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  1. yeah, it's kind of disappointing. I realize there's other sections to the forums but I've never actually ventured there. And relatively speaking i'm a newbie here. Some of you guys have literally posted 1000+ comments and it seems a bit disingenuous of this site to kinda disregard that kind of dedication.
  2. And do it all in your driveway in front of reporters!! ?
  3. Got a feeling Mike Wallace becomes the major difference between this year's offensive attack and last year's. Get ready for some long ball!!
  4. One thing that would scare me about Mills in the middle is his penchant for biting on the double move. Not just that though, but his ability to recover after biting is what would be the worrisome part. Maybe that theory is overhyped but it did seem to be a hole in our armor last season.
  5. OTA's: Both Pumphrey and Jones have been inactive the last two days of OTA's. Wiz playing C in Kelce's absence. Warmack filling in at LG. Hart at RT in Johnson's absence. Seumalo, minimally active. Greg Ward driven out on the cart. Ronald Darby working with 1st defense at nickel. Rasul Douglas at RCB. Jalen Mills at LCB.
  6. The whole cornerback situation can get frustrating if one dwells on it. It's a good problem to have sounds great and all but it's still something that will need to be maximized to the largest benefit to the team. I do think McLeod could be tradable now but doubt it'll happen. I don't think he'll be here next year though. I've been a proponent of Mills AND Douglas eventually being our safeties, with Jones and Darby on the outside. Admittedly, I think the crack in this is that is could be forcing something. Why not just draft a badass safety instead of moving a CB - just because we have so many? Doesn't make sense. Which loops us back around to one of them, most likely Darby, getting traded this year or walking next. Anyways, i'm good with whatever the FO thinks makes the team better. And we know Howie makes the most out of it.
  7. Speaking of Celek (from the article above) Can't help but wonder if he's second-guessing not taking a lower amount and staying with the team. Gotta admit i'm surprised no one at all has signed him on a vet-min.
  8. Thankfully, we've got a front office we can have faith in. So however they play it out, i'm confident! (not gonna stop me from wanting to be 3 starters deep at every position though!)
  9. I guess we'll see. There's a lot of indication out there that Nelson can be better in coverage than Kendricks . Maybe it's just optimistic homerism by the authors but a lot of what I see out there convinces me that Nelson will do just fine in 20% of the snaps. Don't get me wrong by any means, I liked Kendricks and considered him a huge part in the SB. I didn't necessarily want to see HIM go, I wanted to see his cap hit go. wait, you added more. lol Kendricks was good, I've never said he wasn't. His skillset wasn't best utilized, for whatever Schwartz's reasons. If we got someone that fits the Schwartz model moreso, more power to us. I'm not dissing Kendricks at all though. In case you missed the Kempski take: http://www.phillyvoice.com/relax-eagles-defense-wont-implode-mychal-kendricks-gone/ edit #2: Keep in mind, I was the one saying draft a LB and taking all kinds of hell for it on here.
  10. Yeah, the CB position is frustrating, in a good way, but nonetheless it's...something we're definitely not used to. lol Now throw Bausby into the mix who is apparently turning heads and the new guy Maddox at depth and all of a sudden we're short in other areas and overkilled in some others. Quite possible that Howie makes some moves within the next month if ya ask me.
  11. Hey bud, thanks. Things are hit and miss at the moment wrt to work, but as long as everybody's healthy that's all that matters. Carolina sounds fun! Hope it's all good with you!
  12. https://247sports.com/nfl/philadelphia-eagles/Article/Corey-Nelson-was-a-top-pass-coverage-linebacker-in-2016-118454580
  13. Hi Stine! I agree that it's entirely possible that Hicks does have something happen again. Love the guy but he's kinda like Ryan Matthews of LB's.
  14. He's gonna get it too. I think this guy is going to turn heads. Everything I've read indicates he is starter-capable-willing-and-able and quite possibly an upgrade.