, and that's just if you look at the most recent stuff. I'd say it's very naive to think the league was unaware of the tweets by witnesses to the bar incident that mysteriously disappeared, the victim's broken nose and his subsequent social media disappearance, his lack of contact with officials or filing of any reports, AND the fact that it was reported he was looking to get a selfie with Zeke, aka A Dallas fan. You think the owners will not be putting pressure on Goodell in light of all this?
  4. Rappaport made the mention of a 6 game suspension being the "norm" for domestic violence cases, but at this point nobody has any idea what the league will hand down for this particular case. But also, the personal conduct policy makes it very clear that "any prior incidents can be considered aggravating factors in future discipline." And Elliot assuredly has a growing list.
  5. Thursday Night Football, Sept 21st. SF hosts the Rams in primetime on NFL Network.
  6. Well, not really, as KC has 6. Dallas has 5, as do 8 other teams (Phi, Was, GB, Atl, NE, Pit, Den, Oak). So...
  7. Case closed for the Dallas PD, not the NFL. Garafolo said the league will be continuing this investigation exactly the same way they did the Ray Rice case.
  8. There was a tweeter who said he just saw Zeke knock him out. That person is no longer on twitter. He's vanished. ^^ also vanished.
  9. What's also real is Cousins to Pryor.
  10. Don't count out Smallwood. He made a point to get stronger this offseason. If they don't bring in a vet, he could be a surprise lead back.
  11. Well, I would say he tried, but Logan and Allen are space-eaters, not penetrators. And Barwin is still getting blocked into Delaware.
  12. Will teams continue to double Fletch if Jernigan's constantly getting home? Will BG be left alone a play or 2? Will the rookie bust out and dominate from day 1 like he did in Tennessee? I really like the prospects of our front 4 this year. And from everything ive watched, DT Elijah Qualls looks like he can just as much of a wrecking machine inside like our top 2 guys. Cant wait to see Schwartz set these guys loose!