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  1. Just how deep do Howie's tentacles reach?
  2. I'll have to dig up the articles again but there's been notation during the OTA's and mini camps of what it was like to listen in during the O vs D drills. Wentz would line them up and Jenkins would adjust. Wentz would read it, make an audible changeup and then Jenkins would call out adjustments. I guess there was a bunch of back and forths like that with more than just Jenkins adjusting the D only to have Carson re-adjust. And at the end Jenkins yelled to "snap the damn ball Carson!" lol Supposedly Wentz is going to have a mean snap count this year too.
  3. I thought about that, you're right it's a definite #3. I left it out because i'm not sure if anyone else will fall for it. lol
  4. I'm also skeptical on some of this. Part of me believes politics are being spun. The Agholar hype this offseason is noticeably obnoxious. Don't get me wrong, it's great if true but it's odd. I think it's one of two things. 1. They are trying to make Agholar believe in himself again and are coddling him to build confidence. or 2. They're signalling that we have what we need and if anyone wants to bid for JMatt then we're open for business. I hate choice 2.
  5. I think these two are my favorite pickups. (although Barnett may end up being the biggest impact this season). But yeah what you're saying about Hollins is kind of what i was thinking. I'm not ready to say future #1 yet but the dynamics are there. You're right, with his size and athleticism he could emulate Jeffery. I think that's what we wanted out of DGB, which is too bad really. But like TD mentioned, Mack is a special teams hawk whereas neither DGB or AJ are. And our own guys don't want to have to get in his way when he's truckin'! (get it!!!) Seumalo does.
  6. This whole thread is really pumping me up. Great input all around on this one and you can feel the enthusiasm building. Whodathunk it at the end of June? Is it possible to 'like' a post twice? This is how i do it.
  7. Being a Wide Receivers thread i'm going to take this opportunity to start assembling a Mack Hollins train. I don't know what it is but I am very high on this guy and think by the end of the season I'm going to have a lot of passengers. I picture him replacing Smith when we're in the Red Zone. All aboard!
  8. You can always count on me to drink to that! I found myself scratching my head at times too last year. I tried justifying it, new coach, limited resources, aggressiveness/gambling.. But this year? I sincerely hope he spent the last 6+ months reviewing/perfecting his playcalls on a daily basis.
  9. As a past QB whose perspective revolved around an offensive line and wide receivers, an OC who called the offensive shots and now HC who can dictate the pace of the game, Pederson should be overwhelmed with joy at what's available for him. I was none of the above and I know I am. The playcalling this year needs to be stellar.
  10. I can back up that rumor, i've seen a few articles quoting him saying as much. He mentions Blount and Pumphrey more than the others, oddly.
  11. I'm officially nominating the near-bankrupt Hartford for the Eagle's farm team!
  12. good luck at the Dr.'s!
  13. Don't forget we have Wiz who can do it too! We're actually in a pretty decent spot if some team out there is looking for center. Rare, but not impossible. Again, Baltimore's C is injured and not predicted to be back until around the start of the season, if all goes well. Seumalo is a definite keeper. But if we trade Wiz, that opens up a spot for Warmack. We trade Kelce, that opens up a lot of money. We can potentially even trade Orlosky. Lots of assumptions out of those hypotheticals but not too big of a stretch. For the record i don't want to lose Wizniewcski, ( i have no idea how to spell his name) I like what he offers us for the next couple years. .
  14. Alright, i'm going to pretend to be wrapping up my work for the day now. as opposed to pretending to having been doing it. have a great night all, back tomorrow!
  15. Yes, and because Bruce Lee pops out of my screen. It surprises me everytime.