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  1. I'm feeling really good about this game. I stand by my fandamoniom: Eagles 35-20. Anything closer and it's garbage points the skins put on the board when the game is already out of reach.
  2. I love hearing about this side of the game that we aren't normally privy to: Talkin' smack. http://www.delcotimes.com/sports/20171019/eagles-and-redskins-will-have-a-lot-to-talk-about-monday?platform=hootsuite
  3. lol did you see it? There was some bad calls made but he had the ejection coming. That was so stupid of him! He came off the bench to get into a brawl and in the middle of it he pushed a ref. Even worse was listening to Deion try to defend it. Lynch came darn close to losing the game for them. Overall though, game was awesome! Especially the last 4 plays with the clock at 0:00. lol
  4. Limited Participation in Practice Thursday DT Beau Allen (foot), CB Ronald Darby (ankle), LB Jordan Hicks (calf), DT Timmy Jernigan (ankle) Full Participation in Practice Thursday DT Fletcher Cox (calf), DE Brandon Graham (shoulder), T Lane Johnson (concussion), RB Wendell Smallwood (knee), DT Destiny Vaeao (wrist)
  5. I'm just gonna say it, I think we beat the crap out of the skins this week. Eagles: 35-20 If it's any closer then it's just garbage points the skins put up as time is running out.
  6. Agreed! And nothing is more annoying than relentless hypocrisy that has gone unabated for far too long.
  7. Look at these [word i cant use here]'s. http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/eagles/redskins-chris-thompson-eagles-fans-meanest-20171019.html
  8. Especially when the ones that haven't joined your group-think are being called a-holes, racists, X-phobic, stupid knuckle-dragging deplorables.
  9. Yes, let's all agree to agree with you so that we can get along.
  10. I'm not sure i've seen the downhill, thrashing 3rd down monster of Smallwood but i do agree he'll be an upgrade to Barner out of the backfield. Particularly on defending the pass rush, which he's very good at.
  11. The knock on him was that there wasn't any real explosiveness, which should be evident in pre-season, practice or a real game. All we really saw was preseason, and you have to agree that a recently drafted rookie in preseason is giving it his all. It's a legit concern which is why, as you said, he's most likely red-shirting and bulking up a bit. I was merely saying i'm not ready to get rid of him because in the limited time we did get to see him, the chances weren't there.