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  1. Dude, are we ever going to get past 60? 50? 99% humidity?
  2. [News] Eagles Release CB Daryl Worley

    Sullivan is my other under the radar guy. (Burton being the other) I think he'll prove to be a keeper. Great article, thanks!
  3. yeah, they've been having a few visits from cb's/safety quite a bit lately
  4. BAL's a good fit. I think he'd do well in SF too. But somewhere I saw he told DAL "see you twice this year". maybe emotions? But if he stays NFCE it'd almost have to be the skins.
  5. I guess.. but that's why I say bring back Sproles and dial up plays that were once dedicated to Burton with designed plays for him. I guess my own issue to deal with is my faith in Brown stepping up. My hot take for the day is that Brown fills the role enough that we don't even notice not having Burton.
  6. The problem with drafting a high level TE is that we already have one. Are we looking to draft Ertz' eventual replacement or are we looking for someone to somewhat fill the role of Trey Burton, someone whom we may already have in Rodgers and or Brown? I don't see us using a high level pick to get a TE simply just because he can block and we need to replace Celek. In my mind that's a free agent gimme.
  7. For what it's worth, i'm gonna be happy with the outcome you've surmised as well. In fact, I really don't think i'm gonna be disappointed with anything the team does at the draft. I'm pretty damn content with what we have and whatever else we add, excellent! I'd love to see the sexy pick - some butt kicking RB and dominant WR, because, yeah that's just plain fun to get. lol but whatever they do, we're SB champs and we're only getting better.
  8. Can this possibly make him stfu about collusion? They've been in court for like a week or more. But that's pretty clear to me - SEA is interested, therefore the entire league has not colluded against him.
  9. Disclosure: I have not, am not capable of, nor do I want to go through all the possible hypotheticals. You spun me right round, baby, with your earlier 1st for two 4ths to flip to a 3rd and 2nd and twist! But what i'm saying is if we can make a big enough trade to move up and get someone like LVE or McGlinchey, I say go for it. That is if the situation is possible. Waay easier said that done, but not impossible by any means. Otherwise, wait til we're on the clock, evaluate if our perceived next BPA is worth more than, say, what a 2nd round and 3rd round guy is worth to us, and make the decision. If he's worth more to us now than what 2 later drafted people will be, take him. If not, trade back.
  10. Only if we plan on drafting a LB at 32! I think I'm one of the few that wants to keep Kendricks. Dude stepped up when we really needed him to. I won't say all my eggs are in one basket with him though. I think he's more valuable to us at present time than a 4th rounder. Before the SB I would have said yes, pretty fast. I almost instinctually did when I read your proposed offer. Now, though, i'm living in 'the now'. Like what we have but want to build on it. I'm sticking with my original point in my draft conversations though, either trade up big and get a day 1 starter or drop back and gain more. (my mind is entitled to change on a whim! )
  11. Wonder if the 49'ers will draft a LB on Day 1? https://www.profootballrumors.com/2018/04/49ers-reuben-foster-prison-jail
  12. Interesting article on TE Richard Rodgers (AKA D#ck-Rod) that we brought in from GB. This goes in line a lot more with what Stine was saying about the guy having a potentially big impact: http://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/eagles/richard-rodgers-sees-new-life-eagles
  13. I like LB for Day 1 for long term stability. It also provides room for potential trade, whether it be this year or the next. Hicks has not yet proven he can stay on the field. I like both him and Kendricks but Bradham is the only one we can really count on right now barring any injury, but that's applicable across the board. Just moreso with Hicks. Corey Nelsen does have some upside though, which I happily concede. He's got potential.