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  1. Eagles9193

    Antonio Brown Saga

    Just read Eagles were interested maybe raiders offered more
  2. Eagles9193


    If u think using certain language is unclassy I’d argue u have a V@gina just cause youre butthurt it doesnt doesn’t make me unclassy
  3. Eagles9193


    No their kum drinking fans constantly talk sh!t on the eagles and then when they show up to our stadium and people are a$$holes to them philly is un classy
  4. Eagles9193

    LA Rams offseason

    Can anyone give me an idea of what the rams traded to get Peters and Talib ? Their site just says undisclosed draft picks they traded their 2018 1st rounder for Cooks i would think Peters and Talib would fetch high enough draft picks they would be said
  5. Eagles9193

    The B word

    Since everyone is so butthurt when I insult them provide some insight... u agree with the clown and think a backup RB signing is a bust ?
  6. Eagles9193

    Derrick Thomas ( former Chiefs LB )

    Ehhh maybe 60-70% of athletes Nick and Carson don’t do that sh!t
  7. Obviously he’s been dead for a while now, and the football life documentary came out a few years back ( I watched it last night ) but what is everyone’s take on his lifestyle? I’m split, he was a charitable guy but spent money loosely and had several kids w several diff women when he died ( sadly his own fault ) his family tried to sue the car manufacturer for like $78 million, courts shut that sh!t down
  8. Eagles9193

    The B word

    This originally started when someone stated Darnell Autry was a FA signing bust way back in 2000 ( originally signed in 98 or 99) i thought that statement was insanely stupid so my question is basically in hindsight for the players outta the league in 3/4 years or less is there a diff between bad players and busts ? I say there clearly is, if a 6th round guy is outta league in 3 years I don’t consider him a bust, however if a first or 2nd rounder is gone that quick then yeah he’s a bust with FA signings if a guy is an all pro and signs w someone else and sucks he’s a bust, if a guy signs as a back up or as a cheap starter and sucks, he’s not a bust
  9. Eagles9193

    The B word

    Agree completely on your draft bust status And for the record what defines FA busts? And what doesn’t I mean a particular player has to be signed to be a starter to be considered a bust right ?
  10. Eagles9193

    The B word

    But he was a 4th rounder i will concede he could b considered a bust w Chicago for lasting just 1 year but signing w Eagles 3 years later and not making it past 1 season isn’t bust material to me, just a failed experiment. And that’s 50% or team and 50% on player
  11. Eagles9193

    The B word

    It’s not just him it bothers me that people label every NFL player who isn’t a superstar a bust There’s a clear difference between guys who never had it, but were maybe effort or workout warrior guys and guys were were stars and faded off cause they got lazy ( those guys are busts )
  12. Eagles9193

    The B word

    Movie bust maybe def not NFL bust
  13. Eagles9193

    The B word

    Calm down daddy issues