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  1. Perfect example! thanks
  2. i remember the Bryce Brown name, what happened there though? is he doing anything now? Or did he get us something?
  3. Yeah, good point on the trade bait. The draft decisions won't be made til we see who does what this year. If Smalls turns into a 3 down back, a longshot in my mind, then we don't need to look there and can improve elsewhere. This is a huge time for Smallwood!
  4. Treggs back in practice today. Hicks (groin) and Graham (tricep) not in practice but said to be ok for the season. Joe Walker playing for Hicks. Nick Foles not practicing today... that might be nothing or it might be something.
  5. It's such a circle jerk to consider the RB situation. As of now, i'm personally sending Marshall to the PS. It's gotta be broken down as logically as possible. So then, consider: Clement = next year's version of last year's RMatt. Probably not exceptional this year. Pumphrey = next year's version of Sproles. Probably not exceptional this year. Smallwood = Smallwood +1 version of Smallwood last year. Blount = probably not here next year. Known quantity for this year. Sproles = Sproles. Probably not here next year*. Known quantity. * I won't be surprised if we go fairly deep in the post season this year that Sproles returns for 1 more. It's a battle to decide how much we want to win this year vs agreeing with all of the above assumptions for next year. And they are pure assumption. I love the idea of having guys on the production line in preparation for the future but i worry if we'd squander what we have this year with regard to the overall team's potential. If we're drawing a line in the sand and saying only 4 RB's this year then I say Clement to PS. As a UDFA he's not on the national radar right now anyways. The Eagles as a whole are hardly on the national radar right now, although starting to peek out. As of now, i think Clement is the most universally replaceable in the future. Not saying I don't want him, however. While my mock excel sheet keeps 5 RB's (keeping Clement) i still struggle with how to incorporate all of them into the scheme. Even declaring Pumphrey a 'slot guy' is dubious, given that we have actual slot guys in N/A and maybe Hollins. Plus Burton (who's going to have a huge year in my book). What's interesting is that if we had an obvious 3 down back we wouldn't necessarily need a RBBC. And Reich is now saying he thinks Smallwood is capable of that, which is why i am so anxious to see this new and improved Smallwood. I would be very happy if the future could be a Smallwood and Pumphrey combination thus freeing up other spots on the roster. These articles and gossip are right, this is Smallwood's for the taking. The only other option, given these probables, is to cut Blount, as he's not part of the long term equation. But given the short term desires, no way do i see us letting him go. I won't be surprised at all if we go with 4 or 5 RB's, which i never thought i'd say. Like I said in the beginning, the jerk (me) has come full circle!
  6. No, my friend, i wasn't making a point, i promise! I honestly didn't know. I haven't seen him play, not sure where or what i was doing when he was on the field, so i haven't been able to evaluate my thoughts on him. Seems a lot of people are high on him though!
  7. Has Marshall played much against higher level opponents? Or has it always been with the 3's?
  8. I have Treggs going to injury list. I expect Beau Allen to replace Justin Hamiltion (who will then go to PS) when he returns. That's 5&5 on WR and RB. Next guy in line for me to cut would be Grymes ( i already cut Robinson ). I say this because, if needed, Corey Graham is a vet and appears capable to play the 3rd CB when he's not on the field as a Safety. Thoughts on the list?
  9. I try to read these articles bearing in mind that this is the Eagles website, and of course it's meant to boost excitement and anticipation and can sometimes hype it up a bit more than it really should be.. but MAN AM I EXCITED IN ANTICIPATION OF WHAT THIS CAN BE!!
  10. Really looking forward to seeing Smallwood V2.0.
  11. Seriously, i wanted carnage.
  12. Interesting! How so? Is there looting and pillaging or dribbling their fingers across their lips Looney Toons style? I can't wait! (i'll finally have an excuse)
  13. Graham - strained tricep. Not considered to be serious. Says 'inside source'.
  14. Something tells me Treggs may be going to the mysterious IR list.