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  1. Welp 14-0 ATL already. I stayed with the Falcons so we will see.
  2. Staying strong. It was great to get Darby back!
  3. We are on a serious roll with no stopping coming any time soon!
  4. Ok so I have a tough pick to make tonight. I have to choose either ATL or SEA. My gut is telling me to take the flyer on ATL tonight. I get that SEA is hard at home but they dont have Kam or Sherman and got beat by the skins at home. So I feel ATL can win this but since the Rams lost, the extra motivation might be there for SEA to pull this off. Im just not sure what to do. Whats the consensus?
  5. I had just gotten done watching on YT 1 in a million chances on some crazy plays and that drop kick was one of them. Funny how we needed that after last night haha!
  6. Well here is the interesting, Sturgis is eligible to come off the IR so depending on how serious Elliott is hurt they might have to make that decision.
  7. https://www.quora.com/Can-you-punt-a-field-goal-Why-or-why-not
  8. You can drop kick for the PAT so I guess its possible on a FG try.
  9. So the NFL admitted the intentional grounding call was the wrong call...go figure but still none the less they shouldnt have been on a different page to let that happen: https://247sports.com/nfl/washington-redskins/Bolt/Report-League-officials-inform-Redskins-of-blown-call-110785146
  10. We did show the league last year how to beat them though so there is that lol. They were hurt but a lot of O line injuries that they seemed to fix this year but if they have to come to our place it will be difficult for them. I know I want the first round bye but can't say Im 100% sold on it yet even though I think you approach a playoff bye different then the season bye. But still quite a few games left so back to focusing on the Bears!!!
  11. If we beat the Bears and the girls lose we would be up 5 games with 5 to play so I would think we have to beat the Hawks or the girls lose the next game after that to lock it up.
  12. Will be great sitting back this Thanksgiving watching the other teams play and if dullazz loses to the chargers would be icing on the cake!
  13. Saints are up there but I have to go with the Vikings right now. The skins showed what you need to do to beat them and Cousin pulled his best Romo impression again with the intentional grounding to blow kicking the game winning fg. We really could have used the Rams beating the Vikes but at least the Vikes gave us the needed tape on the Rams and so did the Skins for the Saints. I have to also believe that during the bye the coaches looked at some tape on these teams ahead of time trying to get a little even if it is very small of an idea on how we can attack either team when we face them in the playoffs.
  14. Not even for just 2pt attempts but goal line situations. I could see the play we ran on our first 2 pt attempted being used to score a touch down or have Wentz fake the pass that way and bootleg to the left and run it in himself. Just have a wham block come from the TE on the right side to the left. I dont think you bring down Wentz lol.
  15. We have outscored opponents 93-30 in the third quarter this year. That is just crazy.