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  1. vancouverPHL


    Hell yeah! See you there?
  2. vancouverPHL

    canadian eagle

    Ha. I just searched for Vancouver for probably the first time in a long while. But looking forward to meeting some other eagles fans!
  3. vancouverPHL

    canadian eagle

  4. vancouverPHL

    Seattle Dec 3 2017

    A bunch of us watch the games at Local in Kits, Vancouver, BC!!!
  5. vancouverPHL

    canadian eagle

    Join us at Local in Kits for one of the games!
  6. vancouverPHL


    Vancouver BC Canada!
  7. vancouverPHL


    Cool. There are some other Irish guys who show up for many of the games. It’s a great group of fans. Here’s our Facebook
  8. vancouverPHL


    Welcome to town! We will 100% be at Local for every game of the season! GO BIRDS! ?
  9. vancouverPHL

    SuperBowl Viewing Party

    I just spoke with the mngr. your 15 year old is good to go! E A G L E S Eagles!!!!!
  10. vancouverPHL

    What's the best FREE streaming site ?

    I usually start here right before the games. People post the URLs shortly before kickoff. I've had 100% luck. Its free and illegal.
  11. vancouverPHL

    SuperBowl Viewing Party

    A group of about 10 of us from Vancouver are heading to National Mechanics Bar Restaurant on 3rd st in Old City (between Market and Chestnut). Huge screen and great food. I'd suggest calling them to see if they'd allow a 15 year old in but I assume its ok if you're with him. I also know they still have some room. After the win we're all walking down to Broad street to celebrate with a couple of million people!
  12. vancouverPHL


    We’re meeting 5-20 eagles fans for the games. Meeting at Local on Cornwall in kitsilano. Best place in Vancouver to watch an eagles game! Come join us for eagles football in Vancouver! If we get a handful of people they usually turn the audio on for us which is great
  13. vancouverPHL


    Hey - we will be at Local on Cornwall and Yew in kitsilano.
  14. vancouverPHL


    Me and some other Philadelphia transplants living in Vancouver meet up at Local in Kitsilano to watch games. We're easy to find at the place; typically in one or two booths, wearing something Philadelphia related and cheering when good things happens in the game. Its usually a group of 3-4 of us but sometimes its a bigger group. Head on over and join us. Also looking for people to join us for a possible trip to Seattle for that game. (I saw some older posts about Vancouver but nothing recent.)