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  1. TomInVancouver


    I hope to! Can’t guarantee it as I have a baby, but I’ll sure try.
  2. TomInVancouver


    Tomorrow for Cowgirls?
  3. TomInVancouver

    Seattle Dec 3 2017

    Great! You guys have a FB page or similar to coordinate?
  4. TomInVancouver

    Seattle Dec 3 2017

    Very cool and I hear your pain - especially with the exchange! You guys have a FB group? Are there local meetups?
  5. TomInVancouver

    Seattle Dec 3 2017

    Hi! sounds good. I agree tix are expensive, but I’ll only go down if I’m going to the game. I can let you know if any tix go on sale closer to the game as I get Seahawkers emails (only joined as they are the closest city). You’re welcome to get in touch for Vancouver tips too, but it might be rainy that time of year. You can email me at Thomas dot Philpott at gmail. Cheers
  6. TomInVancouver

    Seattle Dec 3 2017

    Hi, I may be the sole Eagles fan in Vancouver, BC, and have been one ever since Randall Cunningham entertained us (I have a jersey to prove). I'm looking into heading to Seattle for the Dec 3 game and am wondering if there are any fans planning to attend?