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  1. Having him and Clement for at least the next two years works though. He won't have to be a work horse back so that might save some wear and tear on him also.
  2. Interesting decisions coming up.
  3. Heard some where that with Cox's contract that they can convert his 9.5 mill cap hit down to 2.5 with a 7.5 signing bonus. Frees up what we are over the cap with.
  4. Will be interesting to see what moves are made.
  5. Wentz will be back and stronger.
  6. Wish Flip would have waited an extra week. Oh well.
  7. Going to be tough to replace
  8. Trying to get a full 360 photo up but it seems like it just goes to panoramic. Its just a sea of people in every direction!
  9. Kelce brought the hammer. It was a day everyone had been waiting for.
  10. An epic day on every level. We are the champs!
  11. It was an epic day!
  12. Yea it took about another 10 seconds for the celebration to start. Everyone was looking around for a flag or a second left on the clock.
  13. Crap..well Flip was taken by the Vikes. We will be ok just really though Reich would go first and we can keep Flip.
  14. Hopefully the 360 shot comes out on here.