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  1. Good read. Well done, Tony Leonard!
  2. What if he wants to take Keenum or Sammy with him? Think they're both FA's next year, aye? Not sure on Teddy.
  3. Excellent article! Got me excited all over agan! One thing not mentioned is that we didn't come out looking like we just had 2 weeks off and were a little bit rusty. That was my biggest concern for this game. Earlier in the season we had a bye and a "mini-bye" and after each of those breaks we came out very dull. It took us to the second half to shake the rust in those games. Not this one!
  4. At one point in this season DEN had a legitimately ranked top run defense. We ran for over 200 yards that day. I don't know what the comparisons are between that defense and MIN's, but i don't doubt we could do it again with the right play-calling. I'm a DP believer so i think it could happen.
  5. [News] Home, Sweet Home Works For The Eagles

    24-17 Eagles Including points the defense will get for us!
  6. [News] Home, Sweet Home Works For The Eagles

    Checking in to say GL and enjoy the game tomorrow guys! I can't partake in any more "here's what we need to do" discussions for this game, it's killing it for me. But definitely wanted to throw my hat into the ring with everyone. I think we got this!
  7. [News] These Eagles Are Far From Satisfied

    Like Godzilla, wreaking havoc on Donnel Pumphrey. Then the camera pans over to Pumphrey sitting on the couch and saying "C'mon, Lane, relax!". The it shows Lane eating a Snickers bar.
  8. [News] These Eagles Are Far From Satisfied

    The topic makes me think of the potential for a Snickers commercial.
  9. I am struggling so hard to contain my hatred for this long wait. All the same articles, all the same talking points across the entire internet. I'm literally grasping for non-talking points.
  10. Or how about Mothra??
  11. Also, I believe this deserves to be quoted to eternity:
  12. As someone else has said elsewhere, we have Doug Pederson, career backup QB. Frank Reich, career backup QB, DeFillipo, possibly the best QB coach in the league. If there's any group of coaches that can game plan and prepare to play to Nick Foles' strengths it's this group. I've said it before, i'll repeat myself for the record. I think we're going to be much sharper than many of the haters think. I really think we win this game.
  13. Or even an occasional Aghs to the outside and Mack to the slot. Just a minor "different look". Whatever it may be, i'm 99% given up on Smith out there. Almost to the point I say activate Gibson. Speed is supposedly his thing. He isn't going to drop any more than Smith does. Somewhere I read about Smith being active is a testament to DP's belief in leadership being on the field. There's gotta be a line drawn somewhere on that though.