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  1. Eagles9193

    All Time QB rankings... Do championships matter?

    Then why were they penalized ? stupid F
  2. Eagles9193

    All Time QB rankings... Do championships matter?

    Taping teams walk through a and signals is a huge advantage Tom Brady is a ho
  3. Eagles9193

    All Time QB rankings... Do championships matter?

    Montana’s cheating scandles 0 Brady too many to count
  4. Eagles9193

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    If he gets that, the first thing he needs to do is suck E Elliot off
  5. Eagles9193

    All Time QB rankings... Do championships matter?

    I’m going Peyton Manning - never had the coaching or defenses Brady did while with Colts. Put up huge stats, did win mult SBs Montana - Best clutch QB in play offs history Brady - I don’t even wanna put him this high. All of the patriots cheating allegations make everything they’ve done suspicious. I still believe they taped teams walk through a for years. Elway - was solid but heavily aided by Def and Terrell Davis to win his SBs Marino- Easily is best QB ever if he wins one SB. Ran into very good Bills teams AND Miami never got him a defense or RB. Played in a pass happy system that wasn’t balanced enough to win all the time. Drew Brees - Had better offensive minds and running games then Marino Fran Tarkington - had the stats and wins but not SBs. Lost to historically great Dolphins , Steelers and Raiders teams. Farve - overrated in my book. The 96 GB team was stacked and had a #1 D. Threw too many INTs Unitas- Solid QB Aaron Rodgers - if he wasn’t so greedy the packers would’ve had more money for better players and he would’ve won a lot more.
  6. Inspired from the other thread where a lot of people are ranking Foles over McNabb even though Foles had a very limited overall body of work, and the argument can be easily made that the 2017 Eagles were loaded and would’ve won with Wentz anyway. That being said who is the all time best QB league wide ? Also, are guys like Marino automatically listed after bums like Rypken, McMahon, Dilfer, Johnson and so forth ? Is Bradshaw a top 3 QB based solely on his rings ? Whats everyone’s top 10?
  7. Eagles9193

    Calvin Johnson

    Don’t even think it’s about playing again they just wanna men’s the relationship kinda like the Flyers and Lindros did after the bitter break up
  8. Eagles9193

    Calvin Johnson

    Word is the Lions are trying to mend their relationship with him but Johnson wants them to give him the $1 million they took when Johnson decided to retire to make up. This guy retired out of the blue less then halfway through an 8 year deal, had to return a million of a signing bonus (understandable) now he wants the mil back ? what a pu$$y
  9. NFL is already a money **** league 18 games is too many was nicer when there was 30 teams, 5 team divisions and no worries about someone winning a weak division at 8-8
  10. Eagles9193

    Antonio Brown Saga

    Just read Eagles were interested maybe raiders offered more
  11. Eagles9193


    If u think using certain language is unclassy I’d argue u have a V@gina just cause youre butthurt it doesnt doesn’t make me unclassy
  12. Eagles9193


    No their kum drinking fans constantly talk sh!t on the eagles and then when they show up to our stadium and people are a$$holes to them philly is un classy