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  1. Isn’t he scheduled to make $9m next year?
  2. Road to Victory


    I hope they win 7-8 games. That means another year of Jason Garrett and the rest of the crew. Best case scenario for the Eagles.
  3. Road to Victory

    Will the Cowboys be a threat this year?

    I think they fall off a cliff this year. Aside from Zeke, they have zero talent at the skill positions. Their defense always has holes in it. No fear here.
  4. Road to Victory

    Odell Beckham Jr Contract Extension

    What about partying with Justin Bieber in Florida during the playoffs...
  5. Road to Victory

    Rank the Owner, GM, HC, and QBs in the Division.

    I have to strongly disagree with the coaches. I honestly think Garrett is one of the worst coaches in the NFL. As long as he’s coach they’ll never win anything. As an Eagles fan, if Pederson quit and I had a choice of Shurmur or Garrett, I would pick Shurmur every time.
  6. Road to Victory

    New 'No Kneeling' Rule May Go Ballistic

    Shaun King has zero credibility. This is the same guy who backed a woman who said she was sexually abused by police only to find out she made up the whole story after police released the body cam video.
  7. Road to Victory

    Lets all laugh at the Giants

    I was really impressed with Lauletta in th Senior Bowl. They say his arm is weak but it looked ok in that game.
  8. Road to Victory

    Lets all laugh at the Giants

    I think Gettleman is vastly overrating Eli and what Shurmur can do for him. I’m sure Gettleman is thinking this team made the playoffs 2 years ago and now have a healthy OBJ, good RB, improved OL so they can make the playoffs again. If Eli were a few years younger I would agree with him. Eli is on a serious decline.
  9. Road to Victory

    Browns Picks

    Why didn’t they take Barkley at #1 and then you probably could have had Mayfield at #4. Then you get the best overall player and your highest rated QB. I guess I know the answer, they’re the Browns.
  10. Road to Victory

    Pats reportedly sign JMatt

    Brady’s not going to be happy when he drops the ball which he does often.
  11. Road to Victory

    Giants asked for 2 first round picks for OBJ

    I can’t believe anyone fell for that. Even the Browns wouldn’t trade a top 5 WR for a washed up, overpaid WR & a 1st. The Giants would never take on Dez’s contract. I think the Cowboys are the only team dumb enough to pay Dez what he’s making.
  12. Road to Victory

    Giants asked for 2 first round picks for OBJ

    I think there’s 2 Eli’s. There’s regular season Eli, with all the picks and deer-in-the-headlight looks. Then you have playoff Eli, less picks, more clutch plays and creator of big plays. Playoff Eli gets into the HOF, regular season Eli not a chance.
  13. Road to Victory

    OBJ being sued for assault

    There's nothing frivolous about suing OBJ if his security team injured someone while they were under the direction of OBJ. This guy is a train wreck and a distraction. What a waste of talent.
  14. Road to Victory

    JPP traded to the Bucs

    Right there’s the reason the Bucs will never win anything...
  15. Road to Victory

    Rams gonna be tough...

    I agree. They’re not going to sneak up on anyone this year.