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  1. What I still dont get when it comes to the run game, is that Pederson said he watched all of Blount's TD runs from last year multiple times. Yet even though we dont have a position for a FB on the team we don't use Blount to his strength. That sounds like its all on Pederson for not calling plays that are his strength. He needs to get it together and call a great game against the giants and effectively bury their season. Come out on fire and never let up. Run up the score!!!
  2. Good news sounds like Warmack was getting some reps with the starters during practice today. Lets see if he does better.
  3. Time to put the in the hole at 0-3, which should effectively bury their season already. Oh and watching Manning fold like a cheap chair is great.
  4. Was just reading the Eagle Eye article and Duffy does a good job on explaining why he thinks we stayed away from the run game. They were loading the box often, which brings me to the realization that the same thing was happening even during preseason. We were getting hammered and teams are tempting us to beat them with the pass. It seems like the entire off season of being able to know what Doug likes to do is being exposed at great lengths and he hasnt proven he is able to make the changes. Now still its only the first two games but Sem was just handed the job with no competition. What does that say? Are our back ups not able to push them and that bad also or is it cuz he was a 3rd round pick. I like whoever said put Sem at C and Wiz or Warmack at LG.
  5. Interesting, not sure I truly believe that as there are plenty of other companies with a lot more secure software for comments then even fb. But it is what is it and I appreciate the response! Is it possible that the boards then get taken away also?
  6. Well I did post in the Ask Dave and this is what I got: Um Im not buying that lol
  7. Im just pissed at them and not you so please dont take it that way. We did the same thing when EaglesEyeBlog when over the the fb comments engine, we lost almost everyone. That place use to have hundreds of comments on every article, now maybe 20 at most. But no company that is in the business to make money does anything that doesnt help their bottom line. Its never about the consumer just the bottom line in some fashion.
  8. The Eagles News Discussion section is for a comment section for all the articles posted so that we can read them and then comment, the other sections are just members chatting and creating their own topics. Heck they even the chat room is gone and ppl want that back. Im telling you the end is near lol
  9. That might just be the Eagles New Discussion section with just a few of us but this board is packed with members on different sections so dont mix up that. There are 100's of users on here There is a reason all the other sites with members call this place the dump and for these exact reasons. And going to FB doesnt mean they dont shut down these boards though either, it could very well be in the works because it sounds like they want to save money. I agree I only use the boards to post and have for a long time now, I almost never go to the front page any more.
  10. Thats not really the point. This is all still one website. The news article comments where coming through the boards and it us to work seamlessly, until they had to change companies or upgraded the software which broke everything. This isnt the 1st or 2nd time this has happened. A lot of regulars left back in like 07 when they did a complete redo of it all and with no warning. They are known for doing this and doing it again. They truly dont care about our experience. Its what saves them money in the end. It sucks for sure and I agree with you just stick to the boards now and dont worry about the front page. I just hate fb and dont want my information out there plus most companies block fb cuz they dont want them on fb during work lol.
  11. I doubt I'll get an answer but here goes nothing. Can someone explain why the front page articles went to facebook comments engine? facebook is a complete joke and any one and everyone can post whatever they want. It is a straight joke that this site had to do this. There are so many better options out there but you use the one blocked by most companies. Its starting to show they really do not care about us fans. We probably have the most active members of any team yet they treat us like this. Pathetic.
  12. Well thats the thing to, now everyone has that tape and will be attacking it big time. Let's not allow JPP to have his way with us.
  13. I agree and watching them last night, we should have no problem handling them. Cracker is going to have a monster game. We can make them 0-3 and 0-2 in the division and they would basically be done. It still is a division game though so we have to be prepared!
  14. I might not be a must win game for us (it should be though) but it is for them, so expect to get everything. That said with the way Schwartz is dialing up the pressure, just like last night we can continue to get to Manning and watch him fold like a cheap chair cuz he did it last night. Barely touched and went straight down. Now the other big thing is Beckham will probably be back stronger than he was last night but I doubt he will be fully healthy.
  15. I agree it was an expected lost b4 the start, but the fact that we could have or should have won the game and couldnt make it a staple win, is a little concerning. Granted no the sky isnt falling but showing our weaknesses without it being known we can actually fix it is the main concern.