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  1. In PA, as of last year, you can buy alcohol in a very few stores but you need to use a separate check out which is a pain but easier than going to multiple stores. Before that, it was pretty much just the state owned liquor stores only. Licenses were difficult and expensive for restaurants hence why there are so many BYOB in Philly. Can buy beer to take home in sealed containers from bars or you can take your growler in to be filled up and taken home for later use ?
  2. And a growler is not something you carry beer in! On the plus side just about every shop sells beer, wines and spirits, you don't need to use a separate check out either.
  3. Whatever, I live and work in London. Acid attacks appear to have gone out of fashion, I work in a an area of high knife crime (for UK) but never seen anything mainly because I'm not a member of a gang. The biggest danger is getting run-over by a black cab.
  4. There aren't any no-go areas in London
  5. It means to lucky sod (another UK one) or extremely fortunate person. The literal translation is not polite for either bugger or sod although they are related!
  6. As we say in UK, jammy buggers! I wish I was in Philly
  7. England4Eagles

    1st game

    I'm trying not to jinx it either but lets hope so. Hope you make it over
  8. England4Eagles

    1st game

    Yeah, I miss read in the excitement! I have registered for interest on ticketmaster. NFL UK website now has details of ticket prices for season tickets on sale 15 Feb for nes season ticket holders, but nothing about when single game tickets will be available. Wish it was at Twickenham, Wembley is a nightmare for transport. http://www.nfluk.com/news/internationalseries/article-1/2018-NFL-London-Games-ticket-details/80348ca8-07c3-45f8-b6e5-23215a598e2a
  9. England4Eagles

    1st game

    You sure about that adoption thing? We are house trained
  10. England4Eagles

    1st game

    Our first visit was in the middle of trip between DC and NY, DC is nice but neither of us liked NY, we both loved with Philly. So last year we eloped and married in Philly! This year we are going in June so no games. Flying to Newark and local train to Philly, need to keep down costs after last year's massive blow out! Already planning what to do this year, the Linc tour (and buy some Eagles stuff, a girl's gotta shop!). is top of the list. I think the London tickets go on sale tomorrow so that is husbands birthday present sorted.
  11. England4Eagles

    1st game

    Yeah, people are pretty amazed that Brits go to Philly. We are back there in June, third visit, already counting the days. I'm not tempting fate by mentioning the playoffs, but Eagles in London is brilliant news (for us anyway). Keep it green
  12. England4Eagles

    Week 8 Open Discussion.

    It's 2.30 on Sunday afternoon, most of us have had too much to drink to notice
  13. England4Eagles

    Week 8 Open Discussion.

    Hello from sunny London, enjoying watching an entire game on TV rather than highlights. Just a pity its not an Eagles game.
  14. England4Eagles

    1st game

    Hey Ricolly you made it back before me! My first game and it was amazing. Would have been the highlight of the trip if we had't got married in Philly, although..... Love Philly, best place have been to in US, a true genuine authentic city, every time we visit just love it more. Already planning to come back next year but will probably be outside the season :( Can you believe you can't get Tastykakes in UK! Missing Krimpets and Coffee Cakes so much. And Lorenzos slice. And bottomless cocktails for brunch. And US bacon. Can someone adopt me please?
  15. England4Eagles

    1st game

    No not got tickets yet, there are too many to choose from! I can't decide where to sit, I'm thinking 2nd level end zone might be good, being very female on this so any thoughts are much appreciated. We live in Surrey so Wembley is not that expensive to get to just a pain plus Philly is much more fun.