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  1. Thanks man, I got my tickets, over the moon, cant wait!
  2. Thank you for your help, This will be my first regular game, I watched them pre season against the dolphins, was best sporting event i've been to,Love every second. I'm currently on stubhub as seems to be cheapest tickets.
  3. I want to go to week 3 game as I'm in new york that weekend. its only $13 on the bus. Obviously tickets will be expensive, but is there any area of the stadium i should avoid as I presume colts fans will gather in a certain area? dot want to be stuck with them.
  4. Double tree hilton is where i stayed right next to train line and only a few feet from city hall. You have to do the Rocky steps and just round the corner from there is eastern state penn which is a good prison to visit. (al capone was locked up in there). If possible do the linc tour but be aware they do not do tours on day of the game. I didnt have chance to do and am planning to do at some point. I got to the game abt 2 hrs before and had a few drinks in xfinity live outside the stadium.
  5. Thats where I stayed really convenient & great hotel, Ive only been to one game as live in england, hoping to see them again this year tho. possibly in London or back in philly or an away game even.
  6. ricolly

    Did we end the Patriots dynasty?

    I think this is the understanding of many fans, lets hope so!
  7. ricolly

    1st game

    I believe single london nfl ticket are going on sale after the full nfl schedule is released in april just after the draft
  8. ricolly

    1st game

    I read this on the sun site When do tickets go on sale? Tickets are not available yet, but the NFL has promised more information on Thursday, January 18. To get info first, you'll need to register at Ticket master How much will they cost? Pricing information is yet to be released. In 2017 the cheapest adult tickets, category 9, started at £40 with the most expensive category 1 tickets having a face value of £149. Child tickets were priced from £20 to £22.50.
  9. ricolly

    1st game

    also hoping to get to philly in september again this year my favourite place in the world!!!!!!!!
  10. ricolly

    1st game

    everyone asking me if I had been NY & DC they could'nt beleive I had flown to philly & wasnt going anywhere else :) I'm hoping I can get to that one, hoping is 28th october not 21st as cant make that one :(
  11. ricolly

    1st game

    sorry for the delay. I was blown away with how friendly & helpful people were. even bar staff in phillybought us beer when they knew we had travelled from UK to see the eagles. We got lost at 12:30am in a neighbourhood (too much alcohol) and we got a lift home from someone back to the hotel & he gave us a tour of best places to eat and drove us round philly absolutely amazing! I also need adopting :)
  12. ricolly

    1st game

    I apologise for the delay but Wow what can I say! I have to say I have been lucky enough to see sports events in england, europe and usa but nothing comapares to lincoiln financial field! and I mean nothing What a beautiful city, friendliest people i've ever met and the stadium is really something else. I am hoping to get back asap.
  13. ricolly

    1st game

    As only in Philly 3 days its a good chance I will book to go again in a couple of years & make sure I get to see a real game.
  14. ricolly

    1st game

    Mspencer thank you very much for your help! I didnt realise double tree has a subway entrance so close Also Im a big boxing fan so wanting to see the joe frazier statue outside Xfinity and would like to see Citizen Bank Park and Wells Fargo as know they are close just for photo opps as not gonna get chance to do the tours ive got just over 6 wks to wait now & its driving me mad visiting Philly has been a dream for so long! Cant wait to meet the Eagles fans either! My wife has litterally only seen one nfl game(broncos/panthers superbowl on tv) so hoping i can get her to become an nfl fan/eagles fan.
  15. ricolly

    1st game

    Mspencer were staying at double tree hilton centre city, how am I best getting to a 7pm game? Will there be a tailgate at the dolphins game as it is a pre season game?